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If you are looking to buy Skywalker Kush Cannabis Seeds from Reserva Privada somewhere - have a look to our Skywalker Kush Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops - or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Skywalker Kush offers: Chu Majek, Amsterdam Seed Center, Mary's Seeds, Oaseeds, Original Seeds Store, Cannapot Hanfshop, Zamnesia, Indras Planet GmbH, SeedSupreme Seedbank, Alchimia Grow Shop, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Herbies Head Shop and Cheeba Beans. We've collected strain info from 6 growers for Skywalker Kush. On Electriclarryland, their second major-label album, the Butthole Surfers continue the streamlined direction they began with Independent Worm Saloon, which basically means it's a loud guitar rock album. Even though there's potential for the record to become unnecessarily generic, it's to the Buttholes' credit that they still have the desire to throw enough bizarre wrenches into the machinery to keep most of their diehard audience satiated. Certainly, Electriclarryland will sound way too tame for fans of Locust Abortion Technican and Hairway to Steven, and they're right, to a certain extent.

For listeners accustomed to their unhinged, perverse '80s recordings, there is nothing on this guitar-heavy record to please them. But Electriclarryland is a logical maturation for the band. It's odd to think of the Buttholes maturing, but that is the case with this album. They have a couple of jangly pop numbers that appear to be played relatively straight and the heavier numbers have a piledriving inevitability that make them memorable. In short, Electriclarryland rocks and it rocks hard, with enough energy for bands half of the Buttholes' age. And underneath the seemingly normal surface, the Buttholes have thrown in enough jokes and have twisted around enough clich├ęs to prove that the band may mature, but they'll never really grow up. How could the band that released some of the goofiest, wildest, best noise rock ever put out something like this?

Will history show that Teresa Taylor was the true genius behind the Buttholes after all? Jesus christ, this is an awful album, when looking at it in a BHS direction. I don't know if the surfers all got normal or they were under control by a major label with a whip? If you have heard the old, lunatic-era of the band, then you should keep well away from this. If you're a starter, go for independent worm saloon first. If you buy this, you will regret it after a while even if you liked it at first. But there still manages to be a few good tracks here though. The cool "The Lord is a Monkey", the psychedelic "Let's Talk About Cars", with a neat effort from Paul Leary, and "Space".It gives the record a half star upwards. There is only one thing by the surfers that reeks more than this, and that is the follow-up, The Wierd Revolution. I remember finding out about this band really early on because they had a song in the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. And now, listening to this album all the way through, I remember the song "Pepper" pretty well also, not sure where from. I also kind of felt like I knew the song "The Lord Is a Monkey", though it was a very vague could be kind of memory. It's pretty good music, kind of like Beck meets R.E.M. Maybe Bloodhound Gang in a really weird sort of way? And it's got this just-coming-out-of-the-80s electronic nature hiding behind kind of pounding, king of droning bass noise. You could also throw Queens of the Stone Age and even System of a Down ("Jingle of a Dog's Collar". ) into the mix somewhere in this "sounds like" pot. Some of the best tracks on this album (in my opinion) are "Pepper", "Thermador" (reminds me a little of a track from the X-Files: Fight the Future movie album, and reminds me a lot of Ten Benson) and "Ah Ha". Songs like "TV Star" actually got a little country for me. It's kind a odd to hear a song like that on a Butthole Surfers album (especially when it's followed by a crazy-weird song like "My Brother's Wife"). It was certainly unexpected for me, though I haven't exactly had a ton of exposure to them. Then there's "Let's Talk About Cars" which is basically just two people talking to each other in French, presumably about cars, over a pretty steady, pretty unchanging musical segment in the background. For some reason, my version of this album includes another song at the end called "Space". Just figured I'd point that out on here to remind myself of its existence. Overall, this album is pretty solidly weird and solidly entertaining, though not something I'd just pop in and listen to all the way through on a regular basis. For some reason, that's a fairly common way to explain albums for me. based on whether or not I could imagine myself just playing it all the way through for fun. It's fairly common 'n' cliche to credit this band with inspiring Boredoms, but then how can you explain this rekkerd?

Throughout thee early 90s Boredoms were capitalizing on thee confusing sounds that these legends produced in thee 80s, but at some point thee sellout occurred.

Thing is, it seems to me that much of Vision Creation Newsun does sound a lot like "Space", an epic instrumental with that feedback 'n' swarrsh. While Boredoms ripped off in order to become weirder, thee Surfers paved thee way to eventually get consumed by grunge. I really think that if it wasn't THE BEST NOISE ROCK BAND EVER credited with Electriclarryland , this might be seen as a minor classic. But critics can't get that out of their heads 'n' I can't either. A "Pepper"/"Space" 7" on yellow speckled vinyl with thee chapped butt photo on thee cover would've been just perfect, but then they probably would've starved.


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