photoperiod cannabis

Another thing about this majestic lady is how she will flower with pink, magenta and purple hues making her stand out from the rest, meaning her bag appeal is sky high. Experiencing this strain: Due to her Skunk lineage, the effects will be high energy, high creativity and a fun, relaxed mind set. She has a THC level from 15-18% making her a more mellow hybrid, but ideal for smokers who love long lasting fruit cocktail flavours, that really inspire the inner artist. When rolling a joint, the aroma she releases is hypnotic and mesmerizingly strawberry candy sweet.

After lighting a joint, the room will smell like wild combination of fresh flowers, berry, strawberry tarts and bubblegum. Smoking cured flowers of Bubblelicious is a real delight and extracts from this hybrid are top shelf. We recommend this strain for morning and day time use, making music, art, deep reading and those who enjoy relaxing. What makes this strain so great: You will feel like a child again in a candy shop when you experience her tropical, sweet floral terpenes. An extremely pleasant effect that will keep you buzzed for hours with massive yields for both indoor and outdoor growers. It would be a tremendous error to confuse affordability with quality and satisfaction here. The name brings the smell of that sweet sugary scent we all know and love from our childhood.

A highly unique plant in its terpene profile, the smells and flavors this plant delivers can be overwhelming. This is a strain which any and all grower must have in their vault. An old school hybrid; as always, here at Resin Seeds , we aim to only work with the most select and praiseworthy phenotypes of a particular strain, never relying on the black market for random claims of elite cuttings, or years of endless searching to find a special plant. Rather, our networks and special industry friends allow us to go straight to the source. Rather than go thru endless packs of a particular strain, wasting time, money and effort in hopes of finding the often hyped but rarely seen elite cut, we cut to the chase here. Both these classic cannabis cultivars, Bubblegum(TM) and Lavender, are legendary classics on their own. The breeders here at Resin Seeds saw here a tremendous opportunity to leave their mark on the cannabis community, basking in the knowledge that both Adam of THSeeds and Soma were just a phone call away, with their chosen and tested mothers to offer up for further breeding. The idea of working such classic lines was too good to pass up, so Jaime made all efforts to obtain these genetics. A short time later, an exciting new Resin Seeds strain was born; and one of our best-sellers to date. Ever since, this Bubblicious strain and its seed have been offering a high-class tasting experience that is beyond compare. Hard, dense buds, pungent and terpene filled, and most importantly, covered in resin. Floral earth tones, with lingering hints of bubblegum and citrus are to be expected. It can be a very large yielder, though should be handled/grown/pruned properly thru the vegetative stage, before entering the flowering stage, to achieve optimal success. Consider topping and/or supercropping here, as massive colas can be susceptible to botrytis in excessively humid conditions. Especially outdooors, all undergrowth and small insignificant bud sites should be removed to increase air flow and focus energy on flowering colas. Silica supplements are an interesting addition here. Original Bubblegum (THSeeds) Female crossed with an F1 Lavender male (Soma). The phenotype selected has the classic Bubblegum yield, structure and smell with the taste and high of the Lavender. An absolutely insane resin producer, probably the most resinous in our lineup. Amazing terpene profile to go alongside massive colas; canĀ“t go wrong here! Growing cannabis or weed at home by using indoor grow tent is picking up in many countries and many people are using different kinds of growing methods that are different from the traditional methods. Many of the farmers are also choosing to grow their weed indoors rather than outdoors. Some use methods like hydroponics while others use soil. Weed needs nutrients and water in order to grow into healthy high yielding plants.

Majority of the plants need soil to grow and top soil is mostly the one that has all the nutrients that feed the plants. Other elements found in top soil are clay, organic remains and rock particles.

However when it comes to growing weed, there is a lot more to consider than just the nutrients found on top soil. Some of the things that make the soil are its texture, nutrient makeup, pH level and drainage capabilities. These traits work well with almost every other plant but weed growth needs much more than these traits.


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