purple skywalker strain

As a result of his philosophy of life, Soma only cultivates with natural methods . He prefers the sun to the foci, the guano or the algae to the chemical fertilizers, the earth to the hydroponics. Besides that, he points out that plants absorb a huge amount of energy, not only the sun but all of its environment.

That is why he strongly discourages feelings like hatred or fear, which are at least counterproductive, unlike the feelings of love and gratitude that make plants thrive. In '96 he decided to move to Holland and settled in Amsterdam, where a year later he founded his own company of marijuana seeds, Soma Seeds. The main feature of Soma Seeds is that it dedicates purely and exclusively to medicinal Cannabis , for which part of plants that have proven to have therapeutic effects, explores their genetics and produces seeds until he manages to stabilize a certain strain and from there throws them to the market. Soma Seeds rose to fame in '99 when its Reclining Buddha won the second prize in the Indica category at the HTCC. After that, other cannabis strains of his own also won important prizes year after year in this and other competitions, as the indicas Buddha's sister (2002), SoGouda (2004) and Lavender (2005 and 2007); the sativas NYC Diesel (2001 and 2002), Amnesia Haze (2003, 2004 and 2005) or the hash Rock Bud (2004), Big A's Special (2005). This success, coupled with his deep knowledge of marijuana and its applications, earned him the nickname "Guru Ganja". Soma is not only dedicated to growing and creating new medicinal marijuana strains, but everything around him bears the Cannabis brand. For starters, almost all of his clothing is handmade based on hemp fiber.

But in addition to his personal life, Soma is a pro-marijuana activist and participates in conferences around the world. In its own Youtube channel he writes articles for several cannabis magazines and has written his book "Organic Marijuana Soma Style". For Soma, it is essential to realize that we are one with the universe, to work with each other, to care for the planet and to achieve a harmony and brotherhood. And Cannabis is a way to access this state, to share and be at peace. Or, in his own words, marijuana is a tool to save the world . Soma is not only an advocate of medical marijuana, but also a patient who witnesses the healing effect of this plant. Almost a decade ago, and because of a problem of aortic calcification, he had to undergo open heart surgery. For 6 months he was under the effects of cocktails of medicines prescribed by the doctors but he could not feel good until he decided to leave them. Since then, his only medication has been marijuana and he is in excellent health . In fact, it has a medical prescription of 10 to 15 grams daily, that consumes them not only smoking, but also with vaporizers or in foods. As a result of all these experiences and personal experiences, of the spiritual value of marijuana, of the states of consciousness that it opens and of its capacity to twin people, Soma defines himself as the "cannabis bodyguard" , with the mission of defending it before the threat of annihilation on the part of the states and their laws, even if in them the life was left to him. We have carefully picked over several strains, for their special effects and qualities. To us cannabis is a sacrament; it is not just recreational or medicinal, with the added sacredness it brings you closer to the divine. The 14 Categories: 1- Best for Socializing – Somango 2- Best for Creativity – Buddha’s Sister 3- Best for Sleep/Relaxation – Free Tibet 4- Best for the Novice Grower (AKA Foolproof!) – Lavender OG 5- Best for Sex – Kahuna 6- Best for Action/Adventuring – Lavnesia 7- Best Medicinal – Rockbud 8- Best for Music/Movies – White Willow 9- Best Psychedelic – Lavender 10- Best Tasting/Smoking experience – Amnesia Haze 11- Best for getting Silly – True OG 12- Best with a good Meal/Munchies – Sogouda 13- Best Knock-out/Wheelchair – Reclining Buddha 14- Best Overall (your absolute favorite!) – Amnesia Haze. Indica strains tend to have a strong smell—either sweet or sour. Sativa strains are described as having a “grassy” smell. Indica provides a relaxing “body” high associated with calmness and sleep. Sativa provides an energetic “cerebral” high associated with creativity and focus. Indica dominant strains are higher in Cannabidiol ( CBD ), sativa dominant strains are higher in the THC cannabinoid. Indica dominant strains are are short dense plants, with broad leaves and often grow a darker green. ou can easily tell the difference between indica and sativa by the shape of their leaves . Indica leaves are deep in color and broad, while sativa leaves are lighter in color with slender leaves . As we mentioned above, many users associate indicas and sativas with their own unique effects. The origins of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. … Hybrid strains can be both upper and downer depending on which species is dominant.

It is also said to be an appetite stimulant for some.

Thus, indica strains are known for giving users more of a body high than a head high. … These may be found more often in marijuana advertised as indica, but as more crossbreeding leads to hybrids, they can potentially be found in some sativa strains as well. Indica means that it’s going to be sedative and calming.


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