preserving pot

Electric Preserving Pot ETA 1127 90000 Granny


What is the best thing to do with surpluses of fruit and vegetable, which can´t fit neither into the freezer nor your stomach? A convenient cooking pot ETA Granny brings you an easy solution.

Homemade jams like from your grandmother
Quality preserving pot ETA Granny is equipped with a quality stainless steel container of 25 l capacity, into which can be fitted up to 14 one-liter canning jars. A stainless steel rack, adjustable temperature (30-100 °C) and adjustable timer (20-120 minutes) make the whole process of preserving food easier.

Manipulation with the pot is simple and intuitive. Operation and reaching of the set temperature is signalized by light notification, and when the set time is up, the pot shuts off automatically and notifies you by sound.

Furthermore, in the user manual, you can find a convenient guide how to preserve individual ingredients, what temperature is the best and how long does it take. Thus, you can get down to preserving fruit and vegetable as well as meals.

Enough for everybody
Besides preserving and sterilization, the pot ETA Granny serves you as thermos can for hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot wine, or punch), soups or goulash preparation. Moreover, thanks to KEEP WARM function, you can keep them warm for a long time.

A plastic tap enables you to pour a beverage any time in any amount. Therefore, the cooking pot is the right helper for children camps, garden parties with family or friends.

Safety first
Cooking pot ETA Granny is designed to be user friendly. Thermally insulated handles make the manipulation with the pot easy and decrease the risk of burning. A heating element is safely hidden under a flat stainless steel bottom, and thus it makes the maintenance easier for you.

A safety system is activated in case of overheating or running idle. Non-slip feet then ensure better stability.


Electric Preserving Pot

  • Capacity 25 l
  • For canning fruit and vegetable
  • Quality stailess steel pot
  • Capacity for 14 one-liter canning jars
  • Adjustable timer from 20-120 minutes or to set continuous operation
  • Stainless steel rack for the canning jars with a 29.7 cm diameter
  • Adjustable temperature from 30-100°C
  • KEEP WARM function
  • Light indicator of operation and temperature reaching
  • Automatic shut off
  • Sound signalisation
  • A plasitc tap
  • Suitable also for hot beverages, soups or goulash preparation
  • Thermally insulated handles
  • Hidden heating element – flat bottom
  • Safety fuse against overheating and running idle
  • Inside product dimensions (h x w): 30 x 36.7 cm
  • Input 1800 W
  • ON / OFF switch
  • Power cord length 1,2 m
  • Non-slip feet

Stainless steel electric preserving pot with timer and adjustable temperature, it can be used as hot beverages container with a tap as well.

Preserving pot

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  • Preserving pot ORION Set 30l

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Preserving pot ORION Set 30l

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Enameled pot with grate can be used for cooking large volumes, home slaughter pigs, can be used to cook glasses in two layers – meat, fruit, vegetables, pickles, . In the lid of the preserving thermometer (not included). The product includes a grate that prevents the glasses from contacting the surface of the pot, preventing the glass from bursting. You can also use it for steaming. They are provided with a non-slip coating.

– Material: pot – enamel, grate with polypropylene finish, pliers – stainless / plastic
– Can be used on all types of appliances including induction
– Dimensions: pot – volume 30 l, diam. 35 cm, height 30 cm, h. ear 9 cm, grate – diam. 33 cm
– 16 glasses of 0.7 l Omnia or 19 glasses of 0.72 l with a thread cap can fit into the pot

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