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12 Cannabis Nail Art Decals For Your Home Manicure

By: Carmen Rivera

Looking for cute cannabis nail art decals for an at-home manicure?

In recent years, Cannabis has hit the ground running. With so many seeking products that represent their love for the greenery, companies are rushing to keep up with the high demand.

Edibles, apparel, household products, and accessories are just some of the products that have gained popularity.

During a time where nail salons are not as accessible as they used to be, it is especially important to be able to keep up with nail care.

These fashionable nail art decals allow for a professional manicure look without needing the expertise of a nail technician. Here are some trendy decals suited for every taste.

12 cannabis nail art decals we love

Green Weed Leaf Cosmetic Glitter – Festival Rave Beauty Makeup Face Body Nail

Give your manicure a fabulous makeover with this pot leaf glitter. This glitter can be applied effortlessly with any nail gel and they are proven to last all day and night. Cosmetic grade and very versatile.

Each pack includes 10 grams of glitter so you have enough to share for a fun nail day with friends. With a holographic green shade, your nails will stand out from the rest. The great reviews speak for themselves.

Marijuana Pot Leaf Water Slide Nail Art Decals Set

Salon quality, hand-coated, durable nail decals bring any type of nails to life. Can be added to your acrylic/gel tips or to your own natural nails. These decals are printed on a clear film and only require water for application to your nails.

Easy-to-understand instructions are included in each pack. Due to their durable material, these decals are long-lasting and will not bleed. Join the rest of the satisfied customers raving about these decals.

Marijuana Pot Leaf Water Slide Nail Art Decals Set

Be your own professional nail stylist with these fashionable decals. Easy application provides fast and convenient transformation of your nails.

Each pack comes with simple-to-follow instructions including how easy it is to maneuver onto your nails. Multiple sizes included to add variety to your look. Pack includes 50 decals, enough for a spa day at home.

Pot Leaf Marijuana Mix Weed Nail Art Decal Sticker

With several styles such as leopard print, you will make a great fashion statement.

The many styles allow you to pair your nail art with any outfit. As convenient as peel and stick, these stickers are ideal for the nails-lover. Each pack includes 40 stickers in a variety of sizes and styles.

46 Marijuana Pot Nail Art Decals

Stand out with these mini marijuana leaf and mini bong decals. For the cannabis-lover and connoisseur, show off your pride! Pair them with a white polish background for a stylish look. Each pack contains 46 easy-to-apply decals.

Posh Nails Pot Weed Marijuana Leaf Vinyl Nail Art Decal Stickers

For those who do not want to worry about running out of nail designs. These vinyl reusable decals are the perfect fit, and can be reused up to 10 times. Make your current nail color pop with these marijuana leaf decals. Create instant nail art quickly and easily with a professional look.

Marijuana Water Nail Art Transfers Stickers Decals

Show off your love of the greenery with these versatile decals. Unique styles such as an American flag print marijuana leaf design. Satisfy your passion while showing off your creativity.

Easy application instructions included with only 30 seconds per nail to apply. Can be applied to any type of nails on both hands and feet. Each pack includes 40 decals.

Pot Leaf Green Novelty Nail Art Transfer Decal Wrap for False Acrylic Gel or Natural Nails

Nothing says I love Marijuana more than these nail designs. Place them on each nail or just a few nails, either way these make their own statement.

Apply a top coat for low maintenance lasting up to 5 weeks. Includes 20 decals per sheet. Simple instructions make these decals user friendly.

Marijuana Pot Leaf Rainbow Color Nail Art Decals

Chic and stylish with a design everyone will love. Discover these unique handcrafted nail art decals. With a rainbow pattern they can pair up with any outfit. This pack of 20 decals make the perfect gift or you can use them to pamper yourself with a manicure.

Marijuana Pot Leaf Pink Nail Art Decals

Pretty in Pink! These pot leaf decals are perfect for the girly girl or any lover of pink. You do not need to be a professional nail technician to apply these decals. Simple instructions allow you to go from frumpy to fancy in no time. Includes a set of 20, enough to wear or share with others.

Marijuana Water Nail Art Transfers Stickers Decals

These handcrafted professional-quality designs will have your friends convinced you got your nails done at a salon.

Each pack comes with a variety of styles to fit your fashion needs. Great for professionals as well as for those learning nail art. Made of durable material, so enjoy a day in the pool and show off your new nails!

Pink and Blue Pot Leaf Weed Nail Art Decal Sticker

Nail lovers look no further! These unique multicolor stickers are the best of both worlds. With a combination of pink/blue they are sure to please every taste. Simply peel and stick for easy application. Each pack contains 40 stickers.

With a budding industry, marijuana is now legal for medicinal and recreational use in many places throughout the United States. This has paved the way for many companies to freely sell items that at one time were considered taboo.

This has also brought about a new culture where being 4/20-friendly is embraced at a greater scale. For all the cannabis-lovers, these great products are just a click away!

Carmen Rivera is a writer who focuses on cannabis lifestyle and culture.

12 Cannabis Nail Art Decals For Your Home Manicure By: Carmen Rivera Looking for cute cannabis nail art decals for an at-home manicure? In recent years, Cannabis has hit the ground