rainbow kush strain review

What Is Rainbow Kush Strain?

The Rainbow Weed Strain, also called the Rainbow Kush, or Rainbow marijuana, is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the market today, primarily because of its vibrant and colorful appearance. Although a lot of people find the photos of this vibrant looking Kush hard to believe, it does exist and is widely available and can be gotten both from international and local suppliers in areas where cannabis use has been legalized.

Overview and Genetics

The origin of the Rainbow Weed remains a controversy to date. Lifetime Seeds breeds theirs from the crossing of blueberry and the Dancehall. However, that is only one of the many varieties of the Strain available. Several top developers have laid claim to the origin of this Weed Strain, one of them being The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company, which used Master Kush and the Hindu Kush as parents for their Rainbow bud.

AMS bred Rainbow Kush plant s an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. It contains an average THC content of 18% with CBD being less than 1%; thus, this Strain is classified as moderately potent. But unlike any other Indica-dominant Strains, as long as you don’t overindulge, you’re free from any Weed-coma with this one.

Appearance, Taste, and Fragrance

Aside from its most distinct feature, its Rainbow-colored buds, this Weed also features a glimmering crystal terpenes coating. Although not quite as vibrant in real life as in photos, it’s still stunningly colorful and beautiful.

The Rainbow Weed is best known for its distinct piney flavor with hints of earthier notes to balance its overall taste. It also features a coffee-like feeling at first inhale, which settles into a spicier taste afterward. Rainbow Kush is reported to have a variety of fragrant aromas; it is mostly known for its strong piney fragrance with hints of spicy notes and fruity sweetness.


The Rainbow Weed has become largely popular in-demand in a lot of coffee shops around Amsterdam and all over the world. Some pot shops in the US are known to offer the Rainbow Strain steadily to customers even though it’s not widely available in all dispensaries in the US.


in addition to its appearance, the Rainbow Weed Strain has also become increasingly popular because of its health benefits. Some of these benefits include Happiness, Relaxation, upliftment, Euphoria, Tingly sensation.

Although it has a relatively high THC content, the Indica influence of this cannabis Strain is moderately strong and accompanied by supporting cerebral effects that won’t cause a Weed coma, if used appropriately, thereby making it ideal for morning or day times.

Medical Effects

Some of the medicinal benefits of Rainbow Kush include improved appetite and nausea alleviation. Additionally, this Kush works well for aches and pains. Its high levels of THC, combined with a CBD level of 1%, helps to relax the body thoroughly, which includes numbing cramps, hunger spasms. Cancer patients dealing with the nauseating effects of chemotherapy have found great comfort in the Rainbow Kush Strain. Do note, however, that its CBD content isn’t potent enough to treat seizure disorders. An alternative to smoking this Weed Strain includes using Rainbow Weed oil and wax.

Possible Side Effects

Aside from the usual side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be easily managed, using the Rainbow Weed has no major side effects, in comparison with other cannabis Strains, Rainbow marijuana won’t leave you in a couch-lock.


The Rainbow Kush is one Weed that growers enjoy cultivating. It is fairly easy to grow and as it thrives well indoors as much as it does outdoors.

Growing Tip: Use the SOG (Sea of Green) method when cultivating the Strain to help it stimulate early flowering for the plant.

Another reason why growers enjoy cultivate this Kush is because of its high yield, which is usually around three ounces per square footage. Plus, they look good generally with their vast array of colors.

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Although it looks a bit delicate with all its vibrant Rainbow colors, growers often enjoy growing this strain due to the ease at which it can be cultivated and its high yield. For smokers, on the other hand, the benefits of the Rainbow Weed Strain in terms of the feelings it invokes and its varied medical effects make it ideal for treating various conditions, without inducing Weed coma.

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