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For Australia and New Zealand, a $25 shipping fee will be required if your order total is less than $150, so just stock up and you should be able to avoid delivery fees altogether. Seeds will typically be shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order and payment, and orders take an average of 4 days to reach US addresses. For other countries, delivery may take a bit longer. Also, some items like fertilizers and CBD oil need to ship separately via ground and may take about 10 business days to arrive. The free shipping option does not include tracking, but you can add that service on by paying for registered shipping during checkout.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana are based in the Netherlands, but they also have a shipping facility in California, so orders coming into the US won’t need to pass through customs. That’s a huge time and stress saver, though you should never really feel stressed about your seeds getting to you as ILGM seeds offers a delivery guarantee. If your order has not arrived within 25 business days, ILGM will reship your seeds to you for free. You’ll need to contact them within 90 days of placing your order to get the ball rolling on your replacement. The second shipment will contain exactly the same seeds as you ordered the first time, but you may ship it to a different address if you want. However, seeds can’t be reshipped due to a mistake in entering your address during checkout. ILGM will print your address exactly as you enter it and send it there, so if you mess that one up, that’s on you. But if that’s the case, they’ll still give you a discount on your next order to soothe your pain, which is generous of them, frankly.

They’ll also send a replacement if your seeds get crushed during transit, just be sure to save it and take a picture of the crushed seed still inside the packaging to verify with customer service. Seed Bank – Delivery and Germination are Guaranteed. ILGM is likely to attract first-time growers due to its wealth of available information and educational materials. To better cater to beginner buyers, they also carry few other types of growing related products in addition to their seeds. For new growers who have nothing, this is a great thing because it allows them to treat ILGM like their own personal one-stop marijuana shop and grab everything that they’re going to need for their grow in one big order. Since ILGM also has a customer rewards program (keep reading to find out more about that) they’ll also be racking up some nice rewards points doing this that they can cash in on more seeds down the line. If you’ve never grown with them before, the right nutrients or fertilizers can take your grow to the next level. You may not believe the yields you can get using these. ILGM sells different fertilizers with different blends of nutrients that are designed for specific points in your plant’s life cycle. Here are the kinds you can choose from, though chances are good that you’ll want to get them all to be used throughout your grow: Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer – This fertilizer is, of course, designed to be used at the beginning of your grow, when you’re just germinating your seedlings. It’s high in phosphorus and potassium, giving young plants exactly what they need to develop strong and healthy roots. It can be used in any grow medium, from soil to hydroponic, but if you’re using it in soil, you’ll want to be sure to plant when the ground is moist and cold either in early spring or late fall. The balance of nutrients in the seedling fertilizer is N = 11 P = 40 K = 13. Bergman’s Growtime Fertilizer – This fertilizer is meant to be used during your plants’ vegetative state. It improves soil tilth and helps your plants to grow stronger and be more hardy. Plants given this fertilizer are better able to retain and distribute their nutrients and also show increased microbial activity. The balance of nutrients in the seedling fertilizer is N = 19 P = 5 K = 20. Bergman’s Plant Booster – This is a great fertilizer to use right before or during your plants’ flowering phase. It can help induce early flowering and give your plants more time to develop some extra dank buds. The balance of nutrients in the seedling fertilizer is N = 0 P = 27 K = 27. Bergman’s Flowertime Fertilizer – This is the best fertilizer to use during the flowering period. The high levels of potassium stimulate the growth of many large and potent buds while nitrogen encourages healthy foliage growth. As soon as your plants start to flower, you should apply some of this stuff every 7 days. The balance of nutrients in the seedling fertilizer is N = 15 P = 6 K = 30. That’s why they keep coming back season after season, year after year, to get the I Love Growing Marijuana seeds and strains they love. Check out what our customers are saying on our Trustpilot profile, and see for yourself if our service is a fit for your needs.

Check out our dedicated review portal through Trustpilot. There you can see our nearly 3,000 unique ILGM reviews and search by both score or language. Get the answers you want, hear what customers have to say, or head here to learn more about ILGM and Robert Bergman, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us! This page will lead you to some setup shopping lists for a handful of the most popular styles of growing cannabis. You can use the information below to help decide which type of lighting you want to use if you don’t already know.

The type of lighting you use will steer you towards some guides that will show you everything that’s needed to get started growing potent homegrown cannabis. You’ll get the initial setup cost, the cost to reach your first harvest (the highest cost), and the cost of subsequent harvests (much cheaper after the first). Note: You’ll notice that in the pictures below, there are 2 numbers for electricity. Electricity prices were calculated for $0.12/kWh (USA national average) and $0.25/kWh (city average). So, your electricity price may be higher or lower depending on the cost of electricity where you live.


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