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“To bring additional motivation through high quality athleisure to all muscular and strong Athletes Worldwide” Our mission outlines our purpose as a company. We are dedicated to providing remarkable gym wear that are manufactured to increase user’s performance and maximize comfort by using the finest materials and most innovative technologies . Gorilla Wear relies on the best tools, the best materials, and the most skilled workforce to achieve this mission. “To become the global leader in athleisure for the muscular and strong Athletes!” With customers in 150 countries and more than 65 established distributors we are actively spreading the gym and lifestyle apparel globally. Whether you are addicted to the gym, a bodybuilder, physique athlete, male or female, our design and development team provides you with the apparel that ensures you the best and most comfortable fit during your demanding workouts. In order to create the perfect apparel we created and cooperate with the #TEAMGORILLAWEAR consisting of the best athletes around the globe, such as William Bonac, Brandon Curry, Cody Garbrandt, Alexander Gustafsson, Dennis James, Erko Jun, Felice Herrig and Kevin Osazee. Influenced by their demands in quality, functionality we will provide you with a unique apparel that will fit, will not break down and of course shows you are one of the motivated. Banana) by Good Flower is a Indica containing 24% THC. The buds are parakeet green with a few thin pale brown pistils & golden sandy trichomes. Fruity, citrus, tropical, & banana is the smell & taste. Potential effects are happiness, uplifting, energizing, then relaxation & sleepiness. Good Flower is grown by the California sun in greenhouses. Company got their name right as the bud is good not great. The buds don't look, smell, or taste the best (not bad mind you) but, they do get me high at a great price. Extremely potent strain, it is a creeper, and not for a novice. I was pretty alert but I just didn't want to move lol. This strain is as good as advertised, very smooth Fruity taste, can actually take deep bongs and not choke up on the exhale. it does have a nice fresh green bananas like aroma and the high is a creeper. Got some that wasn't lab tested but I could tell from the way it looked that it was very high in THC. The buds are so packed with thrichromes that when I packed a bowl it would stick to my finger and not go in the bowl unless I forced it. The smell has a fruity taste, not distinctly banana, but enough to be named it appropriately. The taste was good, but again more of a earthy/citrus flavor then straight banana flavor. I took down a couple big bowls and by like 15 minutes I was couch locked and laughing to myself at anything I was doing. Took a couple more a hour later and then I was in a vegetative state. I almost felt like I hit dabs and haven't had flower effect me like that in a long time and try a handful of strains a month too.

If you're looking for a strain that will kick your ass( even daily smoker such as myself) buy a batch if you get a chance! Chiquita Banana by Utopia Farms – The World’s Strongest Cannabis Strain? Genetics: I’ve seen a couple different reports of the strain’s actual lineage, including OG Kush x Banana and OG Kush x Skunk Haze. Chiquita Banana, grown by Utopia Farms, made headlines last year when High Times and other publications named it one of the Strongest Marijuana Strains in the World. It’s said to consistently test around 30-33% THC – quite an impressive number. But to be honest, I never put too much stake in test results. I’ve seen the same batch of flower test all over the board from different labs. Check out the full Chiquita Banana strain review below.

BAG APPEAL (4 out of 5) The Chiquita Banana buds are chunky, stacked and covered from top to bottom in a heavy coating of trichomes – when I break open a bud the trichomes rain onto the table.


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