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So my number one choice for the best way to pass a drug test with little notice would be simple to prepare a fake sample and take it along to submit. If you find the idea of smuggling fake sample in absolutely terrifying, then the only other way you can mask the toxins is a detox drink. As long as you go for a good quality brand, something like Ultra Eliminex (80$) , Mega Clean with pre rid pills (69$) or Rescue Cleanse 32OZ (55$) , then so long as you haven’t got a huge amount of toxins in your body, then they will give you a window of opportunity to submit a clean sample in. Another great choice is a detox drink called Detoxify Mega Clean.

But make sure you don’t buy it from Walmart stop get it online, where you can buy it with six pre-rid pills bundled in. These act like a 24-hour course of toxin removing pills, which give your body a good head start, giving the Mega Clean less to do. If you know you have a high toxin level in your body, then make sure you abstain for a couple of days beforehand if possible, and start a natural detox, as I outlined earlier, as this will allow more toxins out of your body, giving the detox drink less to do on the day. If you do have the time, then a natural detox, backed up by a course of 5 days Toxin Rid pills , could get you clean in as little as 5 days, if you think about the fact the pills can half the time the detox will take. They do course lengths of three, five, seven and 10 days in length, but I would recommend anything less than five days where possible. So if you know your test coming up your next few days, although that’s not really short notice, it is one of the proven ways you can pass a urine sample drug test by being actually clean. So I hopefully have now explained that the fastest way to clean your system out in a short space of time, like 24 hours, is virtually impossible. But it is easy to mask the toxins if you use synthetic urine or a detox drink.

Marijuana Seeds from Sweet Seeds Premium Potency and Flavor. Devoted specialists of the feminized and autoflowering strains, Sweet Seeds have made it their mission from their early days to produce not only the finest hybrid strains on the market, but to go beyond other breeders. Their world-renowned strains have become a prime example of marijuana quality and are blazing their own path of unrivaled potency and flavor, never compromising on either. If it's the best and most flavorful autos and feminized strains you're after, these award-winning unique seeds are more than something new and exciting - they're an absolute must, and SeedSupreme Seed Bank recommend these beans readily. If you are based in the USA, Seedbank specific strains take longer to arrive with you. The following curated selection are rapidly dispatched within the America. These are not from the above seedbank, just a selection available for fast delivery. If you are based anywhere else in the world, the below is rapidly dispatched from our European facility. USA orders will be fulfilled but please allow extra time. Below is available for Fast Delivery in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Since their inception in Valencia back in 2005, Spanish breeders Sweet Seeds have been focused on producing the highest quality seeds for their consumers, balancing traits so as to never sacrifice any desirable traits in their hybrids. Even at their birth, these Spaniards knew the value of feminized and autoflowering genetics, and while these are commonplace weed varieties today, it was a different story altogether back then. It is an integral part of the Sweet Seeds machine, the belief that marijuana is a gift from Mother Nature which absolutely anyone should be able to enjoy and cultivate. To this seed bank, this gift is one to both share and seek to improve . With this belief at the heart of their actions, the Sweet Seeds team set out going against the grain of ganja growers worldwide, being one of the earliest adopters of feminized strains in a time when most feminized seeds turned out to be hermaphrodites and were fiercely snubbed by the cannabis community at large. Sweet Seeds saw the landscape as we enjoy it today, however, where feminized seeds is a label to be trusted, and so, with their core belief held tightly, they persisted. It took a tremendous level of breeding prowess to sway the public perceptions of feminized seeds and show the world their true value, but Sweet Seeds managed it, and are credited with much of the public opinion shift when it comes to these varieties. Of course, to begin with, they had to choose the perfect strains . And to say they chose wisely would be a dramatic understatement. Of the three cannabis strains Sweet Seeds kicked off their game with ( Black Jack, S.A.D and Sweet Tai ), all three remain immensely popular today and have won many awards over the years. It wasn’t long before Sweet Seeds’ devotion to mastering the feminized strains began producing spectacular results and, first locals, then the wider European market, started taking notice. And it wasn’t long until the Spanish seed bank realized their truest market - a dawning moment with huge implications on their success.

Sweet Seeds had never been too concerned with public opinion, else they never would have persisted with feminized seeds, but by ignoring the commercial market in favor of their beliefs, it was a short step to niching down to the aim of satisfying the choosiest cannabis consumers in the world - the connoisseurs .

Their reputation swiftly spread as caterers to the connoisseur and, as their comprehensive collection steadily grew and lined their offerings with a diverse range of sublime, exotic genetics from every corner of the world, that reputation was cemented. Sweet Seeds exist to serve the needs and desires of the stoners, growers and breeders they cater for, and have earned their laurels through unrivaled consumer satisfaction in their product and original properties.


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