peppermint kush

If you’re a marijuana novice, you can try a ‘gentle’ strain like Jack Herer. Cannabis connoisseurs in search of a hard-hitting energy high may prefer Green Crack, and so on. Feel free to try a few, but take note of your limits.

Hash and cannabis concentrates cover both ends of the spectrum. One is a process steeped in thousands of years of tradition, producing a thick, oily resin that is compacted into small brick-like blocks. The other is the modern equivalent, utilizing specific high-tech extraction methods to create a variety of outcomes like shatter, crumble, or wax. Regardless of which one you choose, they both have some fantastic traits in common. Loaded with terpenes, they are rich and aromatic, unlocking a new sensory experience when smoked via a dab rig, bong, or pipe. Importantly, they are both far more potent than a standard smoke—perfect for cannabis aficionados or seasoned veterans. If all this talk of top-class concentrated cannabis has you yearning to try, the following strains are perfect for making your own hash or concentrates. You want hash; you use the Hash Plant strain—simple. Her thick, resinous buds ooze with indica goodness. As a result, anyone using her as a foundation for concentrates will be hit with a heavy blow, inflicting a sleepy, relaxing high.

Medicinal users are well advised to attempt growing her; she is known to soothe various symptoms. Encouragingly good yields, an affinity for hydroponic cultivation, and a love for Mediterranean sunshine means Hash Plant will reward you with a bounty of potent nugs if you show her some TLC. Even better, flowering time is only 6 to 7 weeks—a result of her iconic parent strains Afghani and Northern Lights. There was a time in all our lives when asking the 8 Ball those problematic questions was the only way to move forward. We may have gotten older and perhaps a touch wiser, but 8 Ball Kush is still here to quell all your worries. If aches, pains, and the stresses of modern life have got you down, this luxurious, earthy Kush variant will pick you up and help you reach new spiritual and psychedelic heights. Originating in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, not many strains make a better stash for hash, especially when you consider that hash originated in these countries. Suitable to grow in almost all climates, her resin production will leave even the most entitled cultivators pleasantly surprised. In case of emergency, this strain and its dense trichomes will alleviate all of your problems. If being locked to the couch with nothing but your favorite boxset and a deep feeling of relaxation is just what you need, Indica Crystal Extreme (ICE) is the right lady for you. Despite sounding like an ‘80s game show, ICE carries all the hallmarks of an excellent hash or concentrate candidate—outstanding lineage, a touch of sativa to balance the indica dominance, and up to 18% THC content. ICE won’t suit all occasions though; her enveloping high induces a calming, somewhat lethargic feeling. If prepping for a work meeting or doing chores around the house are on the agenda, then ICE is best enjoyed at the end of the day. In fact, those that struggle to sleep will greatly appreciate her ability to encourage a smooth journey to the land of Nod. Sweet and seductive, Strawberry Shortcake will leave hash and concentrate-lovers’ mouths watering. She is every bit as pleasant and delicious as her name suggests. Saccharine strawberry aromas greet the senses, inducing an uplifting high capable of promoting an energetic physical boost. What's more, her potency is a sign quality has not been skimped in other areas. She still boasts up to 22% THC, making her incredibly potent. Her buds are so laden with thick resin that string is often needed to keep her branches intact. It is all too easy to allow them to bow and break under the sumptuous horde of buds she produces. Flowering takes up to 10 weeks, but is well worth the wait. Buds literally dripping in resin are prime candidates for hash or concentrates like shatter and wax. Stocky and dense, her plant structure is fantastically durable, which is essential given how extreme her trichome production is.

A delightful flavor profile provides the perfect foundation for high-quality concentrates, especially when the rich terpenes can be fully retained to provide the ultimate aromatic experience.

With indica parents responsible for her sweet but pungent aroma, the high induced is calming and physical, with what feels like small currents of electricity pulsing to the extremities. The best way to get hold of her, by growing of course! Grown outdoors, White ICE can be harvested in mid-September, making her perfectly viable in less-than-perfect climates.


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