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Add another hole in each plate and I may consider it. All of the Companies below, are or have been Distributing this product. I seriously doubt all of the affiliates are listed below.

More Detailed Information about these cells HHO-Plus manufactures and distributes its product to many Affiliates/Distributors around the world. Thus, concerns and complaints that I receive from their customers, are from around the world. It troubles me that a company would advertise and sell a product, such as this, and then not support it sufficient enough to keep customers reasonably satisfied. Customer Support is critical when the product is Experimental. HHO Energie No Longer In Business Klondike Darol Mason D&N Automotive Engineering Retired --- No longer has eBay store Mighty Mite Store Sold the rights to his products. Mighty Mite (all models), Mini Mite, Pure Power, An honest company; just don't believe everything you read. The Cells are made from PVC Plumbing Parts, and I have complaints of water leaks, because of excess heat. The 2 inch diameter electrode plates can handle 2 amps Continuously; I would not recommend using more amperage.

If you want an HHO Generator to use for Health purposes, this would work. The 2 inch diameter electrode plates can not handle that continuously. They claim this unit makes 2 LPM @ 15 amps Using Faraday calculations, at most, 1 LPM @ almost 14 amps It uses PVC Plumbing Pipe rated at 140 F. LOL 16 Plate, 316L Stainless Steel Plates (2 stacks of 8) They say they are "The Largest Supplemental HHO Fuel Cell Installers Group In Europe --- Currently In 13 Countries. They claim 5.5 LPM out of 11 Plates (2 stacks of 6 plates sharing a center electrode). The late great Michael Faraday tells us that it would take 105 amps to produce 5.5 LPM, using their cell configuration. Active Plate size would have to be a minimum of 10x10 inches. So you see, it is possible to produce that much LPM, but they fail to state at what amperage. Their system uses a 40 amp Relay and a 30 amp Circuit Breaker. I have talked with them before about their LPM statements. It is 4 inches high and 3 inches wide, length is 7 in. They say 5 LPM and 2.5 LPM Continuous without overheating. Faraday calculations predict this cell to produce 1.315 LPM at a maximum of 21 amps continuous. Actual Current Density is even smaller when you consider the gasket. No Customer Support Information available, and no customer reviews or feedback. I would research them good before making a purchase. Product constructions seems to be typical of Dry Cells. They offer various size cells that use 7 plates in series; efficient. I could not locate any Support or Customer Reviews. Out of Business Hydrogen Boost HHO Super Pack Affiliate Duda Diesel Hydro Tuning Exagerates LPM Out of Business? Should be 2 LPM European Union Hydrogen Generators USA Bio Hydrogen-Power T2 Out of Business HyFusion. Hydrogenator Hydrogen Power Cars Hydro-Extra Webs Powergate Enviro Innovatlions Enviro Innovations, Australia Auction Site Quangen Hydrogen Quantum Hydrogen. Gets the "Worst Website Award" Terrible use of spoken & written English.Terrible punctuation and spelling. Hydrogen Fuel Systems Australia Exaggerates LPM eBay greensource Pro Hydrogen, Pure Hydrogen Canada eBay Itouch2000 oGo 9 Plate, 11 Plate, 21 Plate eBay glknox1 Knox Scientific HHO HHO Generators and Plans, TripleGen eBay NQ Hybrids stainless steel gates Overstates maximum amperage eBay HHO Products agl0002 Labella's Auto Repair HHO Dry Cell Kits, 4x4, New Category --- An Accident waiting to Happen eBay glknox1 What do you get? Hydrogen Solutions Out of Business. Not Enough Information for me to calculate their stated product performance. Nor Enough for "me" to consider purchasing their Product. I suggest researching carefully before making a decision. Asteros LTD HHO Cyprus Sold on eBay. 7 plates in Series; 6x6 inch Active Surface area; no holes in the plates. Produces about 1.25 LPM @ 20 amps (they state 1.5 LPM). I calculate 20 amps is the maximum that should be used.

If you have any information on the reliability of this product, please let me know. "click" image to enlarge In order for a vehicle to be a Hybrid, it must operate on two different/separate energy sources. HH2 equipped systems are not capable of operating strictly on the by-products they produce.


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