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Mootsy Elliot, Master Gardener with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland. Gold Nugget becomes first standalone CBD store to open in Idaho. MERIDIAN, Idaho — The Gold Nugget CBD, located on Fairview Ave. in Meridian, has now officially become the first standalone Cannibidoil (CBD) store in Idaho. While CBD is not currently FDA approved, with the exception of Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures, the alternative pain treatment is gaining popularity across the nation.

One woman who shopped at Gold Nugget on Friday said-- in many ways-- the emerging treatment helped her to get her life back. "Everybody uses it and it really does work, it helps," said Santana Delgado. "It puts me in a better mind-state and it just makes me feel better about myself and my day," said Delgado. She said it makes her feel better than she felt before trying CBD, when she says she struggled with thoughts of suicide. "I've actually been in a mental behavior hospital," said Delgado. Since then, she says she's found it to be a cost-effective alternative to some expensive depression medicines. "My medication alone is $90, and with [CBD] gummies or the vapes, I'm spending $20 and it lasts me just as long," said Delgado. Rather, some are using it to stabilize anxiety, pain, and insomnia, among other ailments. It is legal to sell and purchase in Idaho as long as it contains 0.00% of THC.

"Every product in here is made from the CBD isolate which is lab-tested, third-party to have absolutely zero THC in it," said Jennifer Long, co-owner, The Gold Nugget CBD. Originally from Ontario, Ore., the owners say they're happy to be on the forefront of a potential new wave of popularity for CBD in Idaho. "Excited to be in this new industry that's breaking out across the nation," said Long. A remedy that Delgado says-- for her-- is more than just medical. "I have a better relationship with my family, with my husband, with my friends. " The Harvard Medical School says more studies are needed to substantiate CBD users’ claims about pain control and other medical applications. Eastern Oregon’s original stand alone CBD-only store with a premiere selection of natural pain relief, health and wellness products, veteran-owned, family-operated, and open daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm proudly offering a 10% discount for military and veterans. Family-friendly business catering to those who want to find out more about quality CBD and hemp products. With the wealth of research and information constantly coming out that reveals the amazing benefits of CBD, the team at Golden Nugget CBD is dedicated to listen, inform, and pair customers with quality CBD products to help improve their lives in a clean and friendly environment. Cannabis Secondhand Smoke: Will It Show On A Drug Test? A lot of people worry about how drug tests work concerning THC. Informing yourself about what you can or cannot do will be half the way to passing one successfully. Be sure you know how secondhand smoke from marijuana will affect your chances. Cannabis has been associated with misconceptions and myths for a long time. Because of this, it’s no surprise that secondhand weed smoke would also be linked with dangerous consequences. Today, we’ll go through whether you can get high from secondhand smoke, and if this is enough to make you fail a drug test. Whether in an intentional hotbox, an indoor sesh, or a cannabis coffeeshop environment, there will often be people present who don’t smoke. These are people that came for the friends and not for a few tokes of the dank. As such, these are also the people that worry researchers and government agencies; is secondhand smoke harming these individuals? But if you’re worried about joining your friends on a smoke sesh every once in a while, don’t be. Especially if its cannabis smoke and not tobacco one. Secondhand smoke won’t kill you prematurely, nor will it create any health issues. Although health consequences are a concern, you can’t really get high from a hotbox if you’re not smoking. In order for your body to test positive for THC from a hotbox session, you’d have to be surrounded by smoke for hours. And furthermore, the reason hotbox highs are often more intense is mostly due to an abundance of CO₂ and slight oxygen deprivation. If you’re a past smoker or are on a tolerance break, it might also be your brain playing tricks on you. Your brain will link the weed smell to a feeling it remembers. So, you were at a party having a conversation with a cool stoner. You inhaled a decent quantity of secondhand smoke and forgot you have that drug test in a couple of days.

But before you dive into an insane detox to flush out the THC, we have good news for you. the risk of positive oral fluid tests from passive cannabis smoke inhalation is limited to a period of approximately 30 min following exposure”. Just make sure you stay away from joints 30 minutes before your drug test. A 2010 study also looked at cannabinoid concentrations in the blood and urine of people after being in a highly attended Amsterdam coffeeshop for 3 hours.

The results showed that indeed the subject absorbed THC, but in miniscule quantities, not enough to get them high. In the blood, THC was only detectable for less than 6 hours. And this will probably be the closest to reality that a study can be on the subject.


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