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High Mowing Seeds– Open but 2-3 weeks for shipping most seeds. Botancial Interests– Open but higher than usual shipping time. Edible Santa Fe Also put together a list of local food business who are open and need your business Here. If I left anyone out, please comment below and I will add them to the list! I pulled this book of the shelf today which feature my beloved local poets Kyce Bello and Cynthia West.

Just reading the back cover was medicine for my soul. Bless the land & bless your hands that they can work in wellness and humble gratitude to bring life, health and goodness to the world! Please contact me directly for Garden Consultations and Support at [email protected] “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”-Anaïs Nin I have been thinking a lot about stories lately. The immense power a story has to humble, heal, … Continue reading → Gardening has NOT been Canceled. It has been a stormy week for those of us here in the high desert. Corona cases jumped from 4 to 41 in our state one weeks time. We have been sent home & stayed home, social distancing for a … Continue reading → Homeward bound-Resources for Creating Resilience & Rhythm at home. So the world is upside down- we are social distancing- but what are we getting closer to??

Our families, our values, our fears, our confusion…..and as all this uncertainty boils up in us, here we are, at home with our kids, keeping the home fires burning…….how is it going so far? Over here it’s Saturday morning, I am deeply grateful everyone is healthy & home and that we even have a home! The groceries are stocked up and I am able to enjoy this cup of coffee and exhale in our isolation where many, many people can not. The kids are happy, enjoying the freedom that most Saturday mornings bring: ideas stored up from the week, connections with big brother who the littles have been missing all week, beautiful weather, freedom… busy little bees. This will wear off by lunch time and by 1pm I will be back to refereeing petty fuses between my three kids… and then Monday morning will come… and Tuesday and Wednesday– for weeks!! Even I, who homeschools and homesteads every single day, pandemic or not, am a bit scared! There is so much to be scared about in the world right now……but it seems enough people are talking about the world at large that I will leave issues of health, money, safety, security, in equity, politics, etc.. I found this post helpful directly related to children during this time. What I want to offer is resources, inspirations and resilience for families who are now home for weeks at a time with their kids. Having kids is a joy, being at home with them is wonderful… but for weeks on end while there is stress in the air of what feels like a world gone mad, whats on my mind is how are we not going to? Though I am no expert, I do have some practice at this stay at home with kids stuff, so just want to offer a few humble resources on how to stay calm and carry on in our homes with our families right now. Our children feel everything, we are the air they breath, and though they may seem totally unaffected right now, they are sacred too. It’s an appropriate response, but what can we do as parents to slow down, calm down and kneel and touch the ground? The first level is within ourselves- What Inner Practices do we have, or gonna create to stay centered calm, kind and well? Breathing – The lungs of the world need health right now so even a few deeps breaths will help. I run, so the deep rhythm of deep breaths is actually what carries me along and this morning I was just feeling the health of my lungs and trying to send that out into the lungs of the world. Praying – No I am not religious, but yes I do pray. I pray when I run, I pray when I garden and I pray when I sing. It doesn’t look like me kneeling by my bedside with hands clasped, it is me actively, humbly engaging my spirit with the spirits all around me. Singing -Not everyone is into just randomly belting out improve like I am, but singing is how people all over the world, since the beginning of time pray. Lift every voice to sing till earth and heaven ring! Your voice matters, it sends a vibration, that your children are wired to resonate with.

Try it…sing your favorite song to your kids at the top of your lungs, they will think it is hilarious! And if you simply can’t sing, being sung to will soothe your soul, listen to this salve for the soul or just turn on some tunes and let it carry you! Move the body, quiet the mind – Meditate, yoga, run, exercise–Whatever your practice, DO NOT STOP this week. A dear friend said to me this morning, ” Isolation is a ceremony with yourself”…. in our cases with our families, if we saw it that way would it help? and this moment will never arise again- so go ahead, go to sleep early every night this week.

“Overwhelmed is Underprepared” A wise woman once told me, though during times like these, it is simply unavoidable!


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