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An MK Ultra plant is generally considered to be an easy one to grow . This plant grows well in soil or hydroponically so you can’t go wrong using either method. It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate. This plant flowers between 8-9 weeks and the ideal time for outdoor harvesting is late September or early October. An Mk Ultra plant grown indoors will produce an average yield of around 12 ounces per square meter, while those growing this plant outdoors can expect a yield of approximately 6 ounces per plant.

As you might expect from a potent strain like MK Ultra, its effects offer many benefits to the medicinal cannabis smoker. Arguably the main medicinal benefit of MK Ultra is its effectiveness at alleviating painful conditions, such as arthritis, muscular pain and lower back pain. Its indica genetics relax the body so much that those nagging pains just fade away into the background. MK Ultra’s deeply relaxing body-melt effect coupled with its uplifting effect on mood makes this strain a fantastic choice for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression. MK Ultra is also very beneficial for people looking to de-stress, relax and unwind. The deep sense of relaxation and the sleep-inducing effects make this strain a possible solution for people suffering from insomnia. The main side effect of MK Ultra is its powerful couch-lock effect , which will make even basic functioning quite challenging. Also, this strain’s strong cerebral and hypnotic effects can be quite disconcerting for smokers unaccustomed to more potent strains of cannabis.

As already mentioned, this is not a strain for a novice smoker. A more experienced smoker who uses MK Ultra responsibly should only experience this strain’s milder side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Overindulgence of this strain, however, may result in dizziness, paranoia, and increased anxiety. MK Ultra’s potency and strong cerebral and hypnotic effects mean that this strain is not for everyone. If you are a novice then you would be wise to pass on this one and look for milder strains to enjoy. For experienced medicinal cannabis smokers looking for pain relief or to de-stress, then this strain is a great choice. If you are looking to grow your own MK Ultra weed then you should find this strain fairly low maintenance and easy to grow at home. It;s what I need for my daily routine of exercise and lessening annoying joint pain .I was experiencing a real low because of many issues and the King elevated mu mood, had me smiling for no reason at all and I was able to get going and restore me to a state where I was able to have a more productive day. An hour and a half ago I woke up anxious and crying. There are good reasons for this and I do other things to support my health but I do not use any medication at all, nor do I use alcohol so finding terp profiles that help alleviate or manage the symptoms I can experience is very important to me. It has me awake, buzzing and smiling in a matter of minutes.I feel positive, the issues that scare the c^&p out of me feel more manageable (they may not be, but if it feels that way even for a little while I will take it, and use the positive energy it delivers as best I can) Not bad, right? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started. Login › The independent voice of Denver since 1977. And Greece, Rome, Babylon — wherever there were multiple gods and peasants in sandals. Give me some weed and a not-shitty action flick with sword fights and mythology, and I’m the happiest stoned idiot in the world. Seeing a strain by the name of Tutankhamon (pronounce it like this: “Toot-en-common”) at a Broadway dispensary instantly ignited my interest, and before I knew it, I was bingeing a couple of Brendan Fraser renditions of The Mummy alongside The Prince of Egypt (my choices were more limited than I thought). But smoking Tutankhamon gave me so much energy that I’d rather have hiked a few pyramids than watch movies about them. Both the strain and the pharaoh go by King Tut for short, just in case you’ve smoked history class out of your memory. The boy king died at an early age, but his relatively intact tomb and the artifacts inside of it made him a worldwide treasure from beyond the grave. There are some theories suggesting that King Tut was actually murdered, and there was even talk of a curse on his tomb after one of the first people to enter it died unexpectedly five months after its discovery in the 1920s. U.G.K.'s Bun B Reflects on Working With Jay Z, Getting Weed on Tour. Toking About Town Responsibly With a Cannabis Tour Guide. The King Tut strain is also shrouded in mystery, labeled as a sativa-dominant hybrid with a lone AK47 parent by its breeder, Pyramid Seeds.

(Side note: The Spanish breeder has more strains with Egyptian names, like Anubis and Nefertiti.) King Tut isn’t anywhere near as sour or earthy as AK47, however, and is much more uplifting on the mind, even if your body is tired. Avoid smoking this strain before bedtime or you’re likely to be tossing and turning for long periods — not to mention fighting the urge for a midnight snack. If enjoyed earlier, King Tut is a dependable strain for daytime activities, and carries floral and spicy notes sure to please lavender and wildflower fans. It’s still gaining steam in Denver, but I’ve seen King Tut flower at Mile High Green Cross and in concentrate form at a handful of Colorado dispensaries that carry Rockin’ Extracts. Home growers can also find the strain online in several seed banks, including on the Pyramid Seeds website. Looks: Generally fluffy, even for commercial pot, King Tut looks like a classic sativa, with football- and cone-shaped buds that carry a bright wintergreen color, average trichome coverage and peach-colored pistils. Don’t be surprised if purple spots appear with certain phenotypes. Smell: King Tut’s aroma is heavily floral and sweet, with a skunky blanket that brings all of its scents together. Zesty hints of black pepper and lavender and a subtle, sweet acidity are the most common notes I’ve come across.

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