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Purple Queen: Majestic Purple Cannabis


Somewhere in the Hindu Kush grows a mysterious mountain marijuana. For centuries, the region has been home to the most exquisite indica-landrace cannabis strains. To this day, it is still the source of the finest hashish. Adventurous strain hunters have braved armed conflicts, harsh conditions, and perilous terrain in search of wild growing cannabis and prized, locally-refined cultivars.

Purple has always been associated with royalty. The ancient Chinese were perhaps the first to recognise the supposed magical properties of the colour purple. Entrance to the Forbidden Purple City was reserved exclusively for the Emperor.

Purple Queen is a heavy indica hybrid created by the master breeders at Royal Queen Seeds. This superb cultivar combines the most resinous and deep purple phenotypes of Afghan Kush and Pakistan Kush specimens. Now, every cannabis garden can become a sticky, purple palace for the ordinary decent home grower.


In the grow-op or outdoors in temperate to warm climates, Purple Queen is a bud rock star. Squat, bushy plants with short internodal spacing will develop gooey, rock-hard buds and colas. We are talking jupiter-like density. In just 8 weeks of flowering, Purple Queen will be ready for the chop. Outdoor growers should plan for a mid-September harvest.

As plants transition from vegetative growth to bloom, they will gradually take on lavender hues. Oversized fan leaves can be removed to allow for more light penetration. Cooler nighttime temperatures during late bloom will enhance rich, royal purple flowers and foliage to delight growers. True to her pedigree Kush lineage, pungent earthy, lemon-pine, and hash fragrances emanate from these frosty purple buds.


Purple Queen is a full-bodied nighttime smoke for indica connoisseurs. Intense Kush flavour and a subtle citrus aftertaste will have you savouring every toke; that’s if you can stop yourself from ogling over the enchanting nugs long enough to get a spliff cooking. Purple Queen reigns with a heavy hand. A happy wave of euphoria is the first thing you feel. Then stoned. However, the journey is relaxing. Sedative effects creep in. And sooner or later, you will be rendered couch-locked and hungry. Medicinal users will appreciate Purple Queen for her calming physical effects and appetite stimulation.

Vibrant purple colours, pungent pine-fuel aromas, and a deeply penetrating, physically stoned effect are to be expected from Purple Queen.

Vibrant purple colours, pungent pine-fuel aromas, and a deeply penetrating, physically stoned effect are to be expected from Purple Queen.

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the entrance of her majesty the Purple Queen. Meet the dank indica queen that produces the stickiest royal purple buds.