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While not intended as a weight loss plan, the fresh, natural, healthy ingredients certainly can’t hurt. Mitch’s take: To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve been a faithful client of meal prep services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh for the past year or so, which I enjoy for similar reasons as The Yielding Seed, but includes the cooking step. I wasn’t sure if The Yielding Seed would satisfy as much as those choices considering that the food is delivered cold and requires re-heating.

But the flavors totally stood up to the microwave and it was certainly nice to save the cooking time for a few nights. Kush genetics is one of the most popular, commercialized and respected genetics in cannabis business; this legendary genetic lineage comes from the secluded mountains in Afghanistan, a country in Central Asia with its surface along the majority of the mountain range known as Hindu Kush – this complex mountain range, with more than 100 over-6,000m peaks, has witnessed the birth and evolution of Kush genetics for centuries. Hindu Kush has provided mythical genetics – Skunk #1, Sour Diesel, Blueberry, Afghan Kush; the majority of the most resinous, powerful and fast-flowering strains come from Afghan genetics. Afghan Express Afghan Hash Plant Regular Afghan Haze Regular Afghan Kush Afghan Kush Regular Afghan Kush X Skunk Afghan Kush X White Widow Afghan Kush X Yumbolt Afghan Skunk Afghani 1 Feminizada Afghani 1 Regular Afghani1 Automatic Afghanica Regular Auto Afghan Mass Auto Afghan Skunk Hash Plant Regular Hindu Kush Master Kush Master Kush X Afghan Haze Regular Mazar Mota Khan Afghana Northern Lights Purple Afghan Kush SAD Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 Super Skunk. Thru the centuries, Afghan genetics has adapted to the extreme weather of Hindu Kush mountains – rather short size, robust, with pressed fat buds , and with darker, wider, bigger leaves than tropical strains, dark-green color and outstanding resin levels (the strains from this area have always been selected for hash extractions); for example, chara is a type of traditional hash, manually extracted with Afghan strains – very powerful dark hash with a really intense flavor. Besides, the effects of these genetics are more physical, sedating and drowsy than their sativa competitors – their organoleptic properties are very different because the flavor’s mainly earthy with hash flavor (some strains combine this flavor with coffee/pine notes). Currently, the most popular strains in the area are indica, but sativa strains in the Asian zone were documented more than ninety years ago by Nikolai Vavilov, a Russian botanist, as well as the native work with sativa strains, and the existence of wildlife indica strains on the bank of river Kunar (not previously grown). Consequently, the oldest traditional grow used sativa strains too – decades ago, sativa strains weren’t used anymore, focusing on wildlife indica strain monoculture (some theories are trying to clarify this change, but none of them has been confirmed).

Undoubtedly, the current international expansion of Afghan indica genetics goes from California coast to Mediterranean or northern Europe. The extreme climate around these genetics has provided very specific vegetative behavior – in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, its flowering stage’s different too. Evolving in semi-desert climate zones, far from equator , just one annual flowering’s possible, and the season is different depending on the country zone – in northern Afghanistan, April-May, and, in central/northern Afghanistan, May-June; cropping time’s more homogeneous, national growers harvest in October-December depending on grower’s preferences, strain or weather. With this situation, the flowering stage of these strains is faster than the tropical strains from Central America, South America or southern Asia. Advanced Seeds Barney’s Farm Buddha Seeds Delicious Seeds Dinafem Dutch Passion Eva Seeds Gea Seeds Mr.Nice Positronics Sensi Seeds Sweet Seeds White Label World of Seeds. How did Afghan genetics get to be internationally known? These genetics evolved for centuries , isolated in Hindu Kush mountain range, till the mid 90s – the so-called hippie path got the zone full of hippie pilgrims, traveling to India and Nepal across Afghanistan, regarding a spiritual journey full of indica smoke. The visitors tasted Afghan marijuana since they got in contact with local population , and started coming back to Europe (Holland) and America (USA) full of seeds – the intense earthy flavor of these strains infatuated the consumers worldwide, and business focused on selection and stabilization of gradually more powerful and tasty Afghan strains. In a few years, the best cannabis breeders had created the current classical delicatessen – some mythical strains, such as Skunk, AK 47 or Northern Lights, come from crossing Colombian, Mexican and Thai strains with Afghan strains (Cheese, Sour Diesel or Blueberry are also clear genetics from Afghan strains); consequently, these classic strains have produced many other hybrids which are currently commercialized. PACK PRICE 1 unidad 9€ 3 unidades 23 € 5 unidades 35 € 10 unidades 65 € For more than four decades , Afghan genetics has spread worldwide and infatuated the most experienced stoners – without the invaluable input of these excellent strains, current cannabis genetic business would be impossible. Afghanistan highlights quality hash production from these strains – currently, the Asian country is the main international hash producer (more than Morocco, with more annual growing hectares and lower production due to weather, methods and strains); Afghanistan, about 35,000 annual cannabis hectares (145 hash kg), and, Morocco, about 60,000 hectares (40-45 hash kg). A whole post’s required for a proper answer; generally, extraction methods are different depending on the zone in the country – north, dry sieving (marijuana’s properly dried during the cold winter months); south, traditional manual rubbing ( this way, chara’s produced ), rubbing and shredding the buds manually till they get totally impregnated by resin, and, then, the foil which covers your hands is heated by a match or fireplace till it gets soft and, gradually, a ball’s shaped (those balls are the charas, one of the most qualified hash in the planet). Any Afghan strain’s used for hash production, but, on the steep Afghan hillsides, the most popular are Mazari and Watani, and some Logari Shadani plants. Currently, it’s thought that, in Hindu Kush , cannabis diversity’s much lower than a few decades ago – ongoing armed conflicts and human action don’t get unnoticed in front of nature, which is constantly suffering from these devastating consequences (this time, the extinction of hundreds of strains in the area, previously enhancing the biodiversity of Afghan landscape). Anyway, despite human wrongdoing, Gea Seeds will always appreciate this area – one of the best cannabis genetic lineage. Afghani Cannabis Strain [2020 Full Review] Notorious for being one of the most resinous varieties of cannabis on Earth, Afghani weed is, in many ways, from another planet. In fact, it is so valued for its potency that it is the strain most commonly used for producing the outstanding Afghan Black Hash. Adored by cultivators because of a steady genetic lineage, this cannabis type makes a strong base for breeders who want to produce other variations from this dank indica. Named after its geographic origins, you can imagine the stunning lands where Afghani originates from, growing wild in mass groves where locals have picked the strain for centuries, utilizing the crop for its amazing medicinal properties. Known for being a landrace strain from the towering mountains of the Middle East, Afghani weed boasts some of the purest indica genetics know to man. This marijuana type did not need to be tweaked by humans – nature managed to balance out the genetics itself, producing an almost perfect cultivar that was simply taken to a new level once scientists got involved. Both natural selection and years of human cultivation are to thank for the reliable genetics of Afghani marijuana.

Along with an intriguing origin, this unique and ancient variety also has a fascinating backstory which explains how this marijuana ended up in North America. just before the 1970s cannabis ban, which was propelled by the Nixon administration, cultivators have since held and protected these valuable genetics so that the magic would not be lost nor forgotten. If you enjoy indica-dominant strains that are capable of encouraging pain relief and relaxation, or if you enjoy experiencing a strong body high that may even help you fall asleep soundly at night, then the Afghani marijuana strain may be of value to you. Keep reading to discover everything there is to know about the Afghani marijuana strain in our 2020 complete review… What Is the Afghani Cannabis Strain? Known for its use as an effective parent cannabis strain to breed popular weed types like Blueberry and Northern Lights , it is not actually that easy to find pure Afghani available as smokable bud. Rather, it is more likely you might discover one of its byproducts, like the heavy-hitting Afghan Black Hash. Extremely strong, novices need to beware of their consumption levels, for this cannabis strain can easily reach a 15-25% THC content; coupled with its 100% indica presence, you will not want to intake this marijuana unplanned. Presenting an immense body high that leaves you sedated with plenty of appetite and probably the munchies, many of those who have been fortunate enough to try this indica are deeply satisfied with their experience.

Afghаnі Aroma, Flavor, and Aрреаrаnсе: Smelling of sweet flowers that engulf the senses in a wave of floral and earthy pungence, some claim that Afghani’s aroma is more pleasant than the best perfume, with a scent much more natural and grounding. The aroma is coupled with a mind-blowing flavor that subtly impresses its consumers; piney and spicy, the earthy and herbal aftertaste blends with initial hits of a feisty display between the delicateness of flowers and the fire of strong herbs. | This is in part what makes Afghani cannabis so suitable for the production of hash, as its resinous blocks feature exceptional THC levels. Appearance-wise, Afghani weed is short and bushy, much like other indicas.


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