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Contrary to what you may think from the title, the song is actually about drummer Danny Carey and the fact he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. According to lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, it is all about choosing compassion over fear. If you really want an ‘experience,’ get high while watching the music video; it is epic! Wiz Khalifa is in many ways, the modern era’s version of Snoop Dogg. Like Snoop, you could make a case for many of Wiz’s songs making the stoner playlist.

However, ‘Never Been,’ from the album Kush & Orange Juice , released in 2010, is an exceptionally chill track that makes you want to get stoned if you aren’t already. In fact, you could listen to the entire Kush & Orange Juice album while high, because it seems as if the record was specifically designed for weed lovers! The album is all about smoking marijuana, attractive women, and partying. Indeed, Wiz admitted that he gave the album its title because it is the ideal wake and bake combination! We could easily choose Hendrix’s version of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ here, but we’ve opted for ‘Purple Haze’ instead. When the song was released as only the second single by the Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967, it was many peoples’ first exposure to the unique psychedelic sound of the master. It regularly features on the list of all-time great guitar songs, but even though it is associated with drugs (Purple Haze marijuana anyone?), there is no evidence that it is a song about any type of narcotic. While some say it is because openly writing about drugs at that time would have been professional suicide, others believe it is a love song. It isn’t exactly easy to find information about this electro music outfit.

We know that the band is based in London, England and that it is comprised of lead singer Russ Davies and his backup group whom he calls Cinnamon Chasers. The group doesn’t seem to have released an album since 2012 which is a shame because ‘Luv Deluxe’ is a prime example of its talent. If you love electro music and don’t mind feeling a little tearful, give Cinnamon Chasers a try. The track, ‘Luv Deluxe’ has a haunting, award-winning video that may make you re-evaluate a few things in your life. If you like this track, you’ll probably love the band’s two albums. It simply wouldn’t be a list worth considering if there weren’t a track from Mister Marijuana himself, Snoop Dogg. The track ‘Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang’ features Snoop but is actually part of Dr. Dre’s debut solo album, The Chronic , which was released in 1992. It is unquestionably one of the great tracks in the hip-hop genre and was even named as one of the 500 songs that shaped Rock and Roll by Rolling Stone magazine. The music video is pure gold as it involves the two legendary rappers going to a block party at Long Beach. In many ways, it is the stereotypical hip-hop video featuring scantily clad women, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol. MTV ended up editing significant parts of the video, including nudity and drug use! It would be easier to list the drugs that David Bowie did NOT consume during his lifetime! The English musician is quite simply one of the greatest musicians in history, and it is such a shame that he is no longer with us. From the late 1960s right through to the mid-1980s, Bowie released an extraordinary list of epic albums. ‘Space Oddity’ is the first track of his second album, David Bowie , which was released in 1969. It was obviously inspired by the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey , which had been released the previous year. The song involves a fictional astronaut called Major Tom and is possibly a criticism of the British space program which had yet to launch. It is a psychedelic folk song that will transport you into the stars and beyond. For most music fans, The Beatles need no introduction. The Liverpool-based quartet is arguably the most famous music group in history. To date, the group is estimated to have sold over 800 million albums around the world – more than any other music act ever. The band began as a cheery pop group but soon created a more ‘grown-up’ sound with later albums veering into brand new territory for the era. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ was released in 1967 and eventually became part of the Magical Mystery Tour LP released in the United States. The song initially confused and even confounded critics, who didn’t seem to realize that it would become an influential track in the emerging psychedelic genre.

John Lennon later claimed that it was his greatest achievement as a member of The Beatles, and if you want to choose one of their songs to get stoned to, this is the best! The Stone Roses quickly became one of the biggest bands in the UK, but their star didn’t shine for long. After just two albums, the band broke up and left fans wondering what might have been. Fortunately, the two records they created lived long in the memory and remain as some of the finest work by any British band.

You could easily choose ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ as the best stoner track from this band, but ‘Begging You’ is an even better choice if you’re using an uplifting marijuana strain. ‘Begging You’ was the final single from The Second Coming album in 1993 and was also the last one released before the band broke up.


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