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ScrOG growers will usually remove all of the lower growth beneath the screen to improve airflow and drive all plant energy to the tops. All of the above high-yield cannabis cultivation techniques can be further enhanced with a ScrOG or Screen of Green. A ScrOG is the pinnacle of high-performance marijuana growing. By deploying a mesh screen across the grow space, the whole grow-op is tuned for maximum production. Essentially, the grower must bend and fold shoots to fill out as many of the grid squares as possible.

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The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence's blocking tools, or visit to learn more about Wordfence. Generated by Wordfence at Thu, 11 Jun 2020 11:27:30 GMT. Seed Supreme is proud to offer an extensive range of premium quality seeds for the world’s most sought-after hash strains. As legalisation continues to sweep the world, more growers than ever before are producing their own high-quality hashish. As it’s typically impossible to assess hash for quality and effectiveness through conventional means, producing your own hash is often the only way of ensuring a quality product. Nevertheless, to produce premium hashish, you need to start out with the best marijuana strains for the job. By definition, hashish is produced the moment the trichomes – i.e. the essence of cannabis itself – are separated from the plant. There are countless ways and means by which this cannabis resin can be separated, collected and processed into hashish. Some hashish is produced using nothing but pure resin, while other low-quality products contain a variety of added compounds to dilute the resin and increase the final yield. While buds, concentrates and cannabis edibles continue to dominate in terms of popularity, there’s still a huge market for quality hashish – particularly in the United States. *The content on this page is provided strictly for educational purposes only. Please abide by and follow the laws in your country. Given the widespread availability of premium-quality cannabis in regions benefiting from legalisation, why make hash? What are the benefits of making hash , assuming you’re legally entitled to purchase or even grow your own cannabis? Just as is the case with cannabis, hash can have an almost endless variety of properties and effects. One of the biggest advantages of hashish in the eyes of advocates worldwide is the way in which it allows for limitless experimentation. If looking to create something truly unique, it’s perfectly possible and surprisingly simple to combine any number of cannabis plants to create a single hashish hybrid. A Hybrid with a resulting high unlike that of any individual hash marijuana strain. Some also enjoy experimenting with the incorporation of other elements into the mix. Certain beneficial herbs and compounds added to hashish again resulting in the creation of entirely unique cannabis products. If additional elements are eliminated from the equation entirely, the resulting hashish will naturally be significantly more pungent and powerful than any comparable cannabis buds. This is because premium hashish is made entirely from the trichomes of the flowers themselves, eliminating almost all the plant matter in the process. Marijuana strains are typically considered powerful and potent if they have a THC level above 15%.

Some ultra-strong cannabis strains take things as high as around 25%, but this doesn’t compare with the 40% THC of quality cannabis hash. Once again, the potency of the hash will be determined by the hash strains used to produce it, along with the production method and any additional elements incorporated in the process. Likewise, the effects of the resulting hash will depend on the properties of the strains used to create it respectively. It’s often said that hashish naturally provides a clearer and more refined high, but this isn’t necessarily the case at all. Hashish is almost always stronger than traditional cannabis, though could be made with Indica Strains , Sativa strains or any combination thereof. Particularly when combining a variety of strains for experimental purposes, hash can deliver a truly unique and unforgettable experience. If you’ve decided to go ahead and make hash, you need to set yourself up with the best possible hash marijuana strains. The secret to success with hash production being to grow plants that produce as much kief as possible. Your approach to cultivation will make a huge difference to how much kief you harvest, but there are certain strains that are known to produce significantly more kief than others. Known for being one of the stickiest and strongest Indica strains you’ll ever encounter, G13 has quality hashish written all over it.

As an added bonus, G13 is also extremely simple to grow and capable of delivering the kind of relaxing euphoria that makes it a firm favourite in recreational and medical cannabis circles alike. A possible contender for the most famous and celebrated marijuana strain of all time, OG Kush is also an incredible performer when it comes to kief production. Once again, a relatively easy marijuana strain to cultivate that doesn’t demand much space to deliver a seriously generous kief harvest. The origins of Chemdawg remain a mystery, but it goes without saying that this hard-hitting strain isn’t for beginners.


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