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If you are pressing a rosin filter bag however, getting the right micron screen size is essential in order to strike a great yield-to-quality ratio. The rule of thumb we stick by is that you should never press flower rosin in anything less than 90 micron width. Below that, you can compromise your yield without getting noticeable gains in quality.

Similarly, anything above 150 micron width tends to not filter that well, so reductions in quality may be realized. The relationship between micron type and material type is very important, because the higher the micron count, the more porous the mesh filter is. 90 Micron : best filtration and highest quality output for flower rosin, some reduction in yield. 115 Micron : best overall micron filter type for flower rosin, a great sweet spot for yield and quality. Also, always make sure if you’re pressing in a bag to use 100% polyester monofilament filter mesh, which is the most conducive for yields while also being one of the FDA’s top recommended food grade fabrics. Stainless steel screens are prone to scratching plates and cutting yields, whereas silk screens stretch a significant amount, making it difficult to accurately track your pressure data. 5: Extra Pressure Doesn't Always Make a Difference.

Finally, while flower rosin requires more pressure than kief and hash rosin to squeeze all the juice out, what many high tonnage presses apply is absolutely overkill. We’ve found that the ideal pressure range for flower rosin is between 550 - 1,500 PSI at the plate, with maximum quality being on the lower end of that range. Many DIY bottle jack presses can offer as many as 20 tons or more of pressure, but at very high applications of force, undesirable particles and plant lipids can also be extruded into your rosin. We’ve achieved yields above 25% with flower rosin at as low as 550 PSI when pressing high quality buds with proper moisture levels in a 115 micron rosin filter bag. To calculate pressure and figure out what you’re applying, take the total amount of force exerted by your press, and then divide that amount by the total square inch footprint of your rosin filter bag. This is another highly contested and controversial topic, and we do not want to assert that what we have found is the only way to do it. If you’ve experienced success with high pressures, by all means, keep it rolling. We just suggest perhaps trying lower and seeing what you get, as we’ve noticed great results without going way overboard on pressure application. Here’s an example with our own Pikes Peak rosin press : Total available pressure : 5 tons at 120 PSI compressed air input, or 10,000 lb / f. Flower rosin, when pressed from top quality material, is some of our absolute favorite to dab and squish. The terpene preservation often rivals or exceeds live resin, which is almost always faithfully represented from buds to oil in the rosin pressing process. If there is anything that you take away from this guide, it’s that quality matters most. From all of us at PurePressure, thank you for reading and we hope you found this article useful. Ultimately rosin pressing is a community of experimentation, we would love it if you shared your findings with us by commenting below. Make sure to follow our social media channels for more great articles, videos, posts, and tips! Established in 2015, BulbHead is a unique online retailer. Their business model involves crowdsourcing customers (called “BulbHeads”) to help them invent new ideas into marketable products. In a sense, their customers are their research and development team! The company’s revenue comes from innovative inventions created from the ideas of their customers, and this is one of the reasons why BulbHead has become a leading online retail brand in the United States. BulbHead doesn’t specialize in any area in particular; they develop and sell products in a broad range of categories such as home and garden, pets, kids, beauty, and healthy living. Each successful product they develop via their crowdsourced customer base gets sold on their online store, but also through other retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The Royal Posture by BulbHead is a posture corrector product that aims to align your spine and correct your posture. Sold in Walmart and online through retailers such as Amazon, the Royal Posture is one of the cheapest correctors on the market. Aimed at both men and women, the Royal Posture by BulbHead is available in two sizes: Small/medium – 25-inch to 36-inch waist, dress size 0 to 16; Large/extra large – 37-inch to 58-inch waist, waist size 18-38.

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