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Shipping will usually take 1-2 days depending on your location, your order will be shipped the day placed if you order before 3pm PST Monday through Thursday! Orders sent out Friday will arrive Monday as the overnight service we use runs on business days. There are some very remote areas that may take longer to deliver to or simply be impossible to deliver to, but that is very rare.

We ship all marijuana orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday. All orders need to be PAID before they can be fulfilled and sent out. All cannabis orders place after 3pm Friday and during the weekend will be sent out the following Monday. Other sketchy sites will make you use untraceable cryptocurrencies to buy weed online, leaving you with no recourse if something goes wrong with your purchase. At OvernightKush, you can buy weed online with most major credit or debit cards completely legally as long as you live in California. I don’t live in California, but weed is legal in my state. We are working on expanding to other states, but Overnight Kush is committed to selling only the highest quality marijuana available online completely legally. Because different states have different laws regarding buying weed (both in person and online), shipping to other marijuana friendly states gets very complicated very quickly.

Will my online cannabis order be delivered discreetly? We understand many marijuana users value their privacy. If you buy weed online from Overnight Kush, your order will be vacuum sealed and delivered in discreet packaging. The cannabis strain you choose to smoke can have a huge impact on your experience. One of the biggest advantages of buying weed online from Overnight Kush is the MASSIVE selection of strains you can choose from. No running from dispensary to dispensary looking for the type of cannabis you want. We carry many of the best and most popular marijuana strains in the world, as well as tons of other THC products like vape pens and THC gummies. Overnight Kush is an Online Collective or community of medical cannabis members that provide each other access to medical cannabis products that get shipped to their door. Direct online access to high quality medical marijuana products provides a convenient & discreet community experience for patients while in the comfort of their own home. Who can join the Overnight Kush collective community? Any California resident over the age of 21 with a valid state issued ID can join our Online Marijuana Collective! Are all the marijuana products on Overnight Kush lab tested? We know that when buying weed online, it can be hard to tell just what quality you will be getting. That’s why Overnight Kush only carries cannabis products that have been lab tested. We’re firmly committed to carrying only the best quality marijuana products available anywhere online. Almost all of the strains that we carry is top shelf quality! “Quality kush for sale.” “We do overnight shipping and very discrete.” “Best strains of high-quality medicinal at moderate prices.” You’ve seen the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite websites, and some of you have probably even contacted some of these spammers. As a result of some messages we’ve been receiving questioning the authenticity of buying marijuana online (come on people, really?!), it seemed to us that it would be the perfect time to address this epidemic. The absurdity of these online scammers can be summed up in one of our recent interactions: 1. First, we downloaded Burner (disposable phone number app) 2. Next, we texted many said dealers until we could arrange a conversation 3. Here is the ensuing conversation: HT: We’re doing a piece about buying pot online for our readers. Anonymous: Yes, we have new strains available all the time: OG Kush, AK47, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG. We provide safe and discreet packaging we put our stuff inside a Turkey double bag vacuum seal before shipment, packaging is 100% safe and secure with a discreet shipping and delivery. HT: I’ve heard you also sell “juvial Yorkie pups.” Anonymous: Who told you that?

Also “exotic cats.” Anonymous: I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are more horror stories from people online other than this that count into the millions who have, unwittingly, put their trust into companies that end up scamming them. Even if a potential marijuana seller says that they’re not a cop, it is perfectly legal for cops to lie to you and tell you they’re not a cop.

If they have probable cause that you are going to do something illegal, they are well within their rights to not be truthful. There are so many scammers online who will trick people into buying their “legitimate” cannabis product, that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. We created a list below that will point out many, though not all, of the scammers who selling marijuana online.


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