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“As I’ve said before, the City of Portland and the Portland Police Department respects the rights of those who wish to protest. We understand and are also disgusted by the recent tragedy. Our goal remains providing a safe environment for those wishing to peacefully express their views and First Amendment rights,” said Police Chief Frank Clark.

“We are fortunate that no one was seriously injured and that most of the property damage was minimal. Unfortunately a committed smaller segment of this group ended up making this event anything other than a peaceful and lawful protest. They took the opportunity to commit acts of violence, damage public and private property and place my officers and the public at risk. We will not stand for such criminal behavior.” A group of several hundred people gathered on Commercial Street and made their way to locations throughout the city where they engaged in peaceful protest. Around 8:30 PM some of the protesters began to disperse and a few hundred remained in the area of police headquarters at 109 Middle Street where officers continued to keep roads closed to allow the group to gather safely in the streets. Some of the protesters began damaging barricades and were encircling and attempting to damage the police vehicles that had been positioned at intersections to close off roads and they were preventing them from leaving the area. During this time several officers had water bottles, glass bottles and rocks thrown at them. Some had their vehicles swarmed, where protesters threatened them with death.

The Urban Outfitters Store located at 188 Middle Street was broken into by a large group just after 9:00 PM. A tractor trailer truck that completed a delivery on Middle Street drove through the group that was gathered in front of the police station just after 9:30 PM. The truck was stopped just past the intersection of Middle Street and Franklin Arterial by police. The driver and his passenger were being confronted by protestors when police were able to intercede. The driver was taken into custody when police and the occupants of the truck started to be attacked. Over the next hour the crowd continued to escalate by throwing bottles, rocks, bricks and urine at police. Several trash cans were set on fire in the Old Port and there were reports of burglaries and damage being done to buildings in the immediate vicinity. Portland Police were being assisted by several police agencies assembled through a mutual aid request put out earlier in the day. Because of the increased violence and out of concern for the safety of civilians, police and the non-violent protestors that were still on scene, several orders to disperse and leave the area were issued before the first arrest was made just after 10:30 PM. The majority or the group dispersed and order was restored just after 2:00 AM this morning. Police used non-lethal use of force, Oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) in Pepperball and aerosol spray delivery systems on those protestors that were throwing projectiles at officers. The driver of the tractor trailer, Anthony McAfee DOB 12/30/1974 of Massachusetts, was arrested for Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon. The following 22 subjects were arrested for Failure to Disperse: Payten Vincent DOB 04/20/2000 of Portland Rachel Bernstein DOB 02/27/1986 of Cape Elizabeth Brett Stone DOB 09/18/1990 of Portland Corey Holbrook DOB 10/15/1994 of Portland Brooke Wentworth DOB 06/12/1999 of Portland Paul Kabatznich DOB 11/07/1983 of Portland Joshua Welch DOB 04/09/1978 of Portland Mary Tadsse DOB 01/23/1997 of Portland Megan Reilly DOB 03/17/1993 of Portland Samuel Mehorter DOB 06/12/1995 of Portland Elizabeth Kremer DOB 08/12/1997 of Portland Michael Ingham DOB 03/02/1999 of Portland Douglas Grant DOB 09/05/1988 of Portland Debra-Jean Gordon DOB 09/03/1993 of Scarborough Ian Gleason DOB 09/07/1996 of South Portland Brinaya Gibbs DOB 12/09/2000 of Saco Priscilla Dimitre DOB 01/20/1991 of Portland Deng Deng DOB 11/16/1996 of Portland Sebastian Demers DOB 02/27/1991 of Portland Louange Turahimbawe Ndayishimiye DOB 04/04/2000 of Portland Jean Claude Butera DOB 04/05/1998 of Portland Scott Bracy DOB 08/22/1988 of Cape Elizabeth. All of the arrests were taken to the Cumberland County Jail where they were processed and released on bail. The Portland Police Department wants to extend our thanks to the multiple agencies that responded to our request for mutual aid. Without their assistance the outcome could have been very different. Officers from several departments continued to assist us well into the morning. The Following is a Summary of the Criminal Activity: Burglaries - Old Port Wine @ 79 Commercial Street Baciencia @ 494 Congress Street Cumberland Ave Shop 360 Cumberland Avenue Urban Outfitters @ 188 Middle Street. Criminal Mischief - Windows - Roux & Cyr Gallery - 48 Free Street Mecca @ 522 Congress Street US Post Office @ 400 Congress Street 21st Century Real Estate @ 60 Free Street. Criminal Mischief - Misc - Eventide @ 86 Middle Street. Graffitti - 7 Free Street - The Portland Museum of Art 5 Monument Square - The Portland Public Library 1 Temple Street - The Nickelodeon Cinemas Middle Street @ Exchange St. 88 Middle Street- Hugo's 100 Middle Street 195 Middle Street 211 Fore Street.

- Sebago Brewing Company 324 Fore Street 330 Fore Street 332 Fore Street 334 Fore Street 336 Fore Street 85 Commercial Street 93 Commercial Street United States Custom House 50 Exchange Street 56 Exchange Street 22 Milk Street 26 Milk Street 28 Milk Street 30 Market Street 38 Market Street 42 Market Street. Assisting Agencies: Maine State Police, Cumberland County Sheriff, South Portland Police, Westbrook Police, Scarborough Police, Gorham Police, Windham Police, Auburn Police, Brunswick Police, Androscoggin County Sheriff, Sagadahoc County Sheriff, Topsham Police, Falmouth Police, Cumberland Police, and Yarmouth Police. Maine Craigslist Lost and Found Post Involves Woman Who Probably Doesn’t Want to Be Found. One of my favorite places to look for interesting content is Craigslist. Today I went to the "Lost and Found" section where low and behold I find a posting from presumably a man talking about an old female friend that he 'lost.' "Lost an old friend that I've been trying to find unsuccessfully who goes by the name (censored). I've had some trouble getting through the flaggers, so I'll try here?" That post may as well scream, "I was unsuccessful at my first attempt to serial kill, please point me in her direction so I can finish the job." Perhaps even "She was a friend in my head, but when I followed her to work, the judge said I had to stay 400 feet away, then she moved out of my neighborhood (insert sinister snicker)." I imagine that the Craigslist flaggers know what's up as well, which is why they would not let him post the first one hundred times. As for the young lady in question, she sounds like she doesn't want to be found, and I, for one, don't blame her. Stay in hiding baby girl, change your name, your hair color do whatever you have to do. Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner.

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