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Bank We offer various bank payment methods: Bill Pay, paper check, ACH, email and international bank transfers. You will receive detailed instructions in your order confirmation email. eCheck With an eCheck you only need to enter your checking account number and banks' routing number. An eCheck is instantly created and your order is paid for online. The eCheck payment Method allows you to securely pay for your order using your checking account.

Card As with most online stores, your card info is processed by a secure third party company. We do not see or store your credit card information. Check with your card provider to remove restrictions for overseas purchases. Bitcoin We give a 10% discount on orders paid with Bitcoin. First make sure to buy some Bitcoin using our 4 Step Bitcoin Guide. We ship daily to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Nutrients arrive between 5-20 days, 10 days on average. Shipping to Australia and NZ Shipping for orders below $150 is $25. Seeds arrive between 5-15 days, 10 days on average.

Nutrients arrive between 10-25 days, 15 days on average. Seeds and nutrients arrive between 10-15 days, 12 days on average. In the unfortunate case your seeds get crushed during shipment we may ask for a clear picture of the seeds in their original bags. Germination Instructions - Soak your seeds in lukewarm water. Place them 1/2 inch in loose soil when they show a tail within 48 hours. Germination Guarantee - If you follow our germination instructions exactly and your seeds do not germinate, then we will replace them for free. You can choose between an immediate reship, or double the lost seeds on your next order. You may be asked to return the ungerminated seeds to us. NYC Diesel is a fave among the creatives and artists communities because of its fruitiness. This hybrid is known to uplift users while inspiring the creative mind. Best of all, there’s no couch lock or heavy body high. Plant type 40% Indica 60% Sativa THC Up to 20% CBD There are rumors that this mysterious strain may also have been derived from the infamous Sour Diesel hybrid. This bud was created by crossing Hawaiian sativa with Afghani indica. NYC diesel can be bought from coffee shops, weed markets and medical marijuana dispensaries around the world. Female plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the Fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors. We advise also reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results. NYC Diesel is a strain that can flourish both indoors and outdoors, but it will require a little work. If grown indoors, a stable climate should be maintained to ensure a quality grow. A warm and dry climate is best in case the strain is grown outside. The state of the soil also matters as it requires both macro and micronutrients to thrive well. During the flowering period, it is very important for the soil to be enriched with phosphorus. Topping the plant during the vegetation cycle will be required. This ensures that the plant grows bushy, forming the desired canopy to maximize yields. Pruning the herb is also very necessary for purposes of great free airflow and to also ensure nutrients reach their required destinations.

Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage. We recommend giving your plants: Flowering & Yield. It takes NYC Diesel 9 to 11 weeks to flower when grown indoors. This strain produces a high yield and has a growth difficulty that is moderate meaning any farmer can manage to grow it. Indoor growers should expect to yield about 14 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter.

Expect a yield of about 12 ounces of usable marijuana per plant when cultivated outdoors. You should be ready for a full harvest sometime during early November. NYC Diesel makes an individual happy and very talkative, making this strain a great choice for social events. It has a paranoia-free effect that lures most anxious customers to buy it. This type of marijuana induces energy, making the user very active and alert.


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