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THC Snow Review


THC Snow weed is a potent indica dominant hybrid from the Netherlands created by crossing three strains, the extremely potent THC Bomb, the award winning White Russian, and the huge yielding Big Bud. White Russian has taken two awards at the cannabis cup, while both THC Bomb and Big bud have become renowned for their potency and yielding ability. The resulting strain has inherited all of the finer points of its heritage and has an ability to impress both experienced smokers and commercial growers.

The aroma is of lemon fuel with a hit of spice which is carried through into the smooth smoke. The hit comes on hard and is both cerebral and physical, but with a predominance in its sedative qualities. This weed strain is more suited to a night in front of a movie or listening to your favourite music than socialising. Medically, it is used to treat stress, poor appetite and muscular pain.

The plants grow bushy and to a medium height with wide, heavy leaves which are dark in colour. The buds tend to concentrate around a thick and robust central stem and are covered in massive quantities of crystals which extend down the leaves. The THC levels of this plant are at the extreme end of the spectrum and are consistantly measured over 20%. However, this strain has had levels recorded at a whopping 27.5%!

Indoors, THC Snow weed will thrive in either a hydroponic set up or a soil medium and flowering times are as short as six to seven weeks. Growers can expect exceptional yields of around 600 grams per square meter.

Outdoor growth is just as vigorous as long as you plant it somewhere that receives a large amount of sunlight. THC Snow can take a heavy feeding, which boosts resin production and harvests will come as early as the end of September or the beginning of October.

To wrap up this THC Snow review, this really is as an extraordinary all rounder. The good flavour and incredible levels of THC will impress connoisseurs and experienced smokers, while its ease of growth means it will thrive even in the hands of the clumsiest beginners. Commercial growers will also appreciate its impressive yields.

An exceptional weed strain, THC Snow produces incredible yields of potent bud within a short flowering time, suiting connoisseurs and commercial growers.




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From WBUD’s Super Killz Collection

60% Indica | 40% Sativa

Like all Indica strains in our Super Killz collection, THC snow is for the marijuana connoisseur. It’s a three-way hybrid, crossing White Russian, Big Buds and the highly potent THC Bomb. In other words, expect a THC punch in the mid to high 20 percent range.

This strain comes on quick with both a mind buzz and body stone. Being an Indica-dominant strain with the best Sativa qualities, it delivers a good blend of euphoria and happiness before sending you off to a deep sleep.

Before you put your feet up, let THC Snow melt your worries and stress away.

Flavour and aroma: Diesel, lemon, slightly spicy

Effects: Happy, uplifted, relaxed, euphoric and eventually sleepy

Helps relieve: Fatigue, stress, pain, insomnia and depression

WBUD’s THC Snow is grown by the same team that produces our excellent God and Chemo strains. It’s part of our Super Killz category, a collection of extremely potent strains that deliver a distinctive high.

THC Snow is more powerful than our Top Shelf line. If you don’t have much experience with potent strains, be careful with this one.

Give this rare and highly prized strain a try today. Email us at [email protected] for premium THC Snow.

Weights: 1g 3.5g 7g 14g 28g 112g 224g 448g
Gram Eighth Quarter Half OZ Ounce Quarter Lb Half Lb Pound

Note: All WBUD Super Killz strains are BC-grown and extremely powerful. Needless to say, they aren’t for inexperienced marijuana smokers, so use them with caution and in moderation. WBUD strains are grown indoors in British Columbia, Canada.

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THC Snow is a powerful Indica-dominant strain for the experienced marijuana user. It’s the best stress reliever after a long day’s work. Get it from WBUD today. ]]>