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Assuming you are a bit more experienced and ready for this strain, the high begins pretty typically. You will get that wash of intense relaxation and laziness, almost to the point of falling down on the floor. However, even though it is almost entirely an indica, the beginning of the high also carries with it some distinctive sativa elements.

Your brain gets a quick rush of euphoria, leaving you senseless and a little flustered. This can all seem a bit too much to handle, which is another reason it is commonly taken only by experienced smokers. The typical wave of further deepening relaxation will start to take hold after a little bit of this high. There is this really subtle, yet super intense warmth that spreads through you, no matter what you do. Continuous happiness and a sense of blissful serenity will last for hours, eventually soothing you into a calm and sweet sleep. Thanks to these nice, predictable effects, this is a great strain for nighttime use to help you fall asleep, after first enjoying plenty of sweet relaxation. What kind of aroma does this delightful cross offer up? The first thing you will notice on giving this bud a smell is its NYC Diesel roots.

The diesel and vaguely hash aroma carries through into Oregon Diesel bud, which can feel a bit too strong. However, the aroma gets a lot more interesting the closer you get to it. As you actually break it open, there are other flavors that give it a great deal more depth. True to its Blackberry parent, Oregon Diesel has that vaguely tart, yet sweet whiff of new berries. There is also a good deal of herbaceousness that persists even as you start to grind it up and get it ready for smoking. Once your Oregon Diesel is all prepared and ready for enjoying, what kind of flavors can you expect from the smoke? The flavor of the Oregon Diesel bud is decently similar to its aroma, though it carries with it a lot more of the end aromas in its flavor. This means that you get a lot more berries, herbs, and even a little bit of pine just at the very back of your throat. Of course, that prominent diesel taste persists as well, though it is a bit more muted than with its aroma. The flavor is a mixed bag, so depending on how comfortable you are with varying flavors all at once, this can be a super interesting strain when it comes to taste. A lot of people find themselves almost gagging at the sheer intensity and complexity of this strain, so make sure that you don’t take too much at once. What is the appearance of the Oregon Diesel strain? Oregon Diesel buds are decently round, almost enough to be considered balls, rather than a typical conical shape. There are plenty of pistils, which are great indicators of flavor, as well as a better than average quantity of trichomes. These two features combine to give the strain its distinctive flavor profile, as well as some of its potent effects. If you mishandle your Oregon Diesel bud, even so much as touching it too much before using it, you risk destroying its delicate flavor. What’s more, some of the trichomes might dislodge themselves, meaning that you lose incredibly vital THC content. If you are hoping to alter the shape and design of your buds or try to manipulate their flavor subtly, then you need to work and grow your own. What kind of secretive, inside knowledge do you need to know to grow your own Oregon Diesel? Oregon Diesel seeds are decently easy to come across, assuming you live within the North West. Failing that, you can always find a friendly grower already making their own Oregon Diesel and get a clipping from them. Clones taken in this way tend to be hardier, plus you don’t have to deal with the extra effort of germinating. However, don’t worry too much about its resilience; Oregon Diesel was developed in Oregon, so it is extremely used to adverse temperatures. It prefers a bit of a colder climate than most marijuana strains, plus a decent amount of humidity. Maintenance of your Oregon Diesel plant will mostly be making sure it is well-watered, as well as trimmed. Thanks to its pretty intense vegetative growth and flowers, you might want to cultivate it in the direction you want it to grow.

Other than that, Oregon Diesel is a pretty simple plant to grow for yourself. It doesn’t need intense heat control, nor much real work, other than frequent watering. This is a strain that seems to suck up water no matter what you do to it.

If you are growing it indoors, you might consider rigging up a sprinkler system set to an automated timer, so as to not have to worry about watering manually. You can do this outside as well, but it is a good deal more tiresome. Once you harvest your Oregon Diesel bud, make sure you get it immediately dried and ready for storage. If you neglect to do this, you might damage its delicate trichomes and lose out on incredible amounts of flavor and value. After all this care and harvest is said and done, what kind of THC content does it have?


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