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This is because the growers, DNA Genetics, sell them openly on their website, making it super easy to order some and get growing. After getting your seeds, they can grow very well either indoors or in the sunlight outside. The only thing to keep in mind is that this strain tends to prefer overly humid climates, making outdoor growing difficult if you live in the northern parts of the USA. If you are concerned, keep them indoors with a humidifier turned on. Once they start growing, LA Chocolat plants are quite short and tend to spread quite extensively, which is excellent for those looking for a larger yield from their crops.

To help encourage this, you can cut off any protruding branches underneath the main bush that don’t get any light. Additionally, don’t be afraid of snipping the tip off of any new growths to help promote more sideways growth. As long as it doesn’t topple over itself, the more sideways growth you can encourage means more yield at the end. After a good eight weeks of growing time, expect to get a large-sized harvest that needs to be dried quickly, yet carefully. LA Chocolat’s distinctive white trichomes need tender care, or you risk losing them all in the process of getting the buds off the plant and into the drying area. Once you do have your bud all ready and carefully preserved in an airtight container, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from it? LA Chocolat cannabis’ effects are a beautiful mix of both potent indicas and mellow sativas, without any hint of intense psychoactivity. This would seem to indicate that LA Chocolat is a pretty low THC strain. However, lab studies on samples of LA Chocolat have shown THC concentrations of at least 22%, with a few examples approaching the dizzying levels of 30%!

This makes LA Chocolat potentially one of the most potent strains around, so make sure you tread carefully when exposing new friends to this strain. If they aren’t prepared for it, it might just be their undoing. Considering the mellowing effects of this strain, it would seem sensible to expect at least some CBD from this chocolate strain. However, as always happens when there is a considerable amount of THC – there just isn’t any room for CBD. Most samples of LA Chocolat register almost no CBD content whatsoever, creating a strain that is rich in THC but wholly lacking in CBD. However, there are still plenty of beneficial medical effects to this strain, even without much CBD content. The initial rush of crystal clear thinking and intense mental clarity make this strain an absolute godsend for those looking for help with concentration. This is especially relevant for those with ADHD, as it can help focus their attention on a razor-sharp edge. As might be expected, it is also excellent for helping treat issues relating to stress and depression. With its mind soothing, endlessly relaxing effects, it is difficult to feel any kind of negative feelings about your life after smoking some LA Chocolat. With the high levels of THC that this strain offers, it is perfect for helping deal with all kinds of pain or uncomfortability. If you struggle with an injury or chronic condition that continually makes itself known, LA Chocolat might be the perfect thing to help take the edge off and make it more manageable. This is especially relevant considering the fact that the effects of this strain are perfect for getting on with your day. If you do happen to struggle with anxiety, thanks to the combination of clarity and mental intensity that this strain offers, you might be able to help manage it. Though it isn’t a cure or an advanced treatment, many people find that LA Chocolat makes their anxious thoughts go away, even if it is only for a little while. For those that struggle with getting to sleep quickly, LA Chocolat also offers a few benefits. Though it does not knock you out or induce sleepiness at all, it is extremely good at helping relax and soothe you, allowing for you to fall asleep more naturally when your body is ready. However, with all good things must come a few bad as well – what kind of side effects does the LA Chocolat strain induce? Though it might be almost impossible to imagine that LA Chocolat might have any significant side effects worth mentioning, the reality is that almost every weed strain is going to have a few side effects associated with it. Dry mouth and dry eyes are obviously to be expected with any marijuana strain abundant in THC. However, they are both easily dealt with, allowing you to get rid of them by merely remaining hydrated. The significant side effect worth mentioning with LA Chocolat is the tendency for it to induce feelings of anxiety if you smoke too much. This might seem strange, considering the fact that treating anxiety is one of the most common uses of the LA Chocolat strain.

However, the truth is that certain people are more likely than others to experience distress after smoking weed – especially potent strains. If this sounds like you, you might want to avoid LA Chocolat, as it does have a tendency to invoke strong feelings of anxiety in people either not used to marijuana, or those who tend to become anxious when they smoke too much. If you are worried about feeling anxious after smoking it, the best thing to do is to make sure you don’t smoke too much at any one time. This is a dominant strain with strong effects, even if it doesn’t seem like it after the first exhale. Take your time and pace yourself, and you should be just fine. Almost anything that tastes good and has an excellent reputation for flavor is going to have a signature chocolate variation of it. No matter how predictable it might be, chocolate is simply one of the best flavors around, so people have been mixing it into almost anything they can. Though the precise award is going to be forever debated among experts and discerning palates all over the world, LA Chocolat is definitely in the running not only for the best-tasting chocolate marijuana strain, but also the one with the best effects. Mesmerizing serenity, calm, and peacefulness, somehow combined with intense mental prowess and acuity.

This odd combination of effects somehow just meld together into one awe-inspiring high that leaves you relaxed, content, and happy. If you haven’t tried it before and happen to run across it at your local dispensary, you definitely need to give it a try. Even if for no other reason than to smell chocolate marijuana – it is an experience like no other. Here you can find all info about Ed Rosenthal Super Bud from Sensi Seeds .


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