omrita strain

It does not need to be cleared out as it does for pumpkin carving but you should remove the skin from the walls where the mouthpiece and bowl will go. Step 2: Cut a small hole on one side of the pumpkin so a metal nut can be attached and used as the bowl piece. You can also simply carve out a bowl similar to the apple bowl if you do not have a metal nut.

Step 3: Take a straw or another circular sturdy material and stab in into the pumpkin the side opposite of the bowl piece. Sockets also work great, as long as they have a wide enough top part to fill with herbs and a skinny enough bottom that will act as a screen so too much herb does not fall through while smoking. Step 6: Light it up and enjoy a different kind of pumpkin spice! A waterfall bong is easy to make, and creates a cheap handmade bong that makes for an interesting smoking experience. In order to make this homemade bong, you will need: Water bottle Water A socket. They take minimal amounts of herb and produce one gigantic hit. Step 1: Burn the center of the bottle cap so the socket can be pushed through.

A pencil or something sharp can be used to penetrate it first. Make the hole small enough so the nut is tight against the bottle cap. Step 2: Burn a small hole the size of a pencil an inch above the bottom of the bottle. Step 4: Place your finger over the hole in the water bottle and fill it with water. Step 6: Light the herb in the cap while releasing your finger from the plugged hole letting the water flow out. The herb will not burn unless the water is released from the bottle. Step 7: Leave a little bit of water at the bottom of the bottle to make for a cleaner hit once the herb is burned and the bottle is filled with smoke. Step 8: Remove the cap and inhale all of the smoke in one hit. Try to keep in mind that the plastic takes a while to heat up, but then will quickly burn into large holes. It may take a few tries so be prepared with extra water bottles and caps on deck. Once you have made a few waterfall bongs from home, you will be a master of homemade smoking devices and will be able to whip these babies up in no time. A Gravity Bong is very similar to a waterfall in the way it is made but it can be repacked easier. They are also sometimes referred to as G-bongs, mainly because people began making them out of Gatorade bottles. This makeshift handcrafted water pipe may not be pretty, but it gets the job done. To get started, you will need: Socket Liquid Container (water bottle, milk jug, Hawaiian Punch) Basin (water container) The basin can be a variety of objects it just needs to be larger than the liquid container you are using. It can be a bowl, bottle, bucket etc… Step 1: Fill the basin with water. Step 2: Take your liquid container (water jug, etc…) and burn the center of the bottle cap and push the socket through tightly so it’s snugged to the cap, just as you did with the waterfall bong above. Step 3: Cut the bottom off of the container you are using. Step 4: Push the bottle into the water-filled basin until it is completely filled with water. Step 5: Fill the socket with herb and screw it on to the top of the bottomless bottle. Step 6: Light the herb-filled socket as you slowly pull the bottle up from the basin creating the vacuum effect we went over in the waterfall. Step 7: Do not take the bottle completely out of the water as the smoke will just release into the air. Once the water almost reaches the bottom of the bottle remove the cap and inhale while pushing the water bottle back down into the basin. Pushing the water bottle back into the basin forces the smoke to come up through the bottle into your mouth. This can be difficult and awkward at first but it very easy once you get the hang of it. It provides a big hit and can be refilled in a simple manner.

Try this technique to make a super easy to make the homemade smoking device from a can. In order to make this bowl, you will need: Soda can Poker (pin, keys, knife, etc…) Step 1: Poke a hole in the side of a can towards the bottom. Step 2: Indent the can around the hole making a bowl pack for your herb. Step 3: Make a similar hole on the side of the can that will act as a mouthpiece.

Step 5: Light the herb and inhale through the normal mouthpiece. This is by far the simplest piece to make on the list. If you are in a pinch this is a great way to smoke.


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