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it is what I think of when I think of a haze strain. Uplifting, stimulating, sensual, pleasurable, euphoric, strain. I love widow crosses that don’t have blueberry in them and i think this is my favorite haze right now. OK, so you’re at the local blood bank or Red Cross and you want to give blood, but then you remember you were ripping bongs with your friends the previous weekend. Or is it an issue that there’s still traces of THC swimming around in your body?

Will your bud-tainted blood harm whatever patient inevitably receives your plasma? Yes, you can still donate, but it’s a little complicated. There are two questions here, really: “Can I donate blood if I smoke weed, in general,” and “Can I donate blood if I smoke weed that day.” For the first question, it’s unequivocally: Yes. When you smoke, most of the cannabis (80-90%) is excreted within 5 days as hydroxylated and carboxylated metabolites. So if you’re a light smoker and wait a few days, there’s a good chance your blood will have very low-to-negligible cannabis levels. Even if you’re a heavy smoker, marijuana is absorbed mostly through your tissues, and excreted mainly through urine. While blood is the delivery method for all those tissues, what you’re imbibing is spending most of its time elsewhere in the blood or metabolizing in your blood. According to the internet (and this writer’s doctor sister), there’s plenty of personal anecdotes (including from yours truly) about smoking and donating blood without running into any problems. Most people advise waiting a day after you’ve last smoked to donate, though there’s no real reason to wait unless you’re stoned at the time you’re intending to donate.

This is because no blood bank will accept a donation from someone under the influence of anything if intoxication is detected during the donor screening process. Whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or another drug, the banks need you to be sober when consenting to have them draw blood. Therefore, if you’re toasted out of your mind while donating — and thus not really able to consent safely — most blood banks will not accept your red. In 2016, Leafly went the extra mile and reached out to several blood donation companies to ask about cannabis use and donating. Everyone the publication contacted, including the American Red Cross, echoed the same: Being a general cannabis user will not prohibit you from donating, but you must be sober while physically making the donation. Furthermore, one company noted that “the FDA does not require testing for THC either at registration or during testing for blood borne pathogens which all donated/collected blood receives.” And the American Red Cross told them that “legal or illegal use of marijuana is not otherwise a cause for blood donation deferral.” Technically, injectable drugs are what blood drives are really on the lookout for, since those increase patients' chances of contracting a serious bloodborne illness. But all blood is tested before its given to patients, so donating doesn’t automatically mean your blood will be used. For now, the answer overall seems like a “yes.” But if you’re squeamish or anxious at the thought of getting lit before surrounding yourself with volunteer nurses, maybe chill on the J till after they’ve sucked you dry. Is It Possible for Cannabis Smokers to Donate Blood? [ANSWER REVEALED] We all know that donating blood saves lives, but is it okay to donate if you use marijuana? The quick answer to the title question is ‘yes.’ Blood drives will accept a donation from a weed smoker; just make sure you don’t turn up stoned! With that said, let’s dive down into the facts, understand the effects of marijuana on your blood stream and whether or not you should donate blood if you’re a weed lover. It is a sad fact that there isn’t enough blood to go around in the United States. Every two seconds, a resident of this country is in need of blood, and while 38% of people in the nation are eligible to donate, less than 10% of this select group choose to do so. It is a relatively simple process that lasts 10-12 minutes while the whole process takes slightly over an hour, according to the American Red Cross. This includes the mini-physical, checking your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and hemoglobin to make sure it is safe for you to donate. Keep reading to see how blood collection groups view weed users and discover the criteria for giving blood. America’s Blood Centers confirmed that it does not test your blood for THC. They test it to ensure it doesn’t contain infectious diseases that can be transmitted via transfusion. Its centers don’t turn away weed smokers unless they appear to be stoned or else they use cannabis to treat a condition that precludes them from donating. It doesn’t test for THC and won’t reject you unless you’re clearly under the influence. Of course, you can’t donate if you use illicit substances but the American Red Cross doesn’t place marijuana in that category. Here is an official statement: “Legal or illegal use of marijuana is not otherwise a cause for blood donation deferral.” So, It’s Okay to Have a Smoke Just Before as Long as I Don’t Get Stoned?

However, it is inadvisable for a variety of reasons. When you smoke weed, your body metabolizes the THC into a pair of different chemicals: 11-OH-THC and 11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC. The former chemical is psychoactive like THC while the latter is not.

Do you notice that your case of the ‘munchies’ is delayed for a little while after smoking? This is probably because the 11-OH-THC causes the hunger pangs and it takes the body time to metabolize the THC before the new chemical becomes present in your bloodstream.


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