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The key thing to keep in mind with Mazar is that it needs to be kept in especially irrigated, highly fertile soil, as it has a lot of nutrient requirements and grows pretty quickly. Just like a tomato, you need to keep it exceptionally well-watered – ideally in a state of near-constant moisture, if at all possible. Rigging up a sprinkler system might be best for this, but make sure you make it a lateral sprinkler, rather than a top-down sprinkler, as this strain has the remarkable tendency to grow exceptionally tall. Expect to find this plant growing between 1 meter and a whopping 4 meters in height, so keep this in mind when trying to pick a suitable growing location.

If you plan on growing it outdoors, make sure you pick a suitably covert place, as this strain will likely outgrow pretty much everything around it. If you plan on growing indoors, then make sure that your ceiling is high enough! Alongside that, make sure the temperature is kept at a balmy 77 Fahrenheit to make it the most comfortable. Additionally, keep it growing alongside other plants of the same strain, so as to help promote growth stability using the Sea of Green method. You can also tie the growing plants to trellises to help promote its vertical growth. Once you do finally have your harvested Mazar, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from the finished product? Mazar cannabis is well known and extremely well-liked because of its intense, almost psychedelic effects, so it makes sense that it has such a high THC content, sitting firmly at around 20% THC. This is plenty enough THC to create all manner of intense psychoactive effects, as well as leave you with that incredibly potent sensation of being unable to even lift your arm due to lethargy.

Sadly, as is quite literally almost always the case, when you get a large dose of THC within any particular strain, you are also likely going to have very little CBD content to speak of. Most examples of the Mazar strain are not going to have any CBD content worth mentioning, with very few examples ever registering above 0.5% CBD. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Mazar doesn’t have its own slew of medical benefits, even without any CBD. By far the most common reason for taking Mazar is because of its intense ability to help treat mental disorders like depression and excess stress. Given the inherent biochemical reactions that THC has on your brain in helping to release serotonin, it is quite literally impossible to imagine not feeling overwhelmingly happy and contented after smoking this strain. Alongside these pleasantly soothing effects, Mazar is commonly taken to help treat joint pain, especially when arising from serious arthritis or other unpleasant physical conditions. It is also used in this way to help stop pain arising from these same conditions, or just any long-term, chronic conditions. Furthermore, because of the tendency of this strain to induce a massively potent, completely overwhelming sensation of sleepiness, this strain is great for helping treat insomnia, or just generally helping you fall asleep when you are struggling to feel rested at night. Being able to induce a powerful urge to fall asleep after experiencing plenty of intense happiness makes this strain have a wide variety of incredibly useful medical benefits. However, it is always going to have a few side effects as well. As might be expected with a strain that contains 20% THC, Mazar has a tendency to induce both dry eyes and dry mouth, that horribly familiar sensation of your mouth and eyes completely drying up – make sure to stay hydrated to try and beat it, as well as keeping a moist towel on hand to stop your eyes from feeling like they are cracking. The other major side effect of the Mazar strain is its capacity to induce paranoia; certain strains, especially those with a higher than normal THC content, tend to induce a feeling of paranoia if you are already predisposed to feeling paranoid thoughts. So, if you find that you are of the type to experience paranoia, especially after a large amount of weed, probably stay away from Mazar. However, if you absolutely must try it, make sure to only ever smoke a small amount at once, as to avoid that disturbing sensation of paranoia and uncomfortability. Alongside paranoia, if you imbibe too much Mazar at once, you can expect a pretty profoundly noticeable headache that is accompanied by a decent amount of dizziness. This dizziness can be a bit disconcerting, but just make sure you keep a comfy surface nearby to collapse onto, and you will be completely fine. Certain strains that are available on the marijuana market these days have a world-renowned reputation for delivering either intense flavors or intense highs. This is usually based on their original genetics, with many strains competing over coveted titles and being able to claim particular strains as being their genetic predecessors. Mazar is a strain that manages to combine both these elements – it not only has an incredibly potent, almost disorientating high, giving you the sensation of blasting off into an entirely different world, but it also has an incredibly flavorful, rich flavor and aroma. Mazar might not be the most well known or commonly sold strain out there, but it offers up incredibly famous genetics, as well as a distinctly delicious flavor on your tongue. So, if you are a fan of trying out new and interesting flavors of marijuana strains, as well as experiencing truly otherworldly highs at the same time, keep an eye out for Mazar on your next trip to your dispensary. Who knows; you might get lucky and find some Mazar, leaving you in for the trip of a lifetime. Cannabis-induced anxiety is a common side effect when consuming marijuana. The same qualities that make cannabis a great medication for a variety of conditions can also lead people to feel anxious, uncomfortable and even paranoid.

Cannabis has a biphasic effect, meaning low and high doses of marijuana can have very different effects on people. In small doses, cannabis can help reduce stress and anxiety related to conditions like PTSD. But in high doses, it can lead people to feel extremely anxious, uneasy and nervous. Maureen Dowd, a well-known New York Times columnist, is now infamous for her marijuana trip down the anxiety-laced rabbit hole. Dowd bought a cannabis-infused chocolate bar from a Denver dispensary in 2014 and had a most unfortunate experience after consuming the majority of the chocolate. It's important to note that the chocolate bar she consumed was intended to have 16 individual doses, but she gobbled it all up, which led to her paralyzingly paranoid experience.

Dowd wrote about her living-personal-hell experience; it went insanely viral online, and she got lambasted publicly for her stupidity. Dowd's bad experience with marijuana made her an internet sensation. Yet, Dowd's experience basically comes down to a lack of education.


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