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IPA Isopropanol / Isopropyl 99.9% ( CAS# 67-63-0 ) is one of the few alcohol / solvents Rick uses ( it is available in almost every country ) – 5 litres will be enough for 5 to 8 ounces & 8 to 9 litres will be enough to make the full treatment – when following the instructions to the letter, no traces of the alcohol remain in the final medicine.
Buy the 99.9% alcohol on eBay or Amazon now ( ASAP ) to be ready to make your own oil, if you cannot find the IPA in your country, simply log into another countries eBay and order from there.
Try and get as close to 99.9% as possible, other versions are available, 99.9% is ideal, 99% is good, 95% not so good, 91% is poor, the higher the %, the less water is in the product and the more effective the alcohol is at stripping the cannabinoids from the plant..
Ricks number one choice of solvent ( available in Canada ) is pure light aliphatic naphtha, we have to make sure we get the right version or it may have harmful additives, the one we recommend is a specific type, it is marked with a CAS Number ( unique numerical identifier assigned by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) ), the version we recommend has a CAS number marked 64742-49-0, we could order it from eBay or amazon but if the number is not marked, we may have to ask the seller what the CAS number is, If we can not find it, we could look on another countries eBay and search there ( Canada ), if your not from Canada it will take longer to arrive / cost a lot more or may not be able to find the right version, if this is the case use what most people use and that is 99.9% IPA as mentioned above.
Isopropanol is an accepted solvent under USP 36. Isopropanol is a very safe / friendly solvent for terpenoids etc. well liked by the FDA.

Many new oil makers and the “uninformed” think Ricks choice of solvent such as 99% IPA is full of nasty additional additives ( denatured ) such as rust inhibitors, when in fact NOT all versions of IPA are the same ( as per CAS# mentioned in the previous paragraph ), some people who believe “Everclear” ( the strongest version @ 95% ) is a better choice as its a “clean solvent”, but the “informed” know there are many versions of IPA available and to use the unique “chemical abstract service” ( CAS# ) number to identify the right type we recommend..
Generally speaking, from what is seen by lab test reports using the 3 different solvents:
#1. The correct light Naptha ( as mentioned above with a CAS# marked 64742-49-0 ) that is rarely available in some places in Canada only ( from what we know ) often may produce an average THC content of between 75 to 98.5% ( on a good day ) – ( as per photo marked back in 2012 on the timeline on Ricks Facebook page)
#2. The correct type of IPA ( isopropyl /or also known as Isopropanol with a CAS# 67-63-0 ) is what most oil makers use & obtain easily, generally speaking ( on a good day with the best cannabis available ) the “99%” IPA can produce an oil with THC levels 70 to “90%+.”
We do NOT recommend Everclear, the strongest version may make an oil that can be made in an emergency while we source a better solvent such as IPA..
Everclear ( @95% ) may produce an oil with a typical THC content of between 50 & 60% ( not great considering we are meant to be focusing on the THC aspects for best results ).. Some “Lucky” people have had great success with Everclear, but it not recommended as one of our solvents as it usually makes a weaker oil as opposed to right type of 99% IPA for example. The uninformed think the IPA solvent will leave a residue of chemicals behind, if you buy the correct version in the first place their should not be a problem.

Attention new members.. We have placed some simple information below for you regarding the oil, cancer and other serious conditions that will help you i

Making Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson

The process of making medicinal cannabis oil showed and explained in a few simple steps by Rick Simpson himself. Watch and learn how to make your own Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

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Making Cannabis Oil with Rick Simpson The process of making medicinal cannabis oil showed and explained in a few simple steps by Rick Simpson himself. Watch and learn how to make your own Rick