pineapple fields strain review

All About Pineapple Fields Strain

Pineapple Fields strain is an extremely potent Sativa-dominant hybrid. Avid cannabis users boast about a high THC level which results in relaxing and euphoric effects of this hybrid.


Originally developed in Hawaii, the weed thrives in the Hawaiian climate with a potent moisture stream. Bred by Dynasty Seeds, Pineapple Fields is a cross of the ever-popular Kali Snapple and Ms. Universe #10.

Strain Effects

Featuring a staggering 17% THC and 2.5% CBD, Pineapple Fields marijuana will softly lull you into a cerebral high. It boasts an 80% Sativa base and 20% Indica base that beautifully complement each other.

The energizing high is extremely long-lasting and will provide extreme feelings of euphoria. The strain of this cannabis provides an uplifting and clear-headed experience that can be used to improve mood, minimize depression and sink into the ultimate relaxation.

The relaxing high results in an enjoyable-tinging high throughout the body. It is a unique strain, as it provides both a head high and a body high.

Medical effects

This hybrid is an excellent option for individuals that suffer from mental struggles such as anxiety or depression. Furthermore, it has a beneficial effect on chronic pain, inflammation or muscle tension.

Negative effects

Due to the enjoyable high and successful breeding, the reviews are relatively positive. Only 30% of users reported experiencing dry mouth, and only 11% of users reported feelings of paranoia. This strain seems to have a large cult-following of die-hard supporters.

What Makes Pineapple Fields Weed Appealing?

Several users of Pineapple Fields report an aroused, lifted high that often results in bouts of hunger. With frequent use, Pineapple Fields will assist with fatigue, insomnia and mood swings.

Smell and taste

Rich in caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, this cannabis strain has a strong, fruity aroma with pepper, citrus, and herbal undertones. The flavor of this strain alone has impressed users, and many report enjoying the taste.

Physical features

Pineapple Fields results in dense, chunky buds with a beautiful purple hue and beautiful trichomes. This strain can be purchase in a wax, bud or leaves. Its various forms entice novice to avid cannabis users.

What Others Say About Pineapple Fields Cannabis

Despite the strong aroma that Pineapple Fields cannabis presents, the strain has a long lineage and line of mass supporters. The unique, hybrid strain provides sought-after effects. The strain by Dynasty Seeds is a must-try for cannabis users around the world. Enjoy the relaxing high and enjoyable euphoria..


If you’re interested in trying a well-rounded, potent strain with euphoric effects, look no further than Pineapple Fields. The body-high alone will be a memorable experience.

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