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Notice how quickly the whole space got filled up since there were so many plants. It went from empty to completely filled in about four weeks. By the last picture, all eight plants are already flowering. Each of those plants will be able to support a fat main cola in this setup, and it took less time than if the grower had tried to fill that space with just one plant.

Thanks to GIVE_ME_ATTENTION for making this moving gif of an SoG in action! When using SoG, it’s up to you to decide how many plants and how big you let them get before you switch to the flowering stage. Some growers flip to flowering when plants are just a few weeks old and a few inches high. Other growers may wait a bit longer to achieve bigger plants. If in doubt, I recommend waiting an extra week for the best result 🙂 Another example of a small SoG setup. Flowering was initiated right after the above picture. Here are those same plants a little over a month later, after they’ve started making buds. Notice how much taller the plants are at this stage. In an SoG setup, make sure you don’t underestimate how much your plants will stretch after being switched to the flowering stage! Sativa strains and very young plants that switch to flowering are well-known for stretching a lot!

SoG is how you achieve plants that look like the one below at harvest (why was this plant defoliated?) SoG setups are sometimes popular with those growing many auto-flowering strains since these strains cannot be trained with most of the traditional plant training methods. In some parts of the world, SoG isn’t as popular as other training techniques because growers have legal limits on how many cannabis plants they can have at any one time. SoG uses a lot of small plants instead of training fewer big plants to fit your space so, if you have plant limits, this is not the best use of your space. But for those who can grow as many cannabis plants as they want, SoG may be a fast choice to get an even canopy and a lot of buds with very little plant training! Growing Cannabis Using the Sea of Green Method [SOG] If you are growing weed indoors using artificial light , it is important to cultivate your cannabis as efficiently as possible. As a consequence, experienced growers use the Sea of Green (SOG) method to get the maximum yield possible from their crops. The idea is to grow a variety of smaller plants rather than a handful of large plants. When you use SOG correctly, you reduce the duration of the vegetative stage, fill a small grow space effectively, and maximize the efficiency of your lighting. We recommend using SOG if you have limited space in your growing room. As it means your plants enter the flowering stage more rapidly than normal, SOG results in more harvests per year. Anyone who has ever grown weed indoors knows all about receiving big energy bills. With the SOG method, you might not reduce the cost of the lighting, but you will get greater bang for your buck. It is normal to set up your grow room so that the light shines down on the plants from above. However, there is an obvious issue with this setup. The leaves and branches on the upper part of the marijuana plant prevent light from reaching the lower sections. As a result, certain sections of the plant never receive enough light and could wither and die. With the SOG method, a canopy of buds is created and makes the most out of the light. If you have cuttings from a cloned plant, the SOG method is even more effective. As well as saving money by not buying seeds, using clones of a female plant is a guarantee that male plants won’t grow and pollinate your females. Although you don’t really need to prune plants when using the SOG method, there is no harm in removing unnecessary leaves to improve the airflow beneath the canopy. Here are a few tips to begin with: Genetics are key. Don’t choose a plant that likes to grow wide and bushy because you will be packing numerous plants together as it is. Don’t choose a plant that tends to stretch in the early flowering stage. Make sure all the cuttings you use are identical in size and from the same mother plant at the same stage of growth. Ideally, the cuttings you use will be 3-6 inches long and have tips that are actively growing.

We don’t recommend using seeds if you intend on using the SOG method. This is because the seeds will inevitably result in plants growing at different heights. As a result, the shorter plants will be left in the shade. Make sure you use at least four plants because the SOG method won’t work with less.

However, you must also be careful not to use too many.


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