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The use of magnets (magnet therapy) has been around for a number of years, yet the true benefit is often debated. After combing through the Royal Posture sales page, I was unable to find any information or references about these magnets which leads me to believe that they merely exist for show. They don’t appear to offer any additional support or therapeutic benefits.

If you are suffering from neck and or back pain and have poor posture, there’s a good chance that your posture is partially responsible for these aches and pains. It’s a fact that for every inch of head forward posture, the relative weight of your head doubles due to the effects of gravity. It’s easy to see how all of that weight can cause such pain issues. As with any other product that is designed to improve posture, a noticeable difference should be felt whenever you begin to use better posture and position your head over your shoulders properly. So yes, if you become more aware of your posture while using this brace, you will likely experience less aches and pains in your neck and back. A posture brace is usually something that most people don’t want to display in public.

Instead, most simply want to be seen using good posture. The ability to conceal the brace underneath your clothing is often a determining factor when it comes to making a buying decision. One of the strongest features of this product is its ability to be concealed. Like similar vest style posture braces, it can be worn against the skin but are best worn with an undershirt for the highest level of comfort. As long as you are not wearing skin-tight clothing, it should be difficult to detect that you are wearing this product. According to the product sales page, this brace comes in three different sizes: Regular: 28″ to 38″ waist Large: 38″ to 48″ waist Extra Large: 48″ to 60″ waist. However, while placing your order, only two sizing options are offered: Small/Medium: 25″ to 36″ Large/X-Large: 37″ to 58″ It seems as if they consolidated their sizing but forgot to update the sizing information on their sales page. Putting on and taking off the Royal Posture is fairly straight forward and easy to do. The following instructions can be used to fit and adjust your support. Unpack and unfasten the waist straps Feed the straps around shoulders as if you were putting on a vest Slide the waist strap through the belt buckle and fasten to the other side of the belt. While using good posture, tighten or loosen the shoulder straps until supportive yet comfortable. After completing the initial fitting, it should be much easier to take off and put back on. As with any other As Seen On TV product, the cost is always “$19.95” plus shipping charges which are $6.99. Not surprisingly, they offer a second support for an additional $9.95. If you decided to go with only one support, the total price shipped to your doorstep is roughly $27.00. A second device will bring that total up to $37.00. Comparing the price to similar products, the Royal Posture is priced on the lower end when it comes to posture supports. The company does offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. According to their return policy, you are able to return it within 30 days to receive a full refund.

Unfortunately, the $6.99 shipping fee is not refunded nor will the company pay for return shipping. If you decide to return it, you will be out approximately $14.00. While searching for feedback on the Royal Posture, I came across several who claim to have experienced issues receiving their product in a timely manner. While their sales page states that shipping “may take 3-6 weeks”, several customers claim to have experienced longer wait times, mostly during 2014 and up until early 2015. This was most likely caused by a supply issue which may have been resolved at this point. If you have ordered this product and are currently having issues, please share your experience below in the comment section. Be sure to include your order date so that we can get an idea of the current shipping time. There are several factors that one should consider before making a purchase decision such as cost, quality, effectiveness, and value. For some, only one or two of these qualities are important while for others, all are weighed equally. The Royal Posture has its strengths as well as its weaknesses.

As for cost, it will be difficult to find a comparable product at a lower price. One similar product that comes to mind is the Faburo which at $34, it’s slightly more expensive. This product is nearly identical and I found it to be a decent value. Of course, because of its ultra low cost, you can’t anticipate that the materials used or the craftsmanship are going to be of the highest quality.


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