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What is a Downspout Bubbler Pot?

A downspout bubbler pot is a device that collects and then disburses water several feet away from a home’s foundation. It is designed to work with an underground downspout system, channeling and disbursing water into the area around the pot.

Moving rainwater away from your home’s foundation is something you may not think about often. However, it’s crucial to helping your foundation stay intact. If water moves in, your foundation can crumble and flood your home. Bubbler pots are an excellent way to move that water away from your house.

How does a bubbler pot work?

The device is usually installed an average of 10 feet from your home’s foundation. Bubbler pots are typically between 5 and 9 inches in diameter and up to 8 inches tall. They are constructed of a high-grade thermoplastic material that does not biodegrade. The pots are designed to work with 3-inch and 4-inch diameter downspouts.

Water collects and flows through gutters into the underground drainage system. From there, it is channeled to the bubbler pot connected to the gutters.

A bubbler pot often has a slotted lid that lets excess water “bubble up” from the drainage system (hence its name). The lid helps keep larger debris such as grass clippings or dirt from collecting inside the pot. This lets the lid drain water properly.

A bubbler pot is mounted on top of stone, which helps disperse the water. It’s installed flush to the ground so that mowing or landscaping around it isn’t a problem. The lid is usually painted green to make it less visible.

Why is it a good idea to consider using a downspout bubbler pot?

A home that doesn’t make use of a bubbler pot is much more likely to experience water damage to its foundation. An underground drainage system that is not designed to carry water away from the home may let moisture to seep back into the foundation. This can lead to mold and mildew problems or even rotting materials.

A downspout bubbler pot helps disperse draining water across a larger area of the yard away from the foundation. It can also help prevent water from collecting in low spots. When heavy rains result in standing water, the device helps spread the water out so that it can soak into the earth more efficiently. Avoiding a leaky basement or a damaged foundation is an excellent reason to consider installing a downspout bubbler pot.

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