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Ideally, Monster Cookies will want a reasonably Mediterranean climate, with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and some humidity. And thanks to its indica structure, it will also require regular topping to ensure those wider fan leaves at the top do not prevent light and air from getting to the lower parts of the plant. Monster Cookies brings a fairly decent yield, with around 1-3 oz per square foot, so it is worth the 8-9 week wait while the bud flowers.

One last thing to bear in mind is that Monster Cookies offers some pretty huge flowers , so may require extra support during that stage of the growing process. Monster Cookies offers a modest THC range with the highest recorded levels being at around 15% and the lowest at 10%. Don’t be fooled by its average status; this is still a pungent bud that will serve you a top of the range high! What we love about this bud is that it offers a range of benefits, from intense euphoria to melting away stress and anxiety, all the way to physical numbness that is ideal for chronic pain as well as a host of other conditions. In its smallest doses, Monster Cookies can help you unwind quickly as your body melts into a blissful state of relaxation. In more significant amounts, you will be left almost impossibly relaxed in a state of couch-lock, so the choice is yours!

This is most certainly a creeper high in any case, with the physical sensation starting in the head and neck and making its way slowly through the rest of the body, leaving behind a trail of lightness in its wake. Although it is mildly cerebral, there aren’t many cases of users feeling paranoid or overly anxious from this bud, making it an ideal choice for those with anxiety, PTSD or mild depression. We would say that Monster Cookies is primarily a physical strain, as it has grown quite the reputation for its ability to not only quieten the mind, but also leave the body feeling weightless, painless and incredibly relaxed. Patients suffering from nausea, headaches, migraines, chronic pain, and even muscle spasms have used Monster Cookies to benefit from its potent physical effects. We should make the point here that some users find Monster Cookies to be bordering on trippy , as some report psychedelic effects. So if this is something you wouldn’t want to experience, we would recommend straying away from this bud. If you are looking for the perfect way to unwind and open your mind to your creative side, then Monster Cookies is the perfect accompaniment. Watch a film, read a book, or even benefit from the physical high with your partner in a romantic rendezvous – the choice is yours! Possible Side Effects of the Monster Cookies Strain. Like we mentioned earlier, there haven’t been many reports of paranoia or racing thoughts with this bud, but some users find it to cause dry eyes, dry mouth and potential dizziness if taken in too high a dose. We love this bud, but let’s face it, we were always going to with parents like that. From its colorful vibrancy to its fruity, dank smoke that leaves you feeling like you could melt away with relaxation, this strain has so much to offer. We would love to know what you think of Monster Cookies. Is it all it’s hyped up to be, or do you not rate it? A less disruptive method of extracting mole crickets from soil is to pour diluted liquid detergent onto the soil surface. The detergent will then soak into the ground and cause mole crickets to come to the surface, where they will die. An appropriate mixture is 1.5 fluid ounces of liquid dish washing soap in 2 gallons of water poured over an area of 4 square feet. A lightweight square portable frame called a quadrant delineates the area of 4 square feet over which the liquid is poured. Mole crickets present will rise to the surface within about 2 minutes. No damage to turf has been observed with any of several liquid detergents that have been tested. The effectiveness of this method will vary according to the moisture level of the soil, but in repeated comparisons it seems no less accurate than digging mole crickets from the soil. Estimates of numbers of mole crickets per unit area obviously are good only for the time and place on which they were taken. Indirect estimates of mole cricket numbers can be made using a quadrant subdivided by strings into smaller squares. The numbers of smaller squares showing mole cricket galleries, or showing incomplete grass coverage of the surface (provided that you can be sure that loss of coverage was due to mole cricket activity), are indicators of mole cricket activity. These indicators relate in imprecise ways to the numbers of mole crickets that were present at some time in the past in the unit area sampled. Two sorts of traps have been devised for mole crickets: pitfall traps and flight traps. Basic pitfall traps are buckets or other containers sunken into the ground until the rim is level with the soil surface.

In warm, humid weather, mole crickets tend to come to the soil surface to move about; any that cross the rim of the bucket are likely to fall in and be trapped. Other insects, too, can be captured in pitfall traps. More elaborate pitfall traps can use plastic or metal gutters with rims level with the soil surface, and these gutters leading through holes in the sides of a partially buried bucket with a lid; trapped insects make their way into the bucket. Flight traps can be used to capture winged, adult mole crickets. These traps rely on something that is attractive to the mole crickets.

The two major attractants are mole cricket song and light.


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