recipe 420 soil review

Ideal 420 Soil.

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It’s made by EB Stone and it’s called Recipe 420

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its a simple cheap organic mix that is WAY over priced and not for real grower. its marketed to new personal growers. $210 for “9 plants” (4.5 cubic feet, 36.7 US gallons) depending on where you are that can be ALOT for soil.

my guess is subcools super soil or any Highly researched super soil will yeild MUCH better results. as a base for a super soil it could yeild a better product, but first you would have to do testing to see what exactly is in the soil, water retention, salt retention and overall aeration and bio-activity of the “420 recipe”. there are some major no-no’s in the soil that are easily spotted (Wood bark. highly acidic and acidic soil is deadly to marijuana and a cause of many problems in lower budget soils).

spagnum moss: is usid in soil-less medium and yeilds little nutrisous value, it is mainly used ad a base because of its excelent water retention

Pumice: is like perlite, but cheaper is heavier with more water retention. pimice hasn’t been used much since perlite has exploded because it allows for better aeration and a lower chance of root rot.

Coco-coir: used in mushroom farming, hygroponics and many other industries. provides the best aeration as well as a good base for growing. this is NEEDED with the two previous ingredients. if the pumice was switched with perlite they would not need this.

Nutrient additives: these are OK additives, but this soil could be majorly improved apon with time release ingredients such as blood meal, bone meal, glacial rock dust, silica dioxide ect.

TL;DR: This soil is OK, but for the price paid you can make better soils at home. if using it as a base (such as switching out your roots for 420) it would me an excelent product if amended properly.

Anybody heard of this new soil?? I wonder if it would be any good or worth a try?