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Strawberry Cough Strain Info: Is This What You Need?

Is there something better than the weed that smells like strawberries? There is! Strawberry Cough smells like strawberries and alleviates stress. It’s the kind of strain that leaves you with a huge smile on your face and a relaxed mood for hours to follow. Don’t get this wrong, though. It’s not the kind of weed that relaxes you to a point where you become completely inactive. It lifts you up and puts you in a slightly euphoric mood.

The only problem is the second part of the name: it makes even the most experienced users cough.

Where Does It Come From? The History Of Strawberry Cough Strain

If you’ve ever looked into the history of crossbreeding cannabis, you know who Kyle Kushman is. He is a master of crossing different types of weed and comes up with unique flavors with special properties. Kushman’s Strawberry Cough creation won the Best Flower award in the Cannabis Cup of 2013.

Strawberry Cough genetics are interesting. The strain comes from the classic Haze strain and Strawberry Fields (an Indica-dominant strain grown in-between strawberries). Cool, no?

How was it developed?

The story behind Strawberry Cough is funny: this favored strain was made by accident. A fellow breeder gave Kushman a clone, which was grown in Connecticut. The funny part is that it grew next to strawberries, and it got their powerful scent. Kushman crossed it with Haze, which is a potent Sativa with a high percentage of THC.

That’s how this well-balanced, award-winning strain was breed.

What’s the lineage of Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough has over 80% of Sativa in its genetics. Indica is there to balance things out, but it’s not enough to completely calm down the energizing effects of Sativa.

The lineage of this strain includes Strawberry Satori and Fire Alien Strawberry. Both of these strains are uplifting and cause creative effects. Strawberry Satori is especially effective as an anti-anxiety strain.

What Are The Effects Of The Strawberry Cough Weed Strain?

Okay; we’re getting to the fun part.

This is one of those strains that settle in without delays. You’ll fill its buzzy high after a couple of inhales. It gives you a mental high, characterized by a rush of creativity and focus. It’s a great strain to have when you’re trying to spend a day working on tasks that involve problem-solving or creativity. This kind of high inspires you to read, watch an artsy movie, or have deep talks that unveil the mysteries of the world.

Strawberry Cough is a social weed. Sure; it works perfectly for some creative alone time, but it inspires ideas that you’ll love to share.

The small part of Indica in Strawberry Cough gives you a mellow mood to balance out the creative euphoria that settles in the beginning. When your mind is sharp and your body relaxed, you get this great feeling that everything is just fine. You’ll get inspired and energized enough to get things done without stressing out about them.

What Medical Properties Does Strawberry Cough Have?

Due to its beneficial mental effects, involving a relaxed sense of focus, the Strawberry Cough weed is perfect for coping with excessive stress and different mental health issues. This strain calms down the heart rate, which brings the entire body into a relaxed mode. The mind becomes sharper, but not anxious.

The negative symptoms of anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder can become milder with this weed. However, people who have these conditions should always talk to their therapists. Weed is not going to replace professional treatment. It may only assist it. It’s also recommended to start with a very small dose of Strawberry Cough since it’s strong on the THC after all. You can work your way up to the perfect dose; just don’t start big with it.

If you’re experiencing pain in the body and you want relief without going to sleep, this might be the perfect strain for you.

Are There Any Negatives About It?

When trying to find detailed Strawberry Cough strain info, you shouldn’t only focus on the positive effects. Always make sure to see what the potential side effects are, so you’ll know if the particular weed is okay for you to try.

The negative effects of Strawberry Cough are relatively mild. The main problem with it is revealed by the name: it causes coughing. It dries out the mouth, which worsens the cough. You’ll get the feeling of a “cottonmouth” and you’ll want to drink a lot of water.

This is not a serious side effect. It only means you’ll need some preparation before you smoke the weed. Get yourself enough fluids nearby. Water is best, but you can also try coconut water or tea, which should calm down the cough. Honey also helps with the dry throat.

A potentially dangerous negative effect is dehydration, which happens rarely and can be prevented. Drink a lot of water! Dehydration will cause a dizzy headache, so you’ll know how to recognize it.

Another thing you should have close by artificial tears. This strain causes dry eyes as well.

These side effects don’t scare off experienced users, but maybe a little too much for a beginner. If you’re new to weed, start with very small doses of Strawberry Cough and always prepared to manage the side effects.

Effects Medical Use Side Effects
High focus (7/10) Stress (8/10) Dry mouth (4/10)
High focus (7/10) Fatigue (6/10 Dry eyes (3/10)
Higher sense of awareness (7/10) Sleepiness (6/10) Dehydration (2/10)
Uplifting energy (7/10) Post-traumatic stress disorder (5/10) Headache and dizziness caused by dehydration (2/10)
Creativity (6/10) Body pain (5/10) Paranoia when overdone (1/10)
Enhanced energy (5/10) Anxiety (4/10)
Sense of euphoria (5/10) Depression (3/10)
Relaxed body (4/10)

Why Choose Strawberry Cough?

Despite coughing and dryness as side effects, Strawberry Cough marijuana is so easy-going that everyone loves it. The sudden boost of energy and mental awareness makes it perfect for combating stress, anxiety, and passivity. It’s the perfect weed to choose when you need to get something done after a longer period of procrastination.

Let’s look at the properties in detail.


When you look at the plant, you immediately realize it has a hybrid nature. Despite being a Sativa-dominant strain, it looks more like an Indica, with its compact and solid leaves.

The Strawberry Cough bud, however, shows it Sativa nature. It looks like a pinecone. The bud is bright green with noticeable orange and reddish pistils throughout. Amber-toned trichomes cloud out the bright green. It’s just beautiful!

The overall appearance is quite colorful, so it reflects the interesting nature of the strain when it’s used.

Smell and aroma

Imagine you’re smoking weed in the middle of a field full of fresh strawberries. You feel an earthy scent that feels like a spring day after a light rain. That’s how the strain feels like when you smell it.

Strawberry Cough has a sweet character to it, but it’s not overpowering to make you feel sick. The herbal touch adds depth to its aroma, so it smells like a perfectly balanced perfume.


The sweetness of strawberries hits you right after you inhale Strawberry Cough. It leaves a delicious aftertaste of an earthy, smoky flavor. It feels like you’ve been smoking classic Haze while eating strawberries.

The flavor is so good that you’ll forget about the coughing and you’ll want to inhale again.


This is a potent, but balanced Sativa that’s great even for those who typically stay away from Sativa. It gives you an instant buzz of happiness. It makes you feel good!

Strawberry Cough will increase your appetite, and it will make you creative and conversational. It charges you up with mental and physical energy that’s long-lasting after consumption. The high lasts for 3-4 hours, which is longer than average when compared to other strains.

Other properties

The THC levels in Strawberry Cough are high. On average, you’re getting 18% of THC in it. The record high measurement was 22.98%. That’s lower than the Blue Dream, which makes Strawberry Cough more suitable for most users. However, it’s still very potent, so it’s not the best choice for those with no experience in using weed.

Who Is Strawberry Strain Suitable For?

By reading our Strawberry Cough strain review so far, you probably realized that this strain isn’t going to give you a totally relaxing high that puts you to sleep. It’s for those who want a boost of creativity and energy. It’s perfect for users trying to combat anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s great for artists and writers since the mental high brings all kinds of ideas to life.

This weed is for relatively experienced users. Beginners won’t like the side effects involving coughing and dry mouth/eyes.

What Do Growers Think About It?

This strain gives small buds, but they are potent enough for users to love. It thrives easily outdoors and it gives a decent yield, so it’s easy for amateurs to cultivate. Professional growers like dealing with it, mainly because this weed sells well.

Is It Popular Among Growers?

Strawberry Cough is described as the kind of strain that every stoner should try at least once. When they try it once, they usually keep choosing it. That makes it a highly popular hybrid, so growers are certainly interested in cultivating it.

The home grower also likes it, since it’s easy to grow and it gives them a great, energizing high.

How To Grow Strawberry Cough

The plant reaches a medium height, so it’s not extremely thirsty, such as Blue Dream for example. It does require a hot environment to thrive, though. It needs tons of sunlight. It can grow inside, but you’ll need to invest in a greenhouse if that’s your goal. They keep the temperature warm all the time, so they maximize your yield.

When grown outdoors, October is the time for harvesting.

This strain is easy to grow, mainly because it’s resistant to mold and common pests. Even amateur growers can handle it just fine.

Strawberry Cough usually needs 9-10 weeks to flower. On average, it gives about 14 ounces per plant. That’s a pretty generous yield.

Strawberry Cough Growth Info
Difficult or easy? Easy
Period of flowering 9-10 weeks
Height Moderate (30 – 70 inches)
Yield Generous (between 3 and 6 oz per ft)

Is Strawberry Cough Useful for Edibles?

Yes! You’ll find all kinds of products based on this strain in dispensaries. It’s available as candies, cookies, gummies, tinctures, extracts, and concentrated Strawberry Cough oil.

What Are Its Related And Alternative Strains?

The Strawberry Cough strain genetics come from an Indica-dominant strain grown in a Strawberry field and a classic Haze Sativa. This combination gives a Sativa-dominant Strawberry Cough with the right dose of Indica to balance the euphoric effects.

Strains that come from this one are Strawberry Satori and Fire Alien Strawberry.

If you’re looking for a similar THC level that doesn’t make you cough that much, you can try Super Jack, Blue Dream, or OG Skunk.

Conclusion: What Have We Learned From Our Strawberry Cough Review?

The Strawberry Cough strain information we went through is enough for us to realize that this is quite an interesting strain. It’s popular because it gives an instant mental buzz, followed by a calm sense of happiness. It’s perfect for social occasions when you need to keep the conversation going and inspire everyone to have a good time.

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