purple diesel strain review

The Unique Cali Connection’s Purple Diesel Strain

The Purple Diesel weed is one of a kind strain that has many different versions created from a variety of parent strains. It has a very potent THC level that can even reach a total high of 28% with quite strong effects.

History of Purple Diesel Strain

There are various versions of this weed but the original one is a cross between the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. It is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains creating an almost balanced type of marijuana. Its ratio is 60:40, which makes the Purple Diesel marijuana Sativa-dominant because it constitutes the majority of it.

What are the effects of Purple Diesel Strain?

To get a pretty strong high, you can smoke Purple Diesel weed strain because the THC content makes it very potent. The users will get the best of both worlds because as much as it uplifts the mood of the individual, it also makes him concentrate more. It also adds a burst of energy which is consistent with Sativa-dominants.

What are the medical appointments of this strain?

It does not matter what kind of Purple Diesel marijuana strain you get, there are a lot of medical effects this kush has on its users. Those conditions include bipolar disorder, chronic stress, depression, migraines, PTSD and Insomnia.


Just like any other pot weeds, this one also has its own negative side effects that you need to be aware of. They include:

  • The user might get a dry mouth along with dry eyes. When the high starts to wear off the eyes of the user might get heavy and hint him to sleep.
  • You may also start feeling dizzy and a little paranoid when smoking in an unfamiliar place.

What are the reasons to choose this strain?

Here is more Purple Diesel strain info that shows you why this strain is one of the best, what is it popular for?


The bud of it really looks beautiful because they are medium in size and are quite fluffy. It has a base color of dark olive green with some fiery orange and hints of rich purple.

Smell and Aroma

The Purple Diesel cannabis has a sour diesel smell along with a fruity smell similar to grapefruit or fresh berries. Other versions of this strain may have a sweet floral aroma of lavender.


If you like the taste of diesel, this marijuana can be perfect because that is the most dominant flavor. When exhaling, there will be hints of the smooth sweet taste of fresh berries.

Who is more suitable for Purple Diesel strain?

In this Purple Diesel strain review, you have probably noticed that this weed is very strong and potent. That makes it unsuitable for beginner smokers because the effects can be overwhelming. Here is a list of people who can benefit:

  • ADD/ADHD sufferers
  • Creative individuals
  • Chronic pain patients

Opinion by growers

Growers love this strain because it is relatively easy to grow and has a high yield. They also enjoy the fact that it can be grown and cultivated under both circumstances, indoors and outdoors.

Popularity by growers

It is also quite popular amongst growers and its following is rapidly growing. Since there are so many varieties of this strain, growers can grow different types of this weed depending on their climate.

The growing popularity of this strain has been caused by the demand for this particular type of marijuana in the market. More dispensaries would like to get their hands on this strain to supply to their customers.

Popular Brands/Growers

There are many different growers that grow this weed and many dispensaries that supply it across the country. The most popular grower of this cannabis is Cali Connections which is the same company that bred this strain. There are also different medical marijuana dispensaries that you can buy this strain in wax, buds, seeds or extracted oil.

How to Grow this strain?

Anyone can grow this weed because it is relatively simple to cultivate it and does not have complexities. There is just one peculiarity with the plant of this strain and it about its structure.

The structure of this weed looks like an Indica-dominant type of marijuana long before it even starts to flower when it is actually Sativa-dominant. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors and could be cultivated well in a Screen of Green environment.

Is it useful to edibles-cooking?

If you are willing and able to cook edibles with it, there are some precautions that need to be followed. The high THC content makes it quite dangerous to use on edibles and thus should be decreased. You can do so by vaping the weed and thereafter, it can be used to cook edibles.

Similar Strains

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  • Super Silver Haze.
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If you are looking for a different strain to impress your friends, Purple Diesel can perfectly do the trick. It can also help with different medical conditions by treating the symptoms you suffer from. Just be wary of the potency rate of this marijuana before committing to trying it out.

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