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Strawberry Kush

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Smelling fruity and sweet, the Sour Diesel elements seem to come through more on the smoke, chasing off the berry notes. Several versions exist, but the most common version is a mellow Sativa that gets its smell from the Strawberry Cough and its appearance and flavor primarily from the Sour Diesel/Kush side of the family.


Strawberry Cough x Raspberry Kush x Sour Diesel — multiple versions appear to exist, as Strawberry Cough x OG Kush and OG Kush x California Indica (from Royal Dutch Genetics) are also listed in various sources


Sweet and fruity, very much reminiscent of the strawberry and raspberry genetics — only a hint of sharpness


Spicy and Kush-dominant, lacking the fruitiness that was present in the smell.


Sort of a dual experience, this feels like a true hybrid in that it has a buzzing Sativa body energy but the mental state is supremely relaxed. It seemed to affect the face and eyes rather heavily, making it feel slightly tiring at times despite the body never feeling drowsy. It was a worthy strain for pain distraction but didn’t seem to actually relieve it. Appetite stimulation, general relaxation, and ocular attention are the main medical benefits — recommended as an anytime sort of medicine, only at higher doses would it get to the overwhelming area.

Smelling fruity and sweet, the Sour Diesel elements seem to come through more on the smoke, chasing off the berry notes.  Several versions exist

The Colorful Strawberry Kush Strain Review: The Sweet Yet Strong Marijuana

The Strawberry Kush strain is a distinct strain that has hooked many users with its peculiar smell. It also has sense-stimulating effects which are caused by the potent THC content of 18 to 23% that is in this strain.

Many people have enjoyed this kush for recreational purposes but some have also used it for medical purposes and found success in doing so. If you are intending on buying this weed here is a detailed review that will provide more information about this strain:

History of Strawberry Kush Weed

Dispensaries vary when it comes to the lineage of this particular strain but generally, it is a cross between Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. People generally clone their own which makes this vary in some cases.

The strain is also usually Sativa-dominant with a rate of 70:30 over Indica but this may also vary in some cases. Certain dispensaries may prefer the latter instead of Sativa making it an Indica-dominant weed. Overall, this pot is generally a hybrid of Strawberry Cough and OG Kush that is Sativa-dominant.

What are the effects of Strawberry Kush Strain?

The high of this weed definitely shows that it is Sativa-dominant because it energizes its users and uplifts their spirit. For those smoking the Indica-dominant version can expect reverse symptoms which include relaxed feelings and calming effects.

The latter version may also prompt the user to sleep so ensure that you are in a safe place when smoking this weed. Novice smokers can also enjoy this potent high because it is not overwhelming and gradually kicks in the nervous system.

What are the medical appointments of this strain?

Some use the Strawberry Kush weed strain for its effective medical effects that help treat mental, mood, personality, and physical conditions. That includes chronic stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and many other mental and mood conditions.

The strain also helps with physical body ailments like neuropathic and chronic pain and inflammatory bowel syndrome. You can also just use it to ease minor pains that might be felt on day to day basis like headaches and joint pain.


Just like all cannabis strains, Strawberry Kush also has its side effects but they are not peculiar in any way. They are common and consistent with marijuana use. Here is a list of the most prominent negative effects:

  • Users may start experiencing a dry mouth when smoking this cannabis strain. The mouth can also be manifest at the same time as having dry eyes.
  • You might also start feeling paranoid when smoking this strain. To combat this, smoke in a place where you feel safe.
  • You can also feel immensely hungry, so stuck on snacks to enjoy when smoking and feeling the effects.

What are the reasons to choose Strawberry Kush Strain?

There are many reasons why you should start using strawberry but there are just a few:


The strain is different in appearance because, on top of the green leaves on buds, it can have a reddish color making it look very different. Above that, amber hairs also, make it look delicious and very appealing to the eye.

Smell and Aroma

A strong strawberry and fruity smell has drawn many to try out this weed and they have found a herbal and earthy aroma when exhaling the strain.


The flavor of this strain contains a mix of diesel and citrus with hints of a skunky flavor which is prominent when exhaling also.

Who is more suitable for this Strain?

If you are hoping to try out Strawberry Kush marijuana, it may be the best decision in this regard. Even beginners can enjoy this weed without facing adverse reactions as outlined earlier in this Strawberry Kush strain review, but here are people who might particularly benefit from it:

  • Chronic pain victims
  • Depressed individuals
  • People who need an extra boost of energy to make it through the day

Opinion by growers

Growers do not have direct access to the seeds of this strain and that might not please most. Some perceive it harder to grow clones but the yield of this strain can offset all those cons associated with growing this weed. Those that do grow this strain prefer doing so outdoors because when grown indoors, the plant can grow relatively short.

Popularity by growers

Because of the limitation of seeds, there is a small community of experienced growers that cultivate this marijuana strain. The Strawberry Kush Marijuana is more popular amongst outdoor growers mostly because the yield is higher.

There is a small community, though, and that makes the market more open since there is a great demand for this strain.

How to Grow Strawberry Kush Strain?

For those keen on growing their own Strawberry Kush, ensure that you have the perfect cuttings to grow beautiful plants. It does not matter whether you are growing it to extract oil or convert it to wax, it has to be grown in a Mediterranean climate. The weed takes around 9-10 weeks to flower and is ready for harvesting.

Is it useful to edibles-cooking?

Now that you have found out what Strawberry Kush is and its different characteristics, some may wonder if it is conducive for edibles.

The answer is a big yes! Undoubtedly, the strain brings in great flavors in the different edibles you might choose to cook or bake. The THC content may be too potent, so vape the weed before using it for cooking edibles.

Similar Strains

  • Fire OG. More THC.
  • Sour Apple. More relaxing.
  • Humboldt. More tingly.
  • Purple Sour Diesel. More talkative.


The strain is a wonderful, colorful and very beautiful fragrant weed that is enjoyable at any time of the day. It is quite popular because of its different looks, flavor, and aroma. Even beginners might enjoy smoking this weed because of its easygoing effects that do not overwhelm the user. You can also cook delicious edibles with this strain and enjoy the strawberry flavor to a greater extent.

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