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FIELD OF DREAMS SIFT 2018 – Purple Power Boar Stud,LLC

4‐ All pedigreed swine, MUST have a registration paper present the day of the sift & sale. Anyone that does not have a purebred paper will be showing



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4‐ All pedigreed swine, MUST have a registration paper present the day of the sift & sale. Anyone that does not have a purebred paper will be showing

Purple power genetics

This boar has brought a lot of excitement to the show pig part of our operation.

It all started with this proven Herd Sire! $32,000 Record Selling Chester White Boar (Yakety-Yak), $13,000 SGI (Invincible), $2,500 Lean Value (Ivory) plus Champion Barrows & Gilts throughout the country – Superior Replacement Gilts – Excellent Mothers – Large Litters

What a major role he has done in the Chester Breed.

Schminke Genetics provides quality genetics for the club lamb and showpig industries, located in Van Horne, Iowa.