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The US still has cannabis frowned upon for whatever reason you use it and omg you’re pregnant and using cannabis!! Well good for you! Good for you for choosing a natural herb to help you get through those unbearably sick days! I support you 100%!

Did you know that Zofran, the number one prescribed nausea medicine among pregnant women has been linked to numerous long-term side effects? There are only a handful of studies to support that cannabis consumption during pregnancy that exist and it will stay that way until the “War on Drugs” cannabis in particular comes to it’s end days.

I’m asking YOU to share YOUR story. Your story could help a struggling mom make a better more educated decision about medicating during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You can share your story by commenting in the comment section on this post. You can even share your story anonymously.

Stories should include:

Pregnancy & Cannabis: How long, how much, how often you consumed cannabis and how you consumed it. Did you dab, vape, smoke joints, eat edibles ect. Did you continue into breastfeeding? How long?

**in some states drug testing at birth can occur and each state has their own way of dealing with newborns testing positive for THC. Most cannabis using mothers would recommend if you can ceasing cannabis use at 30 weeks…or if you have the home birth option to utilize that.

**inserts from stories will be added to the testimonials page of this blog and will be viewable through the main menu, full comments will remain in the comments section of this post.

***The Cannavist Mom does not tolerate bullying or bashing of mothers who choose cannabis. those comments will be removed and the person banned from the page.

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59 thoughts on “ Your Pregnancy&Cannabis Story ”

  1. essentialflowerpowersite says:

Hello sisters! I have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I’m 44 and just gave birth to my 4th surprise only 4 months ago. I am a proud marijuana mommy! I smoke a few joints every night and have done for over 4-5 years now. I had a successful career that took me to Gibraltar and London. When I found out I was preggers, I continued enjoying one of the most beautifully versitile plants the earth kindly gives us to use. The only thing I changed was switching to the brand Raw for papers and filters. I would thank the planet for providing me with such a healing herb, as it continued to calm me and fought off any nausea. It also helped me with the sciatica I developed and all the other discomforts associated with being pregnant. In the evenings when my partner was working out of the country, it also helped ease my mind and slow my racing thoughts. I of course continued smoking when I returned home, the day after my C-Section and did not use any opiate based painkillers in the evenings ( this is the time of day I smoke) and this allowed me to tune into my body and listen to what it was telling me, versus covering it up with the painkillers. I breastfed my son until my body stopped producing milk, around 3 months. I was heartbroken because I successfully breastfed my first 3, back in my early twenties, but that was not to be my path I guess, this time around.
My message to other moms would be…Listen to your body! Tune into yourself and follow your own internal guidance system. Do your own research and close your ears to everything outside of you regarding the subject of marijuana. It’s a subject that everyone has an emotional opinion about, wether for or against it. My son is 4 months old now and everyone comments about how calm he is, how happy and clever he seems. He’s a beautiful, happy soul and my sweet little canababy.

Thank you for your story

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Just a question mommy. When you breastfed while still smoking did your baby test positive at his 2 week checkup?? I’m scheduled for induction this Friday and although I have stopped smoking now I would like to smoke after he is born. However I want to breastfeed. I have gone through a great deal of heartache as well as other downs in life that are literally almost unbearable. I don’t like ANY medicines over the counter. Cannabis is my choice of medicine and I would very much like to medicate myself as soon as possible. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!

I smoked every day, twice a day for 6 months from a water pipe. It was a life saver. My morning sickness left me struggling to start the day off. I was working at a coffee shop in the morning, so that made for a few call outs. Once I’d smoke, I felt a lot better. My appetite and mood increased and the pressure on my pelvis wasn’t near as painful. I’d recommend cannabis use while pregnant to any woman ❤

I have two perfect baby boys age 8mo and 24mo. I smoked multiple times a day everyday of their pregnancies and while breastfeeding. I would be too nauseous to eat otherwise.. My boys were both born at 40+ weeks. They have always been off the charts for height and weight. They have always been happy easy babies. My 24mo is super smart and talks sentences! End the stigma!

I have 4 and all healthy full term pregnancies I smoked cannabis from a bong and joints while pregnant not only did it help with morning sickness but my mood swings and breastfeeding discomfort..I recommend this to every preggo lady.

I smoked weed during both of my pregnancies. I chose to continue smoking while pregnant because it helped with my stress and the MAJOR morning sickness that was almost unbearable.
My first pregnancy I was skeptical about smoking and only did so about 2 times a month up u till 7 months.
My second pregnancy was a lot different. I smoked every single day up until 8 months. I smoke out of a bowl and only had about 1 bowl spread throughout the day. It didn’t take much to get me high while I was pregnant and sometimes my stomach felt uncomfortable after smoking. I felt like the baby was moving a lot afterwards.
I chose to stop smoking a month before birth because I was told me and the baby would be tested at the hospital but to my knowledge that never happened.
Both of my babies came a little early. My first was 1 month early and my second was 2 weeks early. They were perfectly healthy and and are so smart it blows my mind. I have not noticed any negative effects from smoking and if anything I believe it was healthy to continue smoking throughout the pregnancy because it not only helped me physically cope with being sick but it helped me mentally to relax and not stress too much.
I have had several mom’s come to me and ask me my experience with smoking weed while pregnant and I only wish I was able to find the Cannavist Mom page while I was preggo.
There are a lot of misconceptions about pregnancy and weed and I feel honored to be able to share my story with other mom’s who are considering weed.
I just want to thank the Cannavist Mom for standing up for us stoner mom’s and challenging the taboo of smoking weed while pregnant.
Kara F.

I smoked weed to help me with my morning sickness. I had sever morning sickness. I would be sick for hours, I mean hours, each day. I filled up a huge salad bowl at least 5 times a day, maybe more. I tried everything and weed was the only thing that would help. I couldn’t even keep water down let alone anything else. It was so bad I was scared to eat. I would cry and cry afraid I was going to lose my baby. I lost like 10 lbs in 3 days. I even had to take my salad bowl with me when I went places. But weed would settle my stomach and allow me to eat and take my prenatal each day and I started gaining weight. Dont get me wrong I still got sick everyday my whole pregnancy but each morning I would smoke a couple bowls after getting sick few times my stomach settled until the next morning. My beautiful son came out perfect. He is about 4 months now and is just extremely smart and healthy. And if I didn’t smoke weed Im not sure if he would be here. Im afraid I would have been hospitalized my whole pregnancy or i would have lost my precious baby boy. Its a horrible feeling thinking your body is against you and your unborn baby. I was really scared and so was my boyfriend (the baby’s father) for my health and the baby’s. I wish it would change and become legal. In my opinion its the best medicine. Im grateful for weed because like I said without it Im not sure if my beautiful son would be alive today.

I stopped about half way through with both of my pregnancies. Nothing and I mean nothing helped with my nausea. After smoking, I could eat or drink and actually keep it down. Both my children were full term. Both are extremely smart and hit milestones early. I started smoking about a month after delivery with both. Both were breastfed.

I smoked with my first born .. I started about 3 months into my pregnancy because i was loosing so much weight i was becoming anemic and the doctors perscribed zofran to help with the nausea (didnt really help) it just made me all the more frustrated and then i started smoking 2-3 times a day small amounts and i smoked out of pipes but i always bought hemp wick because the lighters contain butane.. and i bought a vaporizer which toasts the weed so you only smoke the thc and not the bud .. And smoked up until the day before my son was born he was tested and came out clean .. I believe you have to smoke about an eighth a day in order for it to actually get in your babies system.. I stopped and started again about 4 months into breast feeding .. But let me tell you my son is beautiful extremely smart he talks like a grown man lol .. Has hit all his developmental skills and i am so glad i decided to smoke weed and forget the pharmaceutical pills !!

I had morning sickness so bad with my first pregnancy and tried everything. A toke or two before getting out of bed helped tremendously. That’s all it took. My daughter is now 20 and is as healthy as can be.

I’ve only been pregnant once. I had really bad morning sickness for the first trimester. I never even asked for a prescription for the nausea, because I didn’t want to take meds if I didn’t have to. I was already smoking before I got pregnant, so when I found out I was pregnant, I decided to research consumption of marijuana during pregnancy. This was almost fourteen years ago, so I only found a couple articles in High Times, but they talked about women in Jamaica, and how their children were calmer, happier, and more well adjusted than the children of America. That was all I needed to know. I smoked out of a bong for the first and second trimesters. Then I quit for the third trimester, as I was on Medicaid, and I knew they would drug test my daughter when she was born. After I had her, I went back to smoking. I breastfed for eighteen months, smoking the whole time. My daughter was happy, she slept well, ate well, and was absolutely perfect. She did well at all checkups, and was wonderfully healthy. Everywhere we went, I was complimented on how sweet and happy she was. She didn’t scream, cry, or ever act fussy. Even now, at thirteen years old, she’s perfect. She has a very good outlook on life, and she’s always trying to help anyone in any way she possibly can. I’m positive I made the right choice in smoking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Im 21years old and I have been smoking since i was 15/16. I have two beautiful boys aged 1 & 2. My first pregnancy, i gave up smoking and listened to the doctors orders, took all their medication and i had extreme morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, i couldnt eat, couldnt keep anything down but the doctors kept shoving pills down my throat.. scans showed that my baby was very small so at 37+3weeks i was induced and THANKFULLY had a natural birth to a teenie 5lb baby. It wasnt until he was a few months when i began smoking again and i soon found out i was pregnant again. And again my morning sickness was extreme. I couldnt eat again and couldnt keep anything down.. but this time i decided i wasnt going to take any meds at all and i smoked everyday (hot knives/joints/pipe/bong) and it helped sooo much ! Doctors still kept trying to prescribe me meds including aspirin (they didnt know i smoked ganja) but i never took it. I enjoyed this pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 7lb 6oz baby boy the day before his due date. My boys are quite different, my eldest is a live wire and my youngest is a chilled laid back and happy all the time.. and hes almost bigger than his big brother lol. Love my kids to death ❤ and ever since then i have never taken any form of medication ! Marijuana is natures wonder plant.

I have 4 boys. The first 3, I was scared to smoke with them. But my last one I smoked my whole pregnancy. He is the smartest one out of all of them. The first 3 have average/below average grades. The baby is in gifted classes.
Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think….

I smoked through my entire pregnancy with my son, its the only thing that helped control my constant morning sickness ( more like all day sickness) and helped me eat & keep food down without being sick. Before I got pregnant with my son I was pregnant and had a miscarriage at 20 weeks a week before we were suppose to find out what we where having a boy/girl! During that pregnancy they prescribed me nausea meds for the constant puking and being sick to the point I couldn’t eat just like my pregnancy for my son. Not long after I started taking these meds I started bleeding went to the hospital to find out my baby didnt have a heart beat and wasn’t moving the sent me home for the night and had me come back the next day to have an ultra sound done to double check and confirmed that my baby had died so I had to have what they call a DNC to remove the baby… Well couple months passed and I found out I was again pregnant ( with my son) so when I started getting sick again and told the Dr.s they where going to again put me on neasea meds and I said no and told my obgyn that I was smoking and what had happens and how I felt she then told me that shed rather see me smoking weed then smoking cigarettes.. My son is now going to be 3 in November and he’s health, very active and smart as a whip I do not regret smoking during my pregnancy and I recommend it to any pregnant woman suffering from all day sickness or non-stop throwing up!!

I smoked throughout my whole pregnancy, every day. I never experienced the morning sickness everyone talks about and I was able to eat without getting sick. This was my first pregnancy so I was nervous, but I didn’t know what would happen. My son is now 1 year old and he is so smart and had never been one of those babies that wake thru the night. At 2 months he started sleeping thru the night and would only stir when he would get hungry and I would hear him easily. He developed so fast, even faster than most babies I knew. I have exclusively breastfed him since birth, the first couple weeks I didn’t smoke as much but after the first weeks I started smoking regularly again. He is the smartest, sweetest, best baby I know!

I was hospitalised 3 times during the first trimester of my pregnancy due to Hyperemesis gravidarum. I couldnt work, I couldnt eat, I couldnt sleep I felt that awful and I had lost a lot of weight. I had a PICC line put in to give me pharmaceutical anti nausea drugs which took the edge off my sickness but I was still barely functioning.
My other half was so worried about me and our unborn child, and he heard along the grapevine about some mothers using Marijuana to control their morning sickness so he brought up the possibility of trying it. I was worried about consuming it as it is illegal in my state however at that point I was willing to try anything. I spent 2 days on google researching and I decided to take the plunge and try it out.
I couldnt believe it when my nausea almost immediately dissappeared. Doctors had been pumping me with drugs for months and this naturally grown plant was the only thing to give me the relief that I needed.
I continued smoking throughout my pregnancy and managed to gain back the weight I had lost to HG. I had my beautiful baby girl at 41+3 weeks and she was a healthy 7lb4oz.
My daughter is 9 months old now and has had no problems meeting her milestones and is such a happy bub!

I have 2 kids, one 6 year old girls and a one year little boy. I smoked with both my kids because at the time I wasn’t aware of edibles and vaping or dabbing. Morning sickness hit with my first pregnancy and stayed for about a month or two and I wold have spells of naseau. I’ve been against using pills for.pain since I was young so cannabis was my go to. It relieved naseau and relaxed me so I didn’t feel like I was stressed more than I should be. On an average with my first pregnancy, I smoked about a gram a day depending on how bad my naseau and stress were. The second pregnancy I consumed more because not only did I have naseau from the pregnancy, but I discovered I have gallstones and those two situations DO NOT go together. So the vomiting was pretty much from 2nd month of 1st trimester to almost the end. I consumed about 2 grams a day. I did breastfeed both for about 2 months after birth but only because I didn’t produced enough. Both kids are healthy and happy and my 6 year old reads better than most 1st grader. My one year year old has been going through his life super quick and not slowing down. I had both my kids in 2 different states and they never drug tested me or my kids after birth.

I smoked before I had got pregnant I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks and I immediately stopped smoking. I ended up having severe Morning sickness my whole pregnancy I was always going to the er because I would be dehydrated and I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down it got to a point where I lost about 30 lbs just from my morning sickness. Instead of gaining weight during my pregnancy I was losing it all. The doctors would prescribe me medicine after medicine and nothing was helping around 2 months of being pregnant I did research about smoking week while pregnant and I started smoking joints. I’d usually smoke during the morning and at night. Once I started smoking it did help me out with keeping foods and liquids down and slowly I started gaining my weight back. It also helped me with my anxiety and sleeping at night I wouldn’t be able to sleep as smoking a joint before bed helped me be relaxed and actually get some sleep. I stopped smoking a month before my due date because I was told they would drug test me and baby at the hospital from my acknowledgement they did not test neither of us. I ended up having my daughter a month earlier. She was born 5 lbs 13 oz very healthy baby . She is very calm always happy. she is now 1 month going on two . I haven’t smoked till this day due to me breastfed my baby I did research on that topic and the first article I came across didn’t really leave me comfortable with smoking while breastfeeding after that I really didn’t do too much more research. Reading all your stories of mom that have smoked while breastfeeding makes me want to do more research and get more intake on it .

First pregnancy, NO. It took me many years to conceive, and I was also rather uneducated about cannabis at the time, so I chose not to consume cannabis during my first pregnancy, however it took me about ten minutes after birth to start back up! lol
Four years went by before my next pregnancy, during that time cannabis became legal in my state for medicinal use. As a result I was surrounded by a lot more information , knew a lot more about cannabis and the quality had improved greatly as well. I chose to continue to consume regularly throughout the second pregnancy, however my consumption was cut drastically. I went from smoking one or two blunts a day down to one or two bowls, and usually only smoked before meals as a way to gain an appetite, morning sickness hit me hard, and lasted through the seventh month. I quit consuming at 36 weeks, she came early at 38 weeks, just as perfect as I could have asked for her to be! I got some backlash from friends about my smoking, but just let it roll off my back. I know whats best for me and my body! Since then I have learned even more and if I were to ever get pregnant again (not a possibility) I would probably choose the edible route as well as making sure to have low levels of thc and high levels of cbd. Cannabis should be a part of everyones healthy lifestyle!

I am a mother of 7. Smoked with all but I quit at 3 months with my oldest and I quit at 5 months with my 6th. All kids are healthy with no illness or impairment except with my oldest. I quit smoking when I was 3 months pregnant and she is the only one who has issues, she wears eye glasses and is slightly asthmatic. I smoke regularly as in daily ( I have scoliosis), mainly joints. I cut back during pregnancy from several joints a day to 1 or 2 a day and towards the end of pregnancy, I would Clinton it (not inhale or hold smoke in). The main reason I quit inhaling or holding is because in my 3rd trimester, any cough would make me pee and if it was a good cough, I would throw up (just a lil sensitive). At birth, I tested positive for THC for all 5 pregnancies I smoked all the way through but my babies always tested Negative. I always wished there was a study I could of been a part of. I’m not sure why they tested negative, maybe because I didn’t inhale it much at the end, not sure…

I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum for both of my pregnancies. I smoked marijuana to help with the constant vomiting and not being able to keep down any food. It helped until i started to get pressure from their dad about not smoking during my second pregnancy. He thought my condition was all in my head even though I ended up hospitalized 4x for being too dehydrated and lost 20 pounds through the first 2 trimesters. Both of my kids are healthy, intelligent, well behaved children. They are now in 1st and 3rd grade, their national scores on the math and reading tests are around 90%, and they are healthy in every way.

Yes I smoked pot before, during and after my one and only pregnancy. My very healthy sweet beautiful daughter was born in 1981, I did not do any other drugs and had been a daily smoker from the time I was 17, at her birth I was 25. I smoked at least 1 joint (there was not blunts back then lol) I smoked a joint every morning, I never had morning sickness except for 2 mornings, I was visiting a great aunt and could not smoke while I was there and both mornings I woke up soooo sick that I could not keep any food down until I was finally able to sneak outside far enough from the house to hit the joint a few times and the nausea was instantly gone, I loved being pregnant and felt so healthy and happy I went full term with a long labor but not at all the misery and pain that I had read about and heard stories about, once I was dilated completly I pushed twice and out she came, I never screamed or cried at all it was so quiet and peaceful in the delivery room and when she was born she was so relaxed and smiling with her eyes closed she never cried until they rubbed her wuth a towel to stimulate her and she opened her eyes and looked at everybody with a look of annoyance that they were bothering her, I breast fed until she was 7 months old, she has always been a very smart girl, she loved school, and loved to learn about everything, she graduated top of her class and worked and went to college at night to get her masters degree in business finance, she worked for a top financial institute for 11 years and was recruited by FEC Railroad where she still works as the fixed assets accountant. I am 61 yrs old now and she is 36.and yes I may or may not still smoke. 😉

I have smoked 3 to 4 joints a day, up till around 30 weeks pregnant because of drug testing. It helped with not being able to eat, mood swings, body pains ,& keeping my blood pressure down. All 3 of my babies 7lbs+ babies no health or mental issues all reached milestones early, all of them honor roll students.

I am an educated, cannabis loving mother to an extremely smart 3 year old. I started smoking cannabis around the age of 16 due to my dysthymic depressive disorder (major depression) and anxiety. I later developed other chronic pain disorders such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, permanent nerve damage to my left side, HS, and PCOS. I got pregnant at 19 and continued my cannabis use rather than take the vicodin, percocet, and zofran was being prescribed. My daughter was born at 40+5 after a 38 hour labor. It was a terrible labor but she was (and still is!) perfect. 8lbs 11oz, 19.75 inches long. I smoked flower the whole time I breastfed (I exclusively pumped for 16 months!) and my daughter hit every single one of her milestones early. She’s now 3.5, just finished her first year of preschool, and is being considered for early kindergarten! Cannabis does not cause birth defects (like zofran is reported to do!) I have a Bachelors degree in psychology, an associates degree in psychology, & an associates degree in Spanish…and I am getting ready to start my masters degree in psychology with a specialization in sex therapy. My goal is to be a sex therapist/sexual health educator and to eventually open my own practice. Proof that cannabis does not make you lazy, dumb, or incompetent. I smoke all day in order to function and I still get everything done. Pharmaceuticals made me sick. The pain meds made me tired and loopy. Smoking makes me a much better mother.

I smoked everyday with both of my boys and they are perfectly healthy (Off the charts for height and weight) and smarter than all the others kids their age ( who’s parents gave my crap about how stupid my children would be..) marijuana during pregnancy is safe and good for momma and the baby!

Hi! I smoked while pregnant, up to 6 months, about 2-3 joints a day. I quit in my last trimester for fear of social services taking my Lorelei. My little lump grew so furociously that everyone thought I was having twins! Triplets even! My doctor told me that she was growing so big and fast that we may have to consider a c-section. Then… it stopped. Her growing slowed so much, compared to before, that I was afraid something was terribly wrong. Well, she was born and was the picture of PERFECTION! 7.6 lbs, when even the doctor estimated (with her early growth rate) that she’d be a 10 pounder! I honestly attribute her quick growth to my smoking marijuana and, likewise, her slowed growth to quitting. She’s been above average in her growth and development ever since she was born. Which was not that long ago but at 6 months her pediatrician said she was more on the scale of an 8 month old. She’s 8 months right now and almost walking and jabbers more than most 1 year olds I see. Plus, breast milk has some of the same CBDs and other properties in it as marijuana, so how could it be bad for your baby? Also, when the nurses came and told me that I failed drug tests during my pregnancy, I started freaking out and crying thinking I was going to lose her over something as ridiculous as smoking weed when I know meth heads that we can’t get babies away from. Those nurses assured me that it was protocol for someone to speak with me about it but I had nothing to worry about and when Dr. (private) came to speak with me he said and I quote “a pot baby is a healthy, hungry, happy baby!” Straight from the horses mouth! Lol If you’re pregnant/breast feeding do what research comforts you. There’s not much about smoking while pregnant but I read EVERYTHING I could find. Not one article I found had anything bad to say about smoking during pregnancy and they all came to one common conclusion that smoking marijuana is 100 times better than smoking cigarettes during your pregnancy and soooo many moms still do that and don’t get bashed for it. Marijuana is natural, it makes more positive contributions to your mind and body (and soul) than any medication in the world!! If you’re comfortable in your decision to smoke while pregnant don’t let others’ judgments impact your decision.

I have two cannababies, 3 and almost 2. Their dr is constantly astounded by how smart and strong they each are. Never had any serious medical concerns (an ear infection or two) and have no concerns for any psychological ailments. I smoked flower daily throughout both pregnancies, and continued consuming throughout nursing. They were both born in week 40 at practically perfect birthweights with absolutely con complications during pregnancy or birth. P

I have two sweet boys one is 5 and one is 3 I didn’t smoke or do anything with my first child because of the stigma on it and struggled through the stress and the anxiety through the whole pregnancy. While health wise he was full term and healthy he ended up having autism. My second son I was sick until 6 months so I smiled everyday or else I couldn’t eat. There was even a time I stopped smoking and ended up losing wieght and told I would be hospitalized if I didn’t get myself to start eating again so I started smoking again and started eating more and they didn’t end up hospitalizing me. Cannabis helped with everything through that pregnancy and I wished I had kept smoking in my first maybe I could have been less stressed. My second son is excelling in every aspect with no issues at all. I am now pregnant with my 3 rd soon to be born and I smoked through until about week 26 because my state drug tests if you have a cannabis record which I am a medical marijuana patient do they tested me in the beginning and I obviously was positive. So they test you again at 28-30 weeks and then at birth so I quit now but it helped me through the hardest morning sickness ever I literally couldn’t move without getting sick then I would smoke and poof all sickness was gone! I couldn’t eat either and wasn’t gaining wieght very well when I tried to cut down in the start of this pregnancy so I started smoking a couple times a day and it made me eat and be able to care for my other two children. I also tried some edibles a couple times and that helped too but mostly just joints were my goto. I am a huge advocate for cannabis during and not during pregnancy. I believe it’s so much safer than all the other awful drugs they offer for everything. Like my anxiety I could have gotten something else for but it’s not all known to be safe during pregnancy so screw that! End the stigma on cannabis it’s natural and I trust it more than anything ever given by a doctor! I plan to start smoking again the day I’m out of the hospital after my c section instead of taking those awful drugs for the pain!

I have 2 boys. 17 months and 4 years and I suffered horrifically with hyperemisis and the only thing that helped me eat, sleep and even feel a tiny bit normal for a while was cannabis. This stigma attached to it is ridiculous! How can it be normal to have a glass of wine and pop a few pills after work but people can’t go home and enjoy smoking a natural medicine?! I have also suffered chronic pain in my hips for five years, Which too gas been massively helped with cannabis. I also take tramadol and codiene. Doctors think its OK for me to be dosed up on pain relief and be in charge of two young children but if I smoked a joint for the pain people would go crazy. Its RIDICULOUS and not to mention totally hypocritical. People need to get there heads out of their backsides and read the evidence. My kids are both happy healthy (and very good sized despite this so called “low birth weight”) I stand with you all on this and lets get the word out there. #CannaMomma UK

Hi! I am a mother of 2 beautifully healthy girls. First, I should mention that I have always been a recreational smoker. I was 19 when I got pregnant with my first. To respect my husband’s wishes I stopped smoking when we found out I was pregnant, at around 6 weeks of pregnancy, the nausea started.. I went 3 weeks without eating a full meal, I ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My sister convinced me to try and smoke and it was the first time I had eaten. I still remember the feeling of relief! I smoke as needed (few hits a day). I was puking blood because of the ulcers in my stomach from puking so much. My nausea continued until I delivered at 39 weeks, but it did subside a little around 3rd trimester. My second pregnancy, the nausea started at 6 weeks as well, but it was worse then I could have ever imagined. I spent more time in the hospital than out. I had a zofran pump from 12 weeks until I delivered at 36. MARIJUANA SAVED MY LIFE. I started out my pregnancy at 115lbs and mid pregnancy I only weighed 92lbs. I was incredibly depressed. Everytime I would run out of pot I would end up right back into the hospital. I would start puking and not be able to stop. My longest stay was a week. We were in the ER so often, the staff actually recognized my husband and me. I would become incoherent and would shake uncontrollably in between dry heaving and puking. I took a cocktail of daily meds with the hopes of having a normal pregnancy. Marijuana was the only thing that gave me an appetite. I would smoke about a gram a week. At the time I was living in Missouri and was lucky to never be tested. I feel like I should also mention the recents studies on zofran from UCLA showed that zofran doesn’t cause birth defects. At the time of the studies (which were funded by competitors of zofran) that said there was, there was a zofran dosage that basically contained a full days worth, that dosage was pulled from the market.

I smoked every day multiple times a day while pregnant with my one and only child. I had horrible morning sickness and also developed issues with migraines. I had never had migraines before and never had them after but during pregnancy, I experienced that hell. Weed was the only thing I could take or do that helped the sickness and the migraines. Also, I developed nearly crippling anxiety while pregnant. I was terrified of becoming a mother and giving birth and would have to stop on the side of the road to calm down at times due to the extreme fear that was at the time all encompassing. Weed helped, and I gave birth to a perfect healthy lifestyle term baby girl. She’s perfect.

Im currently pregnant and struggling not to smoke or use cannabis whipe Im pregnant. I did up until I was about 5 months with my first born and cps showed up at my door. Being with that Im fearful to use it again. Cannabis saves my life I struggle with major depression, bi polar disorder, a seizure problem, and a neurological problem and issues to where i really never eat without smoking. Im going through the worst and dont get why pregnant woman cant smoke. My first born is ahead of her age group already saying words almost running knows some colors and just turned one. Cannabis use shoupd be allowed some women depend on it.

I had to smoke to eat! I was loosing weight. My morning stickiness, motion sickness, nausea was out of control. I was in New York the smell of EVERYTHING left me vomiting. Smoking helped me to eat and keep it down. I smoked for the first 6 months. (I am not a regular smoker) I have a smart healthy 3 year old. He’s always been ahead of the game started walking very early at 8 months old. I see absolutely no developmental issues. I have been working closely with a organization called The Learning Center for Families… specializing in early childhood development and recognizing any developmental issues early on. We never had any concern for my child. I also smoked through my post partum depression. I was breastfeeding. I had the most amazing attachment with my son. I can’t say I had that kind of attachment with my other 3 children until after my post partum subsided. I’m thankful for weed it has aided me through so much hardship as a mother.

I used cannabis medically with two of my three pregnancies. I get Hyperemesis Gravidarum during my pregnancies and it’s hell. I can’t eat or drink water and it makes me extremely weak. I couldn’t sleep and sleeping is the only relief I got. Any type of stront smell immediately made me vomit. Moving made me vomit. It was awful. I was prescribed Zofran which didn’t work and can also cause birth defects. I suffered for 7 months and was lucky enough that the HG calms down and I’m finally able to drink water after that. With my second pregnancy I couldn’t take care of my oldest and be sick at the same time. A lot of other moms had recommended using cannabis and I was reluctant at first but as soon as I tried ALL of the nausea was gone. I was able to eat everything, go to work, take care of my oldest, and sleep without puking in my bed. I did give birth at 27 weeks due to bacterial vaginosis that was misdiagnosed. The doctors at the NICU assured me that marijuana does NOT cause premature labor and it does not cause any harm to babies. My baby was born at 27 weeks and had strong lungs and no complications. She was able to come home after only 6 weeks and was extremely healthy and big for her gestational age. She completely caught up to her adjusted age by the time she turned one. We both tested positive for marijuana but when I had met with a CPS worker she assured me they do not take babies away for marijuana because it doesn’t cause any harm to babies. With my third pregnancy I avoided the hospital until I was able to hold down water without marijuana because they drug test all pregnant women at every appointment and check up now due to babies testing positive for meth and heroin at birth. No mother should be afraid of going to the hospital for using cannabis medicinally during pregnancies when it is the safest medicine they can use. My two cannabis babies are very healthy, smart, and developed their motor skills a lot earlier than my oldest had.

I have been smoking regularly (several times throughout the day) since I was 16/17 years old, but when I first found out I was pregnant, I initially stopped smoking. And then I couldn’t keep anything down! Not even water. I lost 10+ lbs before deciding to smoke again. I gained back that weight in a matter of weeks and was finally able to keep meals down. My dr told me to stop smoking due to possible birth defects and I’ve been trying, but the bottom line is, I can’t eat if I don’t smoke. I’ve yet to decide how long I plan on to keep smoking, mostly because I’m afraid of my dr and CPS, but I do know it helps me feel better in more ways then one. And I would recommend marijuana to any pregnant mother. I know my baby (not yet born) will be as healthy and happy as any other cannababy

I smoked throughout my entire pregnancy. I rarely ever had nausea, usually just at the beginning of the day before I had a chance to get some food in me. My blood pressure was always great like 100/60 and my baby’s heartbeat was always perfect and strong. My tolerance was much lower while I was pregnant and a little bit went a long way. I only smoked flower, I didn’t know if edibles or dabs would be too much. I mostly smoked out of a bong like I always do and I occasionally would have a blunt, but I tried to avoid that because of the tobacco. Every time I smoked my baby would get so active and he’d roll and flip and kick me. I loved it! 💕
I smoked all the way up until I was in labor and went to the hospital. I live in VA and they only drug test if they suspect something and my son was very “jittery” right after he was born and they were worried he was detoxing. We were both drug tested and both tested positive for only THC. The pediatrician told me that cannabis would NOT have caused the jitteriness, some babies are just like that when they’re brand new. A CPS worker then came into my hospital room and explained that they were not there to take my son, but just to make sure that he was going home to a safe environment. They asked that I allow them to do a home visit, which I allowed. I also told them that I smoke every day, all they did was ask that I not smoke around the child or when I was the primary care giver and then they sent me a letter saying they had closed my case.
I continued smoking while I was breastfeeding and I never felt like my son was “high” or being affected in any type of way. He’s now 10 months old and in the 97th percentile for height and weight, wearing 2T clothes, and he’s ahead on all of his milestones!
I believe cannabis allowed me to have a healthier, safer pregnancy and I also believe that my son is healthier and stronger for it. Our family runs a daycare and he’s around a lot of sick children and he never gets sick.
I felt in my heart that cannabis was the right decision for me and my baby and I will make the same decision in the future.

  • The Cannavist Mom says:

hi! i’m a mexican girl, and in mexico is illegal to smoke cannabis, and socially not accepted.
I have a 4 year old, and now im pregnant with my second baby. in my first pregnancy i smoke like once every two weeks from a bong, i was really worried about the effects. Now i use i vape, and i smoke in the mornings, and it´s like magic!, nauseas go away and i’m ready for breakfast!
So, this is what i think: you can look all over internet, and find millions of “studies” saying that cannabis use can affect the baby in lots of ways. And then you can also find OPINIONS and actually TESTIMONIES (like this ones) that verify that mothers that use cannabis during pregnancy have perfectly normal and super smart babies (like mine, hahahaha sorry im a proud mom).
So if you are nervous about smoking in pregnancy, girl look at the facts, cannabis is a natural remedy, for nauseas and stress. Look at what real people is telling about this issue, and stay away from opinions that doesn’t know a thing about it.

Hey ladies. Just wanted to thank you for putting my mind at ease. I’m a 27 year old new mom to healthy, beautiful 2 months old baby boy. I smoked throughout my pregnancy and wasn’t sure if I could continue with my 2 to 5 daily joints now that I’m breastfeeding… I’ve been looking for a page like this to block out the negatively of people who know nothing about the chemical free life I chose to live. Happy Cannamommy 😊

My first pregnancy was unexpected and the first three months I woke up daily feeling like I’d drank a bottle of tequila before going to bed. I sat over my sink with dry heaves for at least 30 minutes before I could get my day started. As a small business owner of a retail operation, I was not in a position to stay home. I was under the care of a home birth midwife, and I am generally very anti-drug, so I tried every natural remedy I would get my hands on. I was not a novice when it came to marijuana, but I had not considered it until I discovered at 8 weeks pregnant that I had lost 10 pounds and was on track to becoming anemic. I started smoking every day in the AM (after my husband left for work, behind his back), during my lunch break and after work. I was deeply shamed by my husband and had to hide my use from my midwife, who shut me down quickly after an exploratory comment in which I attempted to expose my use. Life drastically changes for me, and I ended up having the best sales year ever since starting my business, becoming one of the top 1% of sales in the country! I quickly gained weight and actually began to enjoy my pregnancy and spend time preparing for my baby. It was unfortunate that because of the stigma, at family gatherings and places where I could not smoke I reverted back to intense suffering. I had countless fights with my husband about it, and he to this day is deeply uncomfortable with the idea and often guilt trips me about the whole thing. My son was born at almost 10 lbs, was an incredibly healthy baby and toddler, never suffering as much as an ear infection. He is now bright and talented child, always in the spotlight at school and in his activities. He has a wonderful temperament and I do attribute things like great sleeping patterns to my marijuana use during pregnancy. I recently gave birth to my second child, with whom I experience I wonderful pregnancy, and abstained from pot for no reason other than I felt great! He was born 3 pounds lighter than my first baby (although I gained just as much), but was very healthy thankfully. About 8 weeks after his birth, I began noticing my mood was growing dark and I was bursting out in tears of frustration for no apparent reason while caring for him. Though I was nursing, I once again chose to try cannabis for my mood, and once again, the changes were dramatic. My energy increased, my sleep was greatly improved, and I felt ready to be a mother of two! Once again, I used behind my husband’s back, which of course caused a backlash of frustration from him once again. No matter how I tried to explain, he could not understand why I could be so “irresponsible”. To this day, my moderate use is unacceptable to him and has according to him caused major trust issues (this is the only thing I have ever hidden from him). With the pressures of being an anxious business owner, a mother of two, and a willing supporter of my husband’s many professional endeavors, including 16 hours a weekend of studying for an MBA, I occasionally smoke after my kids are in bed or during stressful days. I hate hiding this from him, but I also hate feeling repressed and so judged for something I genuinely believe increases my quality of life, and thus my families’. I don’t go to the spa, go on shopping sprees, read gossip, or get drunk: I just need a little weed got God’s sake! I encourage more and more hard working, ethical moms that I know are out there to talk about how to normalize this instead of stigmatize us into one more insecurity, on top of all the ones we already deal with. I am so thankful to have found this page, and for the moms who have shared their stories. As for me, I am being asked to see a therapist to deal with my husband’s trust issues and my drug use.

I am 28 years old. I have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls aged 8 and 3 and I recently just had a baby boy who is 12 weeks old.
I feel as though I have a unique story. I never smoked marijuana with my first, in fact I never smoked at all and was kind of against it. When my oldest turned 2 years old we found out that she had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She is doing well now and currently taking Methotrexate and Humira. I bottle fed her from 3 weeks old. And keep in mind I never used marijuana at all with her. We had a hard time with her as a newborn, she cried alot. She was smaller than average at birth only weighing 6 pounds.
I started to smoke marijuana prior to having my 2nd daughter. I smoked in the evening while pregnant with her as I had severe morning sickness and struggled to gain weight. It helped me eat as well as sleep! She was almost 8 pounds at birth! I smoked only once or twice while breastfeeding her and she was EBF until a year and a half. She slept great for me. She’s now 3 happy and healthy and extremely smart.
I continued to smoke marijuana and soon was pregnant with my third child. I smoked in the evening while pregnant with him. He was the biggest of my babies weighing 9 pounds at birth. I also had a home birth which was amazing, I smoked 4 hours prior to having him and was amazed at how well I was able to handle the pain, i felt way better about being able to have him naturally without being offered drugs like fentanyl. I am currently EBF him as well as eating edibles. I find they help hugely with sleep. I will smoke a joint in the evening once or twice a month but for the most part I only eat marijuana now. Our son is 12 weeks, off the charts growing like crazy and seems to be ahead cognitively than other babies his age!!
I am pro weed when it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding, its the only thing that I would have taken…I was offered anti anxiety meds but refused and prefer to use marijuana Instead. I have one child with a disease and never used any drugs with her at all while my other two children I used marijuana and are completely healthy thus far.

Your story could help a struggling mom make a better more educated decision about medicating during pregnancy and breastfeeding.