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Sweet lavender, fruity, & citrus was the smell & taste. Nice flavor enjoyed itand still was able to do my daily work outside.its a wowie alright. Stimulating if not euphoric then you have taken to much only to realize you are really stoned and it will last for several hours. Take your time with this one, don't hurry feel your way through it and rnjoy.

Pain relief yes, fresh hash wtg, Pineapple is strange it is like I am smoking a fruit. This could cause some to have bad flash backs, like brother Bruce Banner “Tynolel #3.” With Mai Waui less than 90 minutes you are logical enough to drive or work while still experiencing pain relief. Maui Wowie would be more controlled as the initial high comes down. However, this is “Like a shot of morphine.” Would be good for those in severe pain and distress. Maui Wowie Cannabis Strain Review [NOT Maui Waui!] The original king of sativas, Maui Wawie is the tropical bud that has real legend status! If you know anything about marijuana, then you will be sure to know all about this fruity bud that offers some serious medicinal benefits while providing recreational users a boost of creativity. Today we are going to be talking about all things Maui Wawie, why it has retained its high profile for all these years, and why you NEED to try it if you haven’t already! Stick around to find out why this sativa bud offers the perfect high… What is the Maui Wawie Marijuana Strain? This is your typical sativa bud in that it is energetic, euphoric, and with a physical buzz like no other.

However, this Hawaiian born flower holds back on the mind-race, so it can be enjoyed by almost anyone! With a somewhat mysterious background, the genetics of this fruity bud are unknown, but what is clear is that it has brought all the flavors of the volcanic islands to America. With a complex range of spicy, fruit-filled notes that are both mouth-watering and delicious, Maui Wawie is a real treat to behold. We’ve all heard those OG vet smokers complain that cannabis isn’t what it used to be, and it is true that today strains are stronger, punchier and more potent than ever. However, we have a lot to thank Maui Wawie for when it comes to that; being one of the first ever strains to offer a higher THC content , this sativa bud was well into its teens, leaving other strains in the dust as it soon became the number one must-have bud. It was during the 60s that this flower first reared its head on the island of Maui, and it wasn’t long before it was being shared amongst every island in Hawaii before eventually making its way around the rest of the globe. Although it isn’t considered one of the most potent buds in today’s climate, Maui Wawie still offers a decent THC content, with the highest tests coming out at around 28%! Both patients and cannabis enthusiasts alike will love the creative energy instilled from this flower, and it lasts for hours, too! Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of the Maui Wawie Strain. Well close your eyes and inhale the rich notes of sweet and tangy citrus in this exotic bud and you’re almost there! Maui Wawie offers rich notes of pine, earth and pineapple in a fresh yet exotic package that is unlike anything we have smelled before. Although the initial smell of this bud is a delight, the real treat comes once it is broken up, as you are hit with potent sweet notes and an underlying citrus edge that gives it a tangy kick. Along the same vein as the aroma, Maui Wawie tastes fruity, sweet, and complex, with a subtle spice that tickles the back of the throat. The tropical flavours intermingle and develop into a richer, more potent pine, which helps balance out the sweetness and has you going back for seconds before you know it! What can we say, we love a big bud, and Maui Wawie is certainly that! Boasting heights of up to 78 inches this is not a bud to mess with. Vibrant green hues intermingled with vivid orange hairs really are a sight to behold. Thanks to its nourishing soil , the colors in this bud are beautiful to behold and appear extra vivid, making the frosted, thick white trichomes stand out even more against the colorful backdrop. If you are hoping to grow your very own batch of Maui Wawie, then you are in luck because this is one of those easy buds that require limited input as long as the proper measures are put in place from the start! As her roots may suggest, Maui Wawie loves a tropical climate, and so anyone looking to cultivate this bud want to do everything they can to recreate a Hawaiian climate. That means heat, humidity and some good, nourishing soil! Maui Wawie will certainly do best in an outdoors environment , and can offer a high yield if cultivated properly. Thanks to its heritage, this bud has an impressively high resilience to most diseases and is pretty adaptable. We would suggest that anyone looking to imitate this bud’s origins purchase a good fertilizer as it will need rich soil to thrive. For those restricted to cultivating this baby indoors, the need for a heater and extractor fan, as well as powerful lighting, is a must to get the most out of the bud.

Indoor plants of this strain usually yield around 14 ounces per square meter, as opposed to 16 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. Flowering time for Maui Wawie is between 7-9 weeks, and is well worth the wait for a tropical taste sensation! When it comes to the effects of this potent bud, the overall vibe is a relaxed one, with a euphoric energy that will have you getting out into nature, writing, creating and loving life. The perfect option for those needing a little mental relief , Maui Wawie has become a popular option for sufferers of anxiety, stress and depression.

Users report this sativa offering an almost instant blow of happiness, which starts as a comfortable pressure in the head before exploding throughout the body in a subtle energy that makes you want to get up and go. Unlike many sativas that can often give users a mind-racing effect, this is a pretty laid back bud that can be used to get things done, socialize with pals or just go for a walk. Many have reported its benefits for muscular conditions, as it provides pain relief and eases muscular tension, making it ideal for a number of conditions.


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