purple white widow yields

GDP and GDP x WW from Q.C.S.

Night and day different from GDP despite sharing 50% of the genetics.

This plant was under a LED and in a different tent that DID NOT have access to CO2. Despite this she yielded roughly double of the average GDP plant and is actually a 6-7 week strain. The buds became so heavy she was breaking stems without support. Terp production was really nice and the wet buds were juicy and sticky and just great all around.

For the same cause as GDP, I had an early harvest but was thankfully 3 days into flush when I cut her down and unlike GDP, WW x GDP was ready to come down.

Like most White Widow crosses, this girl was frosty as could be with what I’m guessing is a

20% thc content. She doesn’t have a particular smell aside from gassy thc and maybe a hint of berries, fairly generic.

Less harsh than GDP, she still really could have used an extra week of flush.

The high is very similar to northern lights. It smacks you right in face, locks you on the couch and if enough is consumed, is nearly hallucinogenic. Very intense. Certainly not a day time or beginners strain. Paranoia is moderate but controllable.

I’m a big fan of hard hitting indicas and this is certainly one. Moreover she is very stress tolerant, and a heady yielder.

I got lucky and a GDP male pollinated a couple of her buds, so soon enough ill have a WW x GDP backcrossed with GDP and I’m really curious to see how that will impact potency and yield.

I highly recommend this strain, especially for beginners.

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