shiskaquine strain

Shiskaquine strain

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I find this one so relaxing, and I think there is already so much THC in my system that it really does not matter for the high, I need the CBD for the pain and to stay focused.

I have been smoking Shiskaquine for 2 months now, and has helped with pain in my joints and muscle pains. Very comparable to a mild muscle relaxer, with no adverse side effects like other strains more so strong with THC, less CBD. My go-to each day. Daily 30yr old male Non smoker before legalization in state Avid smoker of CBD oil, and the use of CBD for health benefits. Thank you

Shiskaquine is a super rare ruderalis dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic high CBD Harlequin and the delicious Shiskaberry strains. This bud hails from the infamous Emerald Triangle and is a favorite of breeders thanks to its autoflowering nature. Thanks to the Ruderalis…