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Wappa by Sonic Green

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Wappa by Sonic Green

Wappa by Sonic Green

Finally the time has come! I get to crack into my jar of Wappa by Sonic Green. I’ve read about this strain for several months prior, so I practically jumped out of my pants at the opportunity to grab some. I apologize in advance for the obscene quantity of photos, but hopefully the cannasseurs will appreciate them. 🙂 Wappa is a full-fledged indica known to make large hammer-like colas flexing a spectrum of color. I’m particularly excited because my readings have described this strain as a pungent fruit crossed with marshmallows…and I just have to know what that means. Sonic Green provides some serious top shelf green, and knocked my socks off with their Cheesy 24k Gold. Total cannabinoids on this one are at 30.1% with 28.2% THC-A. Enough jabberin’ mates, let’s dive in!

Some things are worth waiting for, I could see through the jar how dank these lil’ nuggets were. As I attempt to get a little closer, I am swept up in a soft blanket of fruity flavor. The soft fuzzy exterior of this odor devolves into a muddled pool of sweet gooey earth. I can see where people could read marshmallow. Layered into this blissful bog is a thick haze of skunky fruit. The mist resembles a pungent and acute fruitiness similar to a grapefruit. But in addition to the grapefruit, there is another distinct fruity layer. I would describe this parallel fragrance to be a key lime. A key lime that brings forth a subdued tartness lining the rim of the collective aromas. Every breath of Wappa is refreshing and tangy like a Sprite. At the bottom of this fuzzy pop is an advanced flowery burning sensation, a gust storms in with every broken fiber. Overall, the fragrance is gentle and inviting brandishing its intoxicating sweet nature.

The stunning quality of this flower does not stop at the smell. If Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, and Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair…it’s because Wappa jacked all of them to make a coat. This bud lives in a mayhem of frosted honey colored hairs. Beneath the roaring chaos of the tendrils, lives a green glacier. This is seriously some of the most frosted flower I have seen in weeks, Wappa is truly spectacular to gaze upon. The trichomes absorb any available light in the room and reflect it as a brilliant beacon. Aside from the faces of the flower that are completely apricot due to the volume of hairs, the foliage appears to be a seductive crocodile hue.

Wappa explodes into a kief driven snow effectively coating every level of my grinder. I carefully relay the sands of dank into my trusty sherlock. Here goes. Leaf to flame, a rounded cured earthy sugar sneaks into my lungs. Tracing this cloud is a recoiling sweetness that dances around the earth qualities of this smoke. To further describe the ‘bouncy’ flavor, there is a mild foresty tang that keeps the heavy smoke afloat. Halfway through the smoke the fruit of a pungent flower emerges. The bloom erupts with spores of flavor launching in every direction! There are notes of a spicy abrasive hash, a swift gentle floweriness, a benign earthbound sucrose, and a soothing resiny quality. Every cloud from start to finish is extremely thick and full bodied.

Each breath embodies the traits of a traditional indica smoke. My tongue toils pleasurably in the syrupy and savory texture of the exhaust. I would dare to say that this strain passes my ‘Fried Chicken Test’ and conjures such an appetizing flavor that it causes me to salivate and dream of fried chicken. In the chicken’s breading there is a underlying hot pepper, so fierce that it barely registers as ‘flowery’ in origin until the last second. What I love especially about this smoke is that its flavor holds throughout the whole bowl! I would even argue that the flavor emboldens and entrenches itself deeper the further you get into the bowl. This strain certainly has two personalities. I would venture to say I almost like the ‘defeated’ hashy side of Wappa has some nuances that are even sweeter than the green smoke.

We A-OK, we just need five, my brother checked my pulse to see that I’m alive, god dang this Wappa got me high. Believe it or not, this indica sends you launching through existential planes on the back of a rocket. The explosive high could almost be regarded as sativa initially but that ride quickly peters out. As your rocket dismantles and you are left dwelling in space, the pressure starts to massage your limbs into ecstasy. As your mind is still being elevated during this universal massage, you can feel yourself being drawn back into the orbit of Earth. As you get closer to your alienated homeward your pace accelerates, it won’t be long before this high turns you into a meteor barreling towards your couch. The euphoria brought on by this strain is formidable and is not for those weak of spirit.

Wappa is definitely a strain that will help you miss work. As an indica heavyweight, I welcome the challenge and find the grounding qualities to be playful. As I bask in the sloppy tide pool of indica pleasure, I discuss matters of life with ethereal beings. Well, I feel like I could if I wanted to…Wappa is a very profound meditative high. I wouldn’t regard the high as incapacitating unless it was embraced at the end of a hard day, but in that case Wappa is still exactly what you need! Wappa is truly a font of indica pleasure. I feel myself losing a sense of time, anxiety, and worry. I am only bothered with what is directly in front of me and for an over thinker like me, that is exactly what I seek! The high for me is also very welcoming, inspiring, and creative. In a way, you melt like a marshmallow onto any task that lie before you. Challenge or not, you will be down to fit the keyhole for any position. If Wappa could have a slogan it would be “Go Forth and Crush it!”

toasted n' posted presents… Wappa by Sonic Green Wappa by Sonic Green Finally the time has come! I get to crack into my jar of Wappa by Sonic Green. I've read about this strain for several months prior, so I practically jumped out of my pants at the opportunity to grab some. I apologize in…

Seattle’s Top Cannabis Products – March 2016

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and they must be on everyone’s mind, because Greenside’s top cannabis products for March 2016 are flower, flower and more flower. Our top products this month are flower from Origin Cannabis Company, Rogue Raven and Sonic Green.

Origin Cannabis Company – B52, Sour Diesel, Dance World

Origin Cannabis Company is a Bellevue-based producer/processor whose focus is high-quality cannabis cured to excellence. Customers love this sativa-dominant Sour Diesel for its cerebral high without the couch-locked, heavy body feeling. Dance World is another delicious sativa for its unique aroma of earthy, lime and spice notes, with a slightly fruity undertone. Looking to bomb the couch? Load a bowl of Origin’s B-52 and kick back with a solid muscle relaxing buzz. This potent indica smells fruity yet sour, and has a spicy sugary flavor.

Rogue Raven -Platinum GSC, Chernobyl, Permafrost

Rogue Raven also produces vape pens and pre-rolled twax joints, but this month customers especially love their flower. Standout strains amongst smokers are Platinum GSC, Chernobyl and Perma Frost. Platinum GSC is a hybrid averaging 20 to 22% THC. It has a piney, earthy taste with sweeter undertones. This GSC provides a more calming high and many users smoke it for anxiety. Chernobyl has a sweet smell when you crack the buds, but a hearty flavor when smoked. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid we’ve dubbed “entertainment weed.” This strain rocks when you’re moshing at a concert, fighting for survival in Fallout 4 or escaping reality at IMAX. Spring is here, but customers want to keep the frost. Perma Frost looks like it sounds — frosty and covered in trichomes. It has an earthy terpene profile, but customers describe it as a “sage or wilderness smell” instead of dirt. Perma Frost tests between 20 and 23% THC and is an ideal sativa to help you transition seasons.

Sonic Green – Agent Orange, Strawberry Cough, OG Purps

Sonic Green’s strain list sounds like a candy store, but this month’s top products taste like it. Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40) cross between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. One whiff smells like fresh orange peels. Agent Orange’s high will send you on a mission. This energetic strain has a distinct flavor rivaled by very few other producers. We love to smoke Agent Orange before Sunday brunch with friends. Strawberry Cough is another sativa-dominant hybrid (80/20) perfect for spring. It smells of sweet strawberries, but has a berry medley flavor. Strawberry Cough’s strain name stems from its dense buds, which cause users to cough when inhaling smoke into the lungs. OG Purps is an indica cross of OG Kush and Purple Kush. The Purple Kush provides a berry aroma, while OG gives it a piney undertone. Proceed with caution when smoking this strain. OG Purps will leave you hungry, tired and totally unfocused. Nighttime usage is HIGH-ly recommended. Sonic Green’s Instagram is straight fire. We suggest you give them a follow.

Seattle’s Top Cannabis Products – March 2016 Spring is here, flowers are blooming and they must be on everyone’s mind, because Greenside’s top cannabis products for March 2016 are flower, flower ]]>