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I’m fairly happy with this product and think the Terpene Rich description on my Sativa blend to be accurate. It’s in the freakin’ jars, though, and I hate that. ACT had the Dabaratus but that was for medical patients only. Everybody else has to suck the distillate out of a jar with a dab straw. Temescal had CORE Concentrates Live Resin in stock and the Blueberry Headband I got was very good.

It’s terpy, it’s potent, and it’s easy to work with. Brookline’s D-Line Distillate, however, is on another level. This Indica blend is the cleanest, smoothest distillate I’ve ever smoked, hands down. It’s a little light on potency for this type of extract, but is certainly sufficient. Plus it comes in an easy to use applicator that helps you get a measured dose and don’t lose your precious oil to the sides and inside of a jar! I feel like Garden Remedies was the best, but suppose we assign the rankings with a reverse point system- 5 points for #1 ranking, 1 point for a #5 ranking- what does that look like? If we consider all factors as equal, than I get: Garden Remedies: 15 Points Temescal: 14 Points NETA: 11 Points Alternative Care Therapies: 10 Points Good Chemistry: 10 Points. Temescal’s strong product selection clearly makes up for its disastrous customer experience, though. Even if I knocked their flower back to #2 based on the bad preroll, they’d still be in second place.

If you’re willing to drive an hour from Boston to nowhere and venture the shuttle, that might be worth it to you, but Garden Remedies has the bangin’ vape cartridges. NETA is barely over ACT and Good Chemistry, tied for last place. That makes sense, since NETA is closest to Boston, and it had the best extract. Good Chemistry loses a great experience and great flower for poor vapes and extracts, while ACT doesn’t really stand out in any way. It never rises above a 3 in any category despite being in the place where witches be. FYI, we’re including the brands they sell at these dispensaries because most brands were only available in one or at most two of the shops I visited. It’s not like Maryland where every shop has 30 flowers and 10 vape cart brands and so on. I suppose we’re re-evaluate when I get the edibles on here. Massachusetts, or the Bay State, has some of the most progressive marijuana laws in the US. Since they passed a bill in 2016 legalizing recreational use of marijuana, Boston has become a huge hotspot for all weed lovers. Even though it’s now legal to buy weed in Boston, there’s a lot of confusion where and how to do it. Since the city is such a popular tourist attraction, we’ve decided to make this guide on buying weed safely in Boston. Let’s take a look at where the best places to buy and smoke are in Boston. Boston residents have been fighting for a long time to make weed legal. In fact, they’ve been organizing the Freedom Rally since 1989. The Freedom Rally is the second-largest gathering in the US that demands reforms on weed laws. Now that Boston has legalized recreational marijuana, we’re seeing so many dispensaries and shops opening their doors. But, before we can get into where and how to buy, let’s talk about some of Massachusetts’ weed laws. Massachusetts has weed laws that are pretty similar to those in California. To start, anyone who is over the age of 21 can legally buy and smoke weed without a medical marijuana card. What’s more, it’s legal to carry 28.5 grams of weed on our person in Massachusetts. We are also legally allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in our home, as long as they’re not visible from a public place. Keep in mind that it is still illegal to smoke and drive, and we could get a fine for it. Similar to alcohol laws, we can’t have an open container that is accessible to the public in our cars. Also, remember, it’s illegal to carry weed over state lines even if the state we’re going to has legalized it, too.

Smoking in Boston is not allowed in any public spaces. In essence, we can’t smoke on the street, in parks, bars or cafes. What’s more, depending on where we’re staying, some hotels don’t have smoking rooms, so we can’t do it there either.

But, don’t worry — there are a couple of places in Boston where we can smoke weed.


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