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Patriotic Lights and Decorations

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Bursting With Pride

Red, White & Blue Lights

Summer is finally here and it’s time for Memorial Day picnics, pool parties, barbecues and shooting off 4th of July fireworks! Kick your festivities up a notch by accenting your party space with patriotic decorations to create a celebratory atmosphere. Decorating for summer festivities and patriotic holidays can be as simple as displaying American flag decor or as elaborate as creating your own custom design bursting with red, white and blue lights. Whether you wish to create a tribute to our troops or merely add color for a family cookout, we invite you to peruse our collection of patriotic lights and decorating ideas so that you can transform your home or yard into your very own slice of Americana.

Stars & Stripes Forever

Patriotic Decoration Ideas

During a Memorial Day or Fourth of July party, there are usually several smaller parties going on at once. In one area, the cooks are grilling meat, preparing side dishes and setting the table. In the pool area, games of Marco Polo and diving contests are taking place. Lawn chairs are being setup in the yard for late night fireworks.Those needing a break from the heat are lounging indoors with a cool beverage.

Through careful planning, you can easily set the ambience for each activity taking place in a variety of outdoor spaces during your get together. We’ve placed a few of our favorite red, white and blue decoration ideas below to help spark your creativity!

Patriotic Yard Decorations

  • Alternate red, white and blue net lights on bushes
  • Light the way for guests or illuminate landscapes and garden beds with red, white and blue pathway lights. You’ll need patriotic themed C7 or C9 light sets and pathway light stakes to create this look.
  • Create your very own starry night by hanging red, white and blue Moravian stars or starlight spheres from tree branches.
  • String festive patio lights around pool enclosures or across the yard to give extra light for nighttime swims and outdoor activities.
  • Wrap trees with red, white and blue mini lights.
  • Make DIY mason jar lights! Fill mason jars with battery operated lights. Add an American flag and photos of veterans or family who currently serve or have served in the military to create patriotic luminaries.

Patio & Deck Decorations

  • Hang a lighted American flag decoration on a railing for a simple, yet effective display of patriotism
  • Mimic the awe-inspiring beauty of fireworks by suspending Starburst lights from the ceiling of your covered deck or patio.
  • Wreaths are not just for Christmas decorating! Create your very own patriotic door wreath by wrapping a grapevine wreath or wire frame with red, white and blue lights.
  • Hang alternating red, white and blue light balls from a patio overhang or deck railing for a festive look that will light up the night
  • Hang red, white & blue LED patio lights across deck railings or above an outdoor patio. Visit our how to hang patio lights guide for more information!

Fence & Porch Patriotic Decorations

  • Icicle lights are most often seen outlining roofs during the holiday season, however draping a set of red, white and blue icicle lights along a fence is a gorgeous and much less considered option – perfect for illuminating a backyard party or outdoor event.
  • Festive patio lights can be strung around pool enclosures to give illumination for nighttime swims & evening gatherings.
  • Scatter patriotic themed Starlight Spheres along the fence or above the porch for bursts of color.
  • Unlit red, white and blue stars look so pretty hanging across the porch during the day and a railing wrapped with red, white and blue string lights creates a gorgeous glow at night!

Red, White & Blue DIY Centerpiece

This centerpiece is easy to assemble and looks great day or night; plus, you probably already have some of these items lying around the house. If after you take a look around your home you can’t find a few of the items listed below, just head to your local craft or discount store where you’re guaranteed to find everything you need! For added convenience, you could use a strand of mini Christmas lights from your holiday storage to illuminate your centerpiece, however we recommend using battery operated LED fairy lights for craft projects like this one as they are small enough to fit inside almost any container including mason jars and they don’t require the use of a nearby outlet. Follow or instructions below to create your own patriotic table centerpiece and add a little something extra to your summer picnics and backyard barbecues!

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear or translucent vase or jar
  • Assortment of red, blue and white (or silver) ornaments, gems, beads or patriotic filler.
  • Red, white and/or blue battery operated lights
  • Small American flag decorations

How to Assemble:

  1. Place one layer of assorted ornaments or filler into the bottom of the container
  2. Place battery operated lights into the container and arrange the ornaments/filler to cover the battery packs.
  3. Insert the small American flags into the vase

Show your pride during our patriotic holidays and all year long by displaying American flags and patriotic decorations bursting with vivid red, white and blue lights!

Decorate for the 4th of July with Patriotic Lights – Red, White, and Blue

Join Santa as he celebrates Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day with our Red, White and Blue Patriotic lights!

The 4th of July, our Independence Day, is the perfect time to celebrate our country’s freedom with a fun and festive party. Outdoor barbecues are popular this time of year. What better way to dress up your outdoor spaces for the holiday than with red, white, and blue lights? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to jazz up your 4th of July party with lights.

See all of our tips on how to celebrate the 4th farther down this page!

Decorating for 4th of July and Patriotic Holidays with Lights

Do you have a flagpole? Consider wrapping the pole with C9 opaque or transparent lights for a fantastic patriotic look. Of course, at night, don’t forget to illuminate your flag with a spotlight.

Battery operated clear mini lights are easily nestled into table centerpieces for a festive 4th of July party. Use them on the food or drink table to encircle meat trays, the ice bucket or the tub of drinks.

String sets of red, white and blue C7 or C9 transparent lights between two trees and then hang patriotic hanging lanterns along the strands. The lanterns will be the focal point during the day and the lights will look great at night, casting light and shadows against the patriotic lanterns.

Create instant ambiance by using red, white, and blue mini lights strung along a fence, balcony, porch railing, or patio overhang. Red, white and blue lights surrounding the bushes in front of your home will show your patriotism to not only your party guests, but your neighbors as well.

Trellises, especially ones that are overhead and have greenery covering them, will look great intertwined with mini LED lights. The effect in the evening will be one of soft light and a festive feel. The LED lights are perfect for this application since they don’t create the heat usually associated with Christmas lights.

The American Flag is the symbol of our freedom and it instantly brings to mind why we celebrate the 4th of July in the United States. Consider creating a flag with C7 or C9 rope lights, either on a fence or on a hill where everyone will be able to see it. It could be the finale of the party once the sun goes down and the sparklers come out.

Another great way to use the C7 or C9 transparent or opaque lights in patriotic colors is to line the path going to your patio or back yard, or even the walk leading to your front door. Your guests will be in a festive mood as soon as they arrive! If guests are arriving during the early evening hours before the sun goes down, consider the opaque lights. They look great during the day and are stunning when lit at night.

An outdoor barbecue wouldn’t be the same without tiki lanterns! Place tiki lanterns around the eating area and string mini lights from one to another, creating a unique and inviting space for people to relax, visit and eat.

Using red, white, and blue lights is a great way to bring patriotism and tradition to any 4th of July party. Get creative! Your party will be the topic of conversation for months to come.

Decorate for the 4th of July with Patriotic Lights – Red, White, and Blue Join Santa as he celebrates Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day with our Red, White and Blue Patriotic lights!