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You found a related video with additional information or grow-infos about XO Raspberry Glue on YouTube? Raspberry Glue – a combination of Gorilla Glue #4 and Raspberry Kush. The total THC content comes to approximately 18.5% with negligible CBD content. Most of the THC is in THCA form, still waiting for the heat to be applied to convert it into THC.

As one might expect with a name including a berry, the flower has tiny purple bits that glitter darkly among the deep greens in the right lights. This selection comes in simple flower buds that are fairly dense to the touch, slightly dry and easy to crumble in your fingers. I still use the grinder though, just because I have a serious affection for gathering kief. The smoke from the Raspberry Glue bud is smooth, but only with a light hand/lung, so exercise caution when pulling out the monster bongs and ice – your writer nearly lost a lung while getting too cocky on the pull in that exact scenario. The scent is deep and earthy, not as much citrus as I would expect for a fruity typed strain, but still quite delicious. This nighttime Indica strain is absolutely wonderful for getting to sleep on time and has been fantastic for stimulating my appetite. This strain is better for nightly use but has additionally been helpful on days where there have been more stressors or general overstimulation in my environment. Overall, I give this Indica cannabis strain, Raspberry Glue, a rating of 6 out of 7 leaves. Amherst Sour Diesel by Humboldt Seed Organization is a Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain that belongs to the Diesel family. If you buy Amherst Sour Diesel cannabis seeds, you will have the chance to grow a multi-featured cannabis hybrid.

Amherst Sour Diesel is a cannabis seed whose origins are kept a secret. This wonderful vigorous marijuana plant will reward your work with large, elongated, compact buds complemented by a rich complex aroma. Indoors it performs best with a short growth and outdoors, in temperate, warm, dry and Mediterranean climates or in a greenhouse. The aroma of this cannabis hybrid is a pleasant combination of ripe fruit and oil. The flavour is rich and complex, with hints of tropical fruit, oil and exotic wood. The effect, typically Sativa, is euphoric, uplifting, powerful and long-lasting. A cannabis strain Sativa lovers will know how to appreciate. Genotype: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica THC: 27.1% CBD: 0.1% Indoor flowering: 65-70 days Indoor yield: 10-15+ oz/yd2 Outdoor yield: 71-106+ oz/plant Outdoor height: 7-10+ ft. Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse Cannabis: What's the Difference? L egal cannabis sales have afforded customers the ability to choose from many forms of marijuana – edibles, topicals, concentrates, and so on – and in states like Oregon, those options include choices between indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grown cannabis, too. But how exactly does the result differ between the three types of marijuana? Cannabis is designed to withstand variable conditions to flourish for generations (in other words, it grows like a weed), and has evolved all sorts of traits to help it withstand environmental stressors: quick grow periods, beautiful accessory coloring, sturdy stock, and so on. But marijuana’s fantastic ability to evolve and adapt to its environment has also brought with it some unfavorable consequences. For example, stressed female cannabis plants may produce seeds to protect the next generation, and a quicker growth period or weather fluctuations may result in lower trichrome content when grown outdoors. Outdoor cannabis may also be lacking in aesthetics (buds won’t be as pretty) which is due to a few factors. First, marijuana grown outdoors will stretch as it grows because of the abundant light and ample space which results in fluffier weed instead of those dense nugs you see in connoisseur magazines. Likewise, large harvest sizes produced by outdoor grows may result in a sloppy trim job as trimmers trudge through pound after pound of product come harvest time. But that doesn’t mean outdoor cannabis doesn’t have its place in the industry. By growing outdoors, cultivators can produce large quantities of product with minimal resources which translates into a cheaper product for the consumer and helps cannabis remain accessible for those who need it. Outdoor cannabis makes an excellent choice for DIY cannabis products, too! We recommend strains like Critical Mass, Killer Queen or Sour Diesel for outdoor grows due to their high, potent yield with minimal effort. Resilient to the elements, these strains will thrive on natural sun and produce large yields and picture-perfect colas when fed and watered correctly. What started as a covert solution to an illegal trade has become the secret to cultivating premium, award-winning strains. When growing cannabis indoors, growers can focus their attention on a smaller number of plants, monitoring growth patterns, nutrient needs and so on with ease.

This hands-on approach has allowed growers to perfect their practice in controlled environments, using a variety of techniques to increase potency, perfect flavor and improve appearance all within a smaller space. Buds grown indoors tend to be smaller and denser (with a much cleaner trim job), but their trichome content is typically much higher. The flavor and cannabinoid profile of indoor cannabis plants are often on point, as well, thanks to the ability of growers closely monitor the maturation rate of trichomes for perfectly timed harvests. This increased potency and premium flavor has made indoor cannabis especially appealing to connoisseurs who are willing to pay top dollar for their premium cannabis products. Of course, this also means higher prices for the average consumer, as well, but fortunately, there’s a happy medium that harnesses the best of both worlds: greenhouse cannabis. Ideal strains for growing cannabis indoors include Skunk #1, Strawberry Haze, and Big Wreck because they do well in controlled environments, producing tall, dense buds in relatively small spaces.

Indoor cannabis flowering time is often shorter than outdoor-grown cannabis and is much easier to tell when it is time to harvest. Cannabis can be a finicky plant, producing seeds or dropping its trichome production as the result of stress, so keeping the girls happy and stress-free while they grow is imperative to developing quality cannabis. That means controlling the environment, the light schedule and all contaminants that may make their way into a grow area, as well.


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