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Pineapple Express

FastBuds ‘ Pineapple Express is a flavorful autoflowering sativa-indica hybrid with 20% THC and 0.9% CBD. The variety is good for stimulating creative energy. It has an uplifting effect and does not cause anxiety. You will feel pineapple, tropical, fruit and sour notes when Smoking. It is an easy to grow and stable plant, producing a substantial amount of resin buds. When blooming, it emits a strong pleasant fruity smell. The yield reaches 300 g per plant, under good conditions. The strain can reach 1.4 m in height in 9-10 weeks, so it needs a lot of space. It is also recommended to monitor the pH level and add fertilizers.

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I chose this strain for my first grow because I tasted it before and you can say because of the movie. The way jame franco said SMELL IT, is definitely true. Amazing smell & uplifting effect, the only thing was they grow tall and that might be because of my light set up as it was my very first grow ever.

Also Great Yield despite of some issues ( my inexperienced) in the way.
In total, I’ll get more of this strain definitely for my next grow AGAIN.

Just harvested my second FastBuds Pineapple Express Auto it couldn’t have been easier. I grew it in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, did some LST and light pruning and gave about gave about half the suggested nutrients every other watering after it started flowering. Easy grow for beginners.

My only non-positive (but not really negative) comment is that two seeds of the same strain produced two physically different plants. The only plant was ready to cut down 10 weeks after sprouting and had dense, picturesque buds. This second one took over 15 weeks and had buds that were not as dense, but produced almost twice as much dry bud. That being said I’d

Very nice buds with minimum trimming. I will update once it’s dried and cured. This is day 71 and I chopped the smaller plant. The other one looks like it might be a day or two the main colts on it stretched so far above the rest of the canopy that they got some light burn but so far it hasn’t hurt anything but some tips on sugar leaves. Keeping an eye on it.

Day 72took the tops off the tallest colas on plant 2. Gave it some water and wait for the canopy to get a couple of ambers. Day 73 chopped plant #2; 306gm

55gm of cola that I chopped on day 73 fo plant #2 total of 361gm. Trimmed out its 288gm total on plant/2. P1 P2=579gm wet bud trimmed out. The plants /3&4 that I gave away won’t be in this tally but after it’s been dried I will add it to the total dry. As for the wet im guessing he trimmed out about 400gm. estimatime of 1050gm ( /-50gm) for 4 plants in total

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