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Pick Up These ‘Star Wars’ Cannabis Products and Be One With the Force

May the Fourth be with you! In honor of one of the nerdiest days of the year, we’ve compiled a collection of products that combine your love of the Star Wars franchise with your affinity for cannabis. Pair your wares with a Star Wars-themed strain and a marathon of every film, cartoon, and special you can get your hands on (yes, even the dreaded holiday special).

Lightsaber Steamroller

From wrapping paper rolls to umbrellas, certain objects lend themselves to being swords. This cool steamroller pipe just happens to be a sword first and a pipe second. Vanquish your enemies, Jedi or Sith, with your choice of lightsaber color and hilt, or take a hit and leave the stars alone.

Available at: Dankstop

Price: $80.75

Chewbacca Ceramic Pipe

Dogs are man’s best friend, but Chewbacca is Han’s best friend. This ceramic Chewy pipe depicts the wookie’s furry façade well. He may not have his bowcaster, but he will help you hit the bowl faster.

Available at: Etsy

Price: $19.99

Yoda Gas Mask Shirt

The “Dank Vader” gas mask bong is a classic, and while it’s not my preferred method of consumption, this t-shirt featuring Yoda taking a turn at hitting a gas mask bong makes him look like a boss while blasting deuces.

Available at: Etsy

Price: $24.99

Death Star Grinder

“That’s no moon, it’s my grinder!” This aluminum orb is a beautiful tabletop ornament that, despite popular belief, won’t destroy your planet. But cannabis beware! Not even the densest nugs stand a chance against the immense power of this Imperial super-weapon.

Available at: Amazon

Price: $7.49

Yoda “Stoned I Am” Lighter

Yoda’s backwards speech pattern has been riffed on since his appearance in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back, but this is the first time I’ve seen it emblazoned on a lighter. Strong Etsy’s cannabis accessory game is.

Available at: Etsy

Price: $5.95

BB8 Pipes

BB8 stole the world’s heart with its oddly animated robotic pantomiming, and now it’s getting the world blazed. This tiny robot might keep you out of danger, but don’t try to roll this handmade glass BB8 spoon across the ground.

Available at: LeoGlassworks on Artfire

Price: $40.00

“Space Star” Recycler

This gaudy abomination stands as a monument to all the lives lost on Alderaan. Take a hit from this mini Space Star-themed bong in honor of your fallen rebels.

Available at: Dankstop

Price: $299.99

Red Lightsaber Dabbing Tool

By all standards, this red eye glass lightsaber dabber looks like a great dabbing tool. The subtle detailing on the hilt and the functionally tapered tip cater to the true Star Wars aesthetic as well as the needs of dabbers.

Available at: Jupiter Grass

In honor of one of the nerdiest days of the year, we’ve compiled a collection of products that combine your love of the Star Wars franchise with your affinity for cannabis

Where to get a Star Wars Bong

When it dropped in 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope might have seemed like any other attempt at sci-fi, but the extreme attention to detail and potent storyline about legends, heroes and villains made it the cultural pillar that it remains today.

People of all ages identify with the age-old story of good versus evil, in this case, Sith versus Jedi, but Star Wars is a hit with the cannabis community, and fans of both like to show it with merch.

There are even dozens of strains named after Star Wars or its beloved characters, like Darth Vader OG, Skywalker OG, and the brand new Mandalorian inspired Baby Yoda strain popular on the West coast.

Über fans can buy Star Wars-inspired strains, but the truly devoted can plug their nugs into one of the literally thousands of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web.

Where to find Star Wars gear

While there is no official merchandise for this purpose, and despite all rights reserved by Disney, you can type in the name of any of the major characters into a search engine and you’ll be treated to their likeness in melty, psychedelic glassware, printed on stock basic bongs, shaped into artful and interpretative pipes and even etched on vape batteries. Most of these online marketplaces allow you to review customer reviews, place items in your shopping cart, provide shipping everywhere in the United States and have customer service email contacts for questions related to shipping and glass products.

If you’re on the side of the dark, or you prefer to hang with the light of the Jedi, some models that represent many of the themes and classic moments in the movie. More into the supporting villains of the SWU? Try going for a Darth Vader bong or Boba Fett bong or a Stormtrooper pipe, or maybe one fashioned to look like the hundreds of detailed space weapons that appear in the series: Lightsabers, blasters and even ships are turned into innovative smokeware.

The connection between Star Wars and cannabis won’t be dissipating anytime soon — people who like to expand their minds via science fiction might also enjoy doing the same with a little weed. Though when Star Wars first dropped, both it and cannabis were firmly in the counterculture. In today’s legal cannabis (and blockbuster packed) climate, they’re both iconoclasts.

Some Star Wars gear to consider:

Empire Glassworks Illuminati Death Star Mini Dab Rig

A beautiful work of art by Empire Glassworks. Any Star Wars fan who dabs should be honored to have this in their collection.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bong

Those who choose the dark side of the force will want to reach for this bong designed after the dark one himself.

Death Star Grinder

This stylish and sturdy grinder is a masterful ode to the Death Star. And unlike the space station that was blow up (twice), this grinder was built to last and includes a lifetime warranty.

Yoda Stash Box

This Yoda-approved stash box comes with a stash jar, metal grinder, rolling papers, and the box itself. Perfect for gifting to the Star Wars stoner in your life.

5-piece Star Wars Set

A travel-size stash box that comes with a Darth Vader grinder, Stormtrooper water pipe, and two stash jars for when you’re trying to be one with the force while on the go.

Truly devoted fans can plug their nugs into one of the hundreds of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web. ]]>