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The flavor is like a good Swiss variety of cheese—savory without being too sharp.” This list isn’t intended to cover every strong strain that exists, but hopes to give you a good guide to getting your smoke on… big time. Huckleberry Marijuana Strain [The Origins, Benefits, Potency, and More!] Hybrid strains are ideal for those times when you want both a mind buzz and a body high in equal parts without the strong effects of either. With the perfect hybrid you can have it all; a focused mind high that gives you an intense level of motivation, while also still enjoying the calming and mellow physical effects of an indica, which allows you to relax after a long day. In order to experience this ideal high, look no further than Huckleberry, a strain that perfectly blends indica with sativa and really does give you the best of both worlds. Huckleberry has become an extremely popular strain due to its versatility.

It is just one of those strains which seemingly bends to your current surroundings and mood, giving you the ultimate high. So, what exactly is it that makes Huckleberry so special? Huckleberry is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, as a result of it having a 50% indica / 50% sativa split. This equal divide makes it the ultimate daytime strain , with both mild mental and physical effects, that act as somewhat of aid throughout the day. Very little is known about the history of Huckleberry, with nobody taking responsibility for its creation. The effects of Huckleberry are noticeable within a few short minutes, with it being a fast-acting strain that gets straight to the point.

You will notice a sudden burst of energy along with the sense that your mind is working at 100 miles per hour. This makes analytical thinking much more comfortable, and you will find yourself able to think through problems and find solutions much quicker and more logically than normal. This early stage of the high is perfect for whizzing through tasks and getting work done. With your mind working so fast, you are able to focus much more easily, with even the most complex of tasks suddenly feeling stress-free and straightforward. As the high starts to settle your mind feels clear, with stress and negative thoughts being pushed to one side. Most people report Huckleberry causing them to feel motivated; for some people, this is expressed through creative means, while other people enjoy the chance to blitz through their work so that they are able to enjoy the later and more physical, lazy stages of Huckleberry. Being an equal mix of sativa and indica , it is not surprising that the physical effects of Huckleberry are just as powerful as the mind high. As Huckleberry works its way through your body, you might notice heaviness around your eyes and lightness to your limbs. Your body is washed with a wave of relaxation that leaves you feeling as light as a feather. Muscles relax, causing an extra burst of energy which is more mental than physical due to the sense of freedom that it gives you. As the effects of Huckleberry start to wind down, you find yourself wandering into a peaceful, dreamlike state, with your body feeling lazy – in a good way. This later stage is best enjoyed in a calm environment where you can just sit back and allow your mind to wander. You can also turn on some thought-provoking music or a slightly trippy film and just see where your mind takes you. Huckleberry is a versatile strain that can be enjoyed both on your own and with friends. When smoking on your own, it is most appreciated during the late afternoon; this gives you enough time to take full advantage of the increased sense of focus and energizing effects of Huckleberry, before settling down for a chilled and slightly psychedelic evening. When smoking with friends, you will notice the more social effects of Huckleberry, including an uplifted, giggly feeling, along with a desire to just sit in a group, talking and considering the world from new and interesting angles. Huckleberry might not be the best strain for beginners due to its unpredictable THC content , which can vary from below average to almost 15% above average. The chances of Huckleberry containing such a high level of THC means that it can have extremely strong psychoactive effects, which have the potential to scare off those who are not used to the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Given that this is a strain named after the huckleberry, it is not surprising that it has a strongly fruity aroma with strong blueberry notes. Holding a Huckleberry bud in your hand reminds you of being a child and being taken berry picking during the summer, holding a basket full of fresh berries and breathing in their strong, sunshine-filled aroma. As you grind Huckleberry, you start to notice a slightly spicy undertone which mixes with the berries, creating an aroma similar to homemade fruit pie filling. The fresh smell of simmering fruit as spices are stirred into the mixture, right before being poured into the pie crust. Huckleberry’s smoke does not lose any of its sweetness, even being described as cloyingly sweet and causing some people to reach for the nearest glass of water to wash their mouth out.

It is, however, one of those strains that the more you smoke, the more you get used to it and start to really enjoy the sugary treat that is Huckleberry. How does the flavor profile of Huckleberry compare? The flavor profile of Huckleberry is exactly what you would expect given its name and aroma.

From the second that you breathe in the sweet smoke, your mouth is filled with a strong berry flavor.


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